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  1. How does that even work?! Don't answer that. Please, don't.
  2. I can tell you put effort into this, nice job.
  3. I'm right handed, right leged, and mostly right eyed. I have a lazy eye, but it's very minor so my vision rarely switches to my left (although I still cannot see 3D in videos or movies ).
  4. I try so, so hard to solve these, but I can never do it. I brain can't even!
  5. This one is actually something I used to think when I was younger. Whenever I'd be reading an astronomy book and see a picture of Jupiter, more times than not would be a caption that read "Jupiter is so large it could fit over 1,000 Earth in it!" However, I would always say to myself "no way could I fit 1,000 Earths in just that amount of space!" What I failed to comprehend is that Jupiter is not a two-dimensional sphere, and does indeed have depth.
  6. You're the dude from the Science Labs! You are really, really smart
  7. Before I thought KSP, I thought you could use letters as Action Groups. I thought I could build a functioning space shuttle. I thought there would be multiplayer already. I had no idea how space physics worked at all.
  8. That'd actually be a pretty nice game mechanic. If you're not careful with the G's on your crew, pilots would become unable to provide SAS and maneuvering assist, and if you have no probe core you would lose all control over your craft. If a mechanic fiants, obviously they couldn't fix the ship, and if a scientist blacks out they couldn't provide science bonuses and whatnot.
  9. Even simple tasks such as landing on the Mun or docking with a space station give me that giddy feeling. Everything you've done in the mission has lead up to this point...so don't mess it up! It's these moments I believe make KSP such an exciting experience.
  10. The best medication I can give you are save-backups. Copy and paste those bad boys! Once you have multiple copies of your saves on your computer, you should be perfectly safe to try out KSP. Also, spending a few days off of KSP isn't that bad. After all, real life does come first. But hey, have an internet hug! *hugs*
  11. Cool! I might give this a try later...
  12. *faints* Wooooooah! That is so cool! How did you do it?
  13. Is this the time I say "FIRST!!!1!?!?!?!?!1!?!?!!!?!"?
  14. Fairing are confusing as all heck! Do I put the decoupler above or below the base? I've lost way too many probes to this!
  15. Thomas988


    Honestly, the Games page is horrible now. I got pretty nice for a while about a year ago, but then it tanked again because the devs decided to change things up unnecessarily. All I play now is CoR5, Mad Paintball, and a few others games.
  16. I would totally go! I'm in Wisconsin, and the farthest I am able to go to would be Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chicago is also available, as is most of the Mid West region.
  17. PF:CE doesn't even work anymore. Kopernicus does, and it has many, many, many options.
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