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  1. That is a really cool find, thanks man.
  2. I think we should stay on topic guys, arguing over preferences for artwork levels is not constructive, nor a specific need of this thread.
  3. Thanks, thread has been closed and link has been altered guys.
  4. Not sure if this is a good thing or not
  5. Its been a pleasure working with you sal, I now formally accept the title of "Person silly enough to sticking around longest on the moderation team".. You have been a very welcome asset to the community for a long time, and your shoes both very large and very smelly to fill Good luck man, hoep to catch you around.
  6. And that's easy to do in the CFG file, its been a while but im sure someone will pick me up if wrong, lets say ten fold weight and consumption of resources and only a 7 and a half increase in power Find the file in GameData\Squad\Parts\Engine\ionEngine And change the following lines mass = 0.25 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 2 atmosphereCurve { key = 0 4200 key = 1 100 key = 1.2 0.001 } mass = 2.5 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 15 atmosphereCurve { key = 0 3150 key = 1 75 key = 1.2 0.001 ((not sure this can go lower but try 0.00075)) } If you saw my earlier post, ISP amounts dont need to be changed as much.. dur fuel flow is determined by thrust and ISP, up the thrust and it will suck proportionally more fuel.
  7. Xenon thrusters are a very week drive in real life, you are free to mod the part your self in the config file and up the power, or download a mod.
  8. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of, the now discontinued kerbal ap
  9. @Ultimate Steve @JakGamingKSP @Jarin @Abastro Link to Squads downloads for older free versions..
  10. Guys, can we please keep this on topic, this is not the place for bagging out the current system, please keep that to a relevant thread.
  11. You seem to have missed this line in the post, so Ill quote it for you.. "In like manner, we have began work on design task for future content that we’re really excited about, we will be giving more details in the upcoming weeks. "
  12. Your report and accusation has been evaluated and found to be true, we will look at striping Van of all KSP interactions until such time as their is no decent on the forums, your actions in bringing this to out attention are truly inspirational.
  13. And lets keep on track guys, Im sure we dont need to debate homeopathy here.
  14. Please the OP in the mechjeb thread and the link about Developer versions, if that isnt working for you then Im sorry you're out of luck untill its updated, if you are experiencing an issue with that version, see if that bug has been reported, if not follow the instructions about reporting a bug. Closing thread.
  15. Ive had this issue before, and had to clear cache and restart browser to fix..