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  1. Really cool mod, Im using it right now. You may want to integrate Smart Parts as the part of the "computer" line.
  2. It dosent, it gets resetted to 15 for some reason. I think I will just get around that by not using those 15 points just everything I get after that.
  3. Editing the saves does NOT change upgrade point number I can use, it keeps telling me I have 15. Balance or not, freebies are for filthy casuls . Im the kind of player that LOVES early game hell.
  4. I installed parts of this mod that should be compatible with 1.0.2, but now when I click on tracking station the map dosent load, game is not really frozen as it responds more or less where my cursor is (tooltips and such). Is the first map run supposed to take some time with ATM? Or is it something really really wrong. Everything worked before I started toying with KSPRC.
  5. I would like to remove the free points you get at start. I really dont like freebies in games. Im sad that there isnt any config file where I could change that. I tried Cheat Engine, but it didnt see the values, so no joy there. Dont know it was reported, but science from simulation (goo and such) somehow got carried over and I could actually use it to research stuff.
  6. Just a random idea: the factory that would produce parts from ore could be kind of giant 3D printer. Again just a random thing that came to my mind.
  7. Quick question: do building levels matter in this mod? Im asking as it could be neat option to have building levels impact stuff like: construction time, research etc.
  8. With new update I think what we could have is something like this: an end of the line research with would let you convert ore into parts. It would be a big machine/factory with would require lots of power to manufacture parts. However it would be interesting to have. Im already thinking of building Homeworld-style scaffold and capturing asteroids to mine for ore. Just a suggestion though.
  9. How about adding military contracts to the game. They would give cash only and some could even hurt your reputation. *The basic contracts could be about testing various weapon system in different conditions (speed, attitude etc.). *More advanced contracts could be about designing, building and testing a new military vehicle. In short you would need to fulfil a mission that has multiple conditions for a single mission like flying at set attitude, being armed with particular weapon system. *Finally you could have mission in with you need to destroy vehicle somewhere in the world. I do not know if KSP would allow to place target. This missions would give loads of cash, but hurt your reputation.
  10. Just an idea: additional research option (spend science and cash) to improve the reliability of part. Each failure improves the part reliability next time it used for construction, as the failure is analysed and bugs are ironed out stuff is more reliable. Also repairing the fail in flight also gives bonus to reliability. The research could increase the celling of the reliability, ie. part has say 50% reliability at start and celling is 60% without any research, after few testing and failures the part reaches 60% reliability with cannot be raised without researching the reliability for it with increases the reliability celling as well gives small reliability improvement (but celling increase is always higher then the bonus). Just some random ramblings.
  11. 8gb of RAM. I was little underestimating my mod number, its 35 folders so I guess mod number is around 30. Its stuff like Kethane, FAR, robotics, remotetech, extraplanetaray launchpads. So yeah, memory may be an issue. Any mods that may help out with that? EDIT: Active Texture management did the trick, KerbinSide works all right now.
  12. This mod crashes my game when I try to enter VAB or SPH. I use x32 version tried downloading Kerbal Konstructs separately, but no luck. I also use several other mods as well. There are the extra buildings in the Space Centre though. Need any log files or something?
  13. That is good to hear. You do not need to apologise, this is my own fault that I cant get this mod working correctly.
  14. Could you guys list all the folder names in "Game Data" folder, that exist when all the essential mods are installed. This way it will be easier for me to find what am I missing.
  15. 885 patches and 0 errors. http://pastelink.me/dl/54c650 BTW: The FASA ads quite a few parts that come too early like giant Atlas H and F tanks and some structural for them.