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  1. Hey, are you the guy from the Space Engine wiki? :)

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    2. Thomas988
    3. Draconiator


      How are you?  I didn't think anyone would recognize me from there.  haha.  I just LOOOOVE building things in KSP, I guess it runs in the family.  my father, and one of my grandfathers were mechanics, and I think a great grandfather was too.  Then going wayy back there is a shipbuilder somewhere in there...

      So I guess I'm continuing family tradition in a way.  lol

    4. Thomas988


      I'm doing good! But man, that is too cool! No one in my family (well, except my really distant uncle who I've only met once) is an engineer, but I've been thinking about going into digital design or something sciency someday. I just love space. :)

  2. New forum? Sweet!

  3. Really, it is so sad you have to leave! I hope you return soon. What will we do without you? :(

  4. Hey man, where've you been lately?

  5. I was replying to the PM you sent me, but it can't send my response because you've reached your limit of PMs. Could you delete some, please? Thanks!

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