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  1. Welcome, the first start would be to post your craft file so people can look at the specific craft.
  2. Its always wonderful to see a new member with awesome things to post. Thanks
  3. normally Id say one to two working days, but they are often behind at release times due to a flood of requests, have they gotten back to you yet?
  4. Sadly the cut off had to be set somewhere, and it was set at a time when the discussion came up, early adopters still got the bargain of getting the game at a discounted price. Just remember your store login is different to your KSP forum account, perhaps you set it up with a different email address.
  5. I cant speak for the Xbox specifically, but there has been an issue where if you get close but fail to dock the ports automatically repel each other, and you need to move a certain distance away before trying again.
  6. That is a really cool find, thanks man.
  7. sjwt

    1.3 "away with words" update

    I think we should stay on topic guys, arguing over preferences for artwork levels is not constructive, nor a specific need of this thread.
  8. Thanks, thread has been closed and link has been altered guys.
  9. Not sure if this is a good thing or not
  10. sjwt

    Sal_vager is leaving to travel the world. 

    Its been a pleasure working with you sal, I now formally accept the title of "Person silly enough to sticking around longest on the moderation team".. You have been a very welcome asset to the community for a long time, and your shoes both very large and very smelly to fill Good luck man, hoep to catch you around.
  11. sjwt

    Add Better Xenon thrusters

    And that's easy to do in the CFG file, its been a while but im sure someone will pick me up if wrong, lets say ten fold weight and consumption of resources and only a 7 and a half increase in power Find the file in GameData\Squad\Parts\Engine\ionEngine And change the following lines mass = 0.25 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 2 atmosphereCurve { key = 0 4200 key = 1 100 key = 1.2 0.001 } mass = 2.5 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 15 atmosphereCurve { key = 0 3150 key = 1 75 key = 1.2 0.001 ((not sure this can go lower but try 0.00075)) } If you saw my earlier post, ISP amounts dont need to be changed as much.. dur fuel flow is determined by thrust and ISP, up the thrust and it will suck proportionally more fuel.
  12. sjwt

    Add Better Xenon thrusters

    Xenon thrusters are a very week drive in real life, you are free to mod the part your self in the config file and up the power, or download a mod.
  13. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of, the now discontinued kerbal ap
  14. sjwt

    Can i get 0.15 of KSP

    @Ultimate Steve @JakGamingKSP @Jarin @Abastro Link to Squads downloads for older free versions..