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  1. Time warp does indeed seem to turn it On and Off. The science lab has been processing for the duration of several missions and many weeks. I assume that the total it has accumulated has been during periods of time warp when I'm not looking. Moving the focus to the Science Lab, I see that the accumulated science is reported out to the third decimal place, With one notch of time warp, X5, I can easily see that the science total advances by 0.020 in one minute of MET. With time warp Off (X1), the science advances not at all in one minute of MET. I would think that a minute of MET would have the same effect on the game no matter if time warp is X1 or X5. But, it doesn't seem to work this way.
  2. My science lab doesn't convert data when it should be. Looking at it now, it has 688.7 data, and 447.6 science. Two scientists are aboard. It lists a science production rate of 9.29 per day, but the "science" quantity does not update even when it has power and the "Research" status says "researching". But as soon as I do a bit of time acceleration to x5, the science begins to increase. Why does science production yes/no depend on time acceleration? It also seems that science is not produced unless the focus is on the lab. However, there must be some unknown condition that works, because I have somehow accumulated 447.6 science, even though it is not now increasing. What conditions are necessary to get the lab to work even when I am off doing other things with my other missions?
  3. I am trying to update my 1.0.4 to 1.1.3, on a Mac, and it is not going well. When I unzip the 1.1.3 archive into my applications folder, it creates a KSP osx_2 folder inserted of updating the KSP osx folder with it's Saves and mods history. If I unzip it into the KSP osx folder, it creates another KSP osx folder nested within it. I'm afraid that if I start individually replacing folders and files, I'll mess it up badly. I guess what I am looking for is a patcher, not a new install, but I didn't see a patcher available, except for Windows. What is the upgrade procedure?
  4. Thanks. It probably is that simple. No sign of a malfunction, just something that puzzled me, Despite all these hours, I'm still finding interface features I hadn't known. It'll be a while before I get another rendezvous ready.
  5. Somehow, I can no longer see the position and range cue for my rendezvous target, even at close range. I have still been able to rendezvous by using the nav ball cues and the range tip in orbit view, but it is a little clumsy to go back and forth between the two views. I used to have the cue at ranges less than about 25k, and I don't know what happened to make it go away. I am using (Mac), with Kerbal Engineer, Precise Node, and Alarm Clock. My tracking station and launch pad are fully upgraded, and VAB and R&D are at Level 2. I'd like to get the rendezvous aiming cue back.
  6. When opening KSP and recalling a saved game, I received the message "You have incompatible saves in your folder." and was offered the choices of "Delete" or "Cancel". Catastrophe. Choosing "cancel" produced a blank window and a KSP lockup. No response to any key. Tried again, and unwisely chose "Delete". It deleted EVERYTHING, not just the problem saves. It deleted the entire career and everything else I had saved, leaving me with a default saves folder (default, scenarios, training.) Didn't put it in the trash, either. I have a backup in Time Machine, but I lost two weeks worth of work (well, play...) What happened? Is there any recovery from this message, or is that the end of it? How can I avoid this destructive failure? Mac OSX 10.7 KSP version Kerbal Engineer, Alarm Clock, Precise node Stage recovery (not used) Trigger Tech (not used)
  7. Aha. I had the display turned on on one thermometer. Turning it off fixed the current drain. That seems to have been the problem, although I don't remember using the thermometer the first time I noticed it. Thanks for your help.
  8. I have a manned craft on the way to the moon that has something that is stealing battery charge. The craft has an empty cockpit, a manned capsule, a materials lab, two goo canisters, and two thermometers. I am not advanced enough in the tech tree to have solar panels, but have two batteries. The batteries, plus the onboard charge of the crew capsules have been enough for previous missions if I am careful an gentle in maneuvering. Without maneuvering, the current drain is normally 0, and the charge state does not change. However, after completing a midcourse correction, the electrical usage eventually settled at .01, instead of 0, and now the charge continually decreases. All engines are off. Turning the SAS off does not help. Toggling the torque Off does not help. I tried minor maneuvers, but the current still settles to .01 instead of 0. When I recalled an earlier save of the same mission, the passive current was 0, as expected, but became .01 again after ejecting from Mun orbit. What has changed to cause the continual slight discharge? On a long mission, it has a troublesome impact, and prevents things like transmitting science. One mission was lost from this problem.
  9. Got it, Thanks. Eventually I'll get caught up with the changes in 1.0. I've watched a number of the tutorial videos; a very good resource, but sometimes not for searching for a specific answer. You can watch 20 minutes of video, only to find the answer is not there.
  10. Something seems to have disabled the maneuver node in a recent save. I have the Mission Control and Tracking Station upgrades necessary to allow maneuver nodes. I set a node to help me get LKO insertion. Then when I returned to the orbital map to do an orbital alignment, it would not set a node. I clicked repeatedly on the blue orbit, but it would not open a node. What went wrong here? Second question: I'm not seeing the spacecraft position as it moves around the orbit in the map display. Is this possible? It is nice that the node no longer disappears when you return from Space Center.
  11. In orbit with two active contracts, one completed (Get to Orbit). The other one, "Achieve 2500 m/s" did not complete, even though I exceeded 2700 on my reentry from a highly elliptical orbit. Then the craft skipped into a second elliptical orbit, since I did not scrub off enough energy prior to reaching pA. I went to map mode and browsed Minmus, etc. while in my elliptical orbit. Then to the Space Center so I could shift the focus back to my orbiting craft. At this point I found that both of my active contracts had disappeared. Nor were they in the "Available" or "Archive" lists. Both the craft and the mission were designed to complete these contracts. How do I avoid this next time?
  12. Understand, thanks. - - - Updated - - - I consider this question Answered, but don't see how to indicate this in the thread.
  13. They are equipped with parachutes, and I have seen them deploy and the boosters make a soft landing. However, after the mission, the "Debris" button in the Space Center shows 0, there is no opportunity to recover them, and I do not get credit for the boosters or parachutes. I can recover my separated third stage that lands nearby, but not the boosters that land on or near KSC.
  14. Thanks. That makes sense. I am now synching orbits and will be trying that.
  15. My docking control keys seem to be boogered up. I have rendevoused with another orbiting craft, and am in postion nearby. I have keys ijkl mapped for left - right - up - down translation, and H-N for forward - back. However, instead of translating left-right, the J & L keys produce exactly the same up-down movement as the K-I keys. I have no left-right control whatever. The WASD keys produce rotation instead of translation. When in staging mode, the right hand 4-key set again produces only up-down translation. I have two RCS thrusters on opposite sides of an upper stage. Is there a solution? Other people seem to be docking OK.