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  1. Are you useing a VPN? if so disabling it when you want to make the edits might help, cant garentee this but see how you go.
  2. No, No, NO.. when you kill or injure your self or someone else its bad news for all of us
  3. My vote, no not at all, preferably no early access either, only one final beta test. Early access slows things down, complaints them, ensures resources are being added to the access and releases..
  4. TEST For testing edit post count sjwt unTESTed
  5. There was a small window when the steam version was first released, but that window is closed now, how ever Steam has a sale on KSP right now from what I've heard.. The reason it was only a limited time offer was due to the fact Steam do not give a "free copy" and Squad out of their own pocket had to pay a licensing fee to steam for each copy that was swapped over IF I recall correctly. ACT NOW 34/4ths off sale on steam, get it for 25% while it lastsB https://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/Kerbal_Space_Program/
  6. Im glad AHHans has already pointed you to the Education version of KSP => Definitely a good starting place.
  7. So NASA is after a playlist, I vote KSP orbit theme for the win. https://thebuzz.iheart.com/featured/karah/content/2019-06-07-nasa-needs-your-help-building-a-playlist/?pname=local_social&keyid=KTBZ&sc=editorial
  8. So I saw this post on instagram, Every day objects reimagand as spaceships and though this might be a fun thing to post and find out if any has down this or after looking at it will do it Enjoy https://www.instagram.com/p/BwfBvirAWVR
  9. Good day and welcome to the forums. Please look over our bug and support guide post, and add some extra details, as is suggested above knowing more about your system can help, especially all info about your keyboard, for example are you using one which has the ability to customise keys or comes with a uncommon set up, also are you using any mods? If so the first step is to see if it happens on a blank new instillation with no mods at all.
  10. To be fair it dose start off showing part of one failed attempt.. looks quite dangerous from that. Study hard and watch tutorials, its something that works quite well on a slow slow slow run
  11. So I know this is an ad, but seeing it reminded me of the very first time I docked successfully
  12. Welcome, the first start would be to post your craft file so people can look at the specific craft.
  13. Its always wonderful to see a new member with awesome things to post. Thanks
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