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  1. I've been doing that but my concern is that once I refuel at my depot I will have to adjust to 0 before I head off to Moon or Mars. I guess that's still more efficient then dragging all of that fuel up from earth.
  2. OK so I am mid career and ready to get serious about building a space station. My intention is to basically construct a fuel depot and Kerbal way station to send off and receive deep space ships. My fist question is how to you attache and uncouple the various bits that I loft into space? Obviously I know how to dock and undock using the stock docking port but is that the only connection point or are there other ways to do my Leggo building in space? Thanks as usual . . .
  3. Thanks to both of you. I'm learning these maneuvers mostly by instinct and I've always been very good at visual leaning which is also important when you are math deficient like me. These are good points. I did not know the 'slow' principle. I have figured out to do my burn at descending or ascending nodes but I suppose that I may have chosen the wrong node at times if I was not in circular orbit. Ah! So for me - sitting in a 13 dig inclination - I wonder if it would help for me to do my inclination burn BEFORE I circularize my orbit? In the past I would circularize first for simplicity sake and that may be a mistake. Where's Scott manly when you need him?
  4. I've become a damn pro at rendezvous and docking but I'm still wasting lots of precious fuel by launching from my base which is about 13 latitude. I always end up with an inclination of about 13 and then have to spill gas to get closer to 0. is there an efficient way to get to an equatorial orbit from a higher latitude?
  5. For the first time I have a few clampatron docking ports that are misbehaving. I got them to touch perfectly but they don't like each other! - In my research here I saw that it's possible that I 'have them in backward' but how is that possible? - Is it true that the docking ports must be designated as 'control from here' and 'target' in order for them to operate (clamp together)?
  6. - Is it safe to leave a space station manned only by an engineer or will he lose control of it? - I assume if I leave one empty I would lose control of it and not be able to return and dock? - Is it safe to leave a male and female Kerbil alone up there? Thanks
  7. With lots of help from this forum I have moved forward in a successful career. However I am just a bit strapped for cash. I have developed the ability to : - dock in earth orbit like a champ - orbit the moon with Kerbils on board - built a fuel station in Earth orbit to assist future space travel Any tips on making my company more profitable at this point. I'm in a bit of a slump where I take contracts using these skills but my rockets are costing me almost as much as I generate... Thanks as usual...
  8. I lost contact with a science probe which was chasing after Mars. It has electricity and 2 High Gain antennas and my tracking center on Earth is fully upgraded. Any ideas on why this might have happened?
  9. No and no. I can only imagine that the debris is orbiting below the surface of the moon since the Mun is smaller then my KSRSS Moon.
  10. I upgraded my Earth tracking to level 3 now. When I'm in map mode and click on my target - the only option I get is to "View From Tracking Station". I do that and this is what I get - my target but with a red line leading to Earth. My thought here is if my locking and tracking is done from Earth and not from my ship - then it can only be done when my target is visible from Earth and it is in a VERY low lunar orbit so not trackable 50% of the time.I will wait until both it and my ship are on the Earthward side and try to lock on it then. ---- No luck with that idea. Both of us Earthward and I still can't lock on it. I might have to break out pencil and paper and do some math. Anyone have a good book on Orbital Mechanics? I think I can get close to it but with no read out of relative speed I don't think I can do it. (I do NOT have RO installed - only KSRSS)
  11. OK so I'm going to save the game and then cheat by borrowing money to upgrade my ground facilities to see if that's it.
  12. See here. I'm at periacsis now in a normal lunar orbit. The debree I'm trying to reach is called Crisdon's but I can't target it from my ship. Maybe I should have brought a high gain antenna?
  13. My good guess is that I would be able to see her orbit if I had enough money to upgrade my tracking station...
  14. Thanks guys but pick up the pace around here. Took you almost a minute to respond! Well I did find her but there is no orbital data. I'll try going out there and see what I can do. On another note i noticed just now that I left a lot of debris all over the place. Do I get anything for cleaning that up?
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