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  1. is there are any chances to make Bobcat's Soyuz IVA work with your Soyuz? is Vzor Periscope actually working? should i install some plugin for it, or i want to much?) anyway, you did great work. Thanks!
  2. it looks good, but where shoud i put "r7 1st retro engines/boosters"? and rocket is always fliping when i trying to make gravity turn
  3. Probably I figured out what the point. So, it happens when i at 90-110 km above the planet and "SM3 Terrain Shaders" (in game settings) is on, if i higher or lower - i can see the oceans. But if i turn off "SM3 Terrain Shaders" it work normal and i can see the oceans at 90-110 km to. When i tested it, i find another bug: ))) Anyway, it is cool mod and i hope you will update it soon.
  4. I am not using RVE, only EVE. But even EVE removing is not helping. Anyway, thank you for answer.
  5. That mod is just what i looking for! But can somebody help me with this: no oceans this happens sometime.
  6. i remember when i played IVA in BobCat's old Soyuz. i was tried to dock with another Soyuz with out RPM but with VOID. its fun) actually, i docked but loose left solar panels on bouth ships)
  7. Beale, it's cool when Author work with his mod and make it better. Thank you! Q: will you remake Soyuz command module and internals?
  8. I like both colors (release's and this), but yeah, the last ones is better. Raidernick, will you do old type of Progress ship?
  9. unfortunatly it not work (or i do it wrong). not big deal, real chute must be deleted!)
  10. in game, even in sandbox, i have only two base. there is no 5m 3.75m, 0,625m. so, what is wrong?
  11. I have some problems( 1)Soyuz's solar panels don't extracting. 2)In game i have only Salyut 6, but it's has no texture.
  12. Divico, i was dreamed about Baikonur in KSP from 0.20! Thank you! raidernick making some "holders" or clamps for Soyuz\R7 rocket, so is it possible to includ them into your mod when thay are will be done? or you will make your own things?
  13. Nice work! i like your mods, they are very detailed, it's cool! can we expect from you soyuz 7k or another soviet space crafts?
  14. Ura!!!!! Ura!!!!! Ura!!!!!!
  15. MrTheBull, no problem!) i tryed Voskhod in game and its looks perfect, nice work!
  16. PfhorYourEyesOnly - is nickname of user on 62 page ))) he has the same problem with IVA like me.
  17. MrTheBull, Voskhod is exactly what i expect for 12 april, thank you! tell me please, is it need "рð÷óþýýыù ñûþú" from Vostok? how can i put Vostok in tech-tree? and i had the same problem with IVA like a PfhorYourEyesOnly, is it possible to fix? thank you, again!
  18. yea, i have such bug with Moon. can anyone help us?
  19. Thanks a lot) it is very useful for me. tell me please, can i change KSC dislocation with my hands or i need "special mind" for this?
  20. Looks graet, but 1) is it imposible to change a KSC dislocation? and 2) is it imposible to make Mun like a real Moon? Thanks.
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