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  1. My capabilities have reached a point where I can orbit and return with no problems. However, when I bring along an SC-9001 Science Jr. or an Mk1 Crew Cabin it overheats and blows up on re-entry even when I slap a heat shield on it. Am I coming in at the wrong angle or is there another trick? Thanks.
  2. Not sure if this has been played with yet but what about using some house rules to play two parallel games such as Surviving Mars or one of the other mars-colony games or Rimworld. Basically link an ongoing KSP career game with deliveries of colonists and supplies for Surviving Mars... Also has anyone tried any of the several Mars Colony games?
  3. Thanks. Like everyone else I've started to play my games from a separate modded folder so that Steam cloud confusion is not an issue.
  4. Wow I got KSRSS running and it's awesome. Right now the only strange thing I'm seeing is that the bases I have available are misplaced on Earth. Desert base in the middle of the ocean etc... Is this an issue with Kerbal Constructs or did I miss a step? Will KSC Switcher work with the latest versions of KSP and KSRSS?
  5. I have two questions about installing other folks rocket designs : 1 - I have been playing with modified versions of KSP and so I fairly often screw things up and start with a clean install. When I do that I delete my entire KSP directory and install from Steam. But when I launch the game and look in my VAB I see all of the old 'craft' files that I had been playing around with. Where are they stored if I deleted KSP/ships/VAB/* along with the rest of the directory? 2 - I still don't understand what constitutes a working rocket model. I understand that if I place a 'craft' file in my /VAB and start a sandbox game I will find the rocket but there are often 'missing' parts and it won't load. is this only if that craft requires a 'mod' because it sometimes seems like a craft from Kerblx says that it's 'stock' but still is missing parts... Thanks for any help with this.
  6. Where do I find 1.7.3?! Steam only goes up to 1.7.2 eh?
  7. I have the latest Steam install of KSP along with Making History DLC. This puts my version 1.7.22. Can someone help me find the correct version of Kopenicus for this setup so that I can try to get KSRSS installed? THANKS!
  8. Spent all night trying to install KSRSS with no luck. I have a fresh version of KSP 1.7.2 installed but can't for the life of me figure out which version of Kopernicus is compatible. I assume that I cannot use CKAN to install KSRSS?
  9. Ahhh I didn't see this version. I will try again and thanks!
  10. Tried that but it seems to be out of date and I couldn't get it to run. Gravity cheat seems fine so far.
  11. I'm trying to play the game with real solar system - without RO (for now) - with career - and with a few of the historic ships that have been created for early Soviet and US space programs. That's a lot but there ya go. My problem is that I struggle to get these historic ships into orbit as they are a bit undersized for RSS. Would the built in gravity cheat work for me to accomplish this setup? Also does the gravity cheat universal or does it just change the gravity of Earth? Thanks and please don't yell at me for cheating.
  12. So I now have Real Solar System installed and running and I love it although I have failed to get EVE running and configured due to a complete lack of instructions regarding how to configure it. Anyway I'm OK with just RSS. My question is this - I love all of the historic Soviet and early US rockets but they are undersized in RSS. Is there a mod around that can scale these models up a bit?
  13. I find myself switching back and forth between 'staging view' and 'map view' in order to glide into orbit or change my orbit. It would be great to have the option of some sort of HUD in order to keep an eye on orbital information and fuel levels all on the same view. Are there mods that provide that kind of utility?
  14. I do have SMURFF installed into a RSS version of KSP but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the mass of thinmgs such as the FL-T800. Please see image to confirm. Thanks for any advice. Looks like 4.119t with SMURFF and 4.5 without. Shouldn't the standard SMURFF settings (didn't mess with the config) make it lighter than that?