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  1. Nice Soyouz, i'm working on a N1-L3 myself, full sock (+ Making History DLC), 350 parts right now. Not so lag, but God, does it drags!
  2. 75 in a row! And to say that everybody mocked them in the 70's...
  3. First burn was nominal. Insertion burn in 2h30.
  4. Can you move this thread to Science & SpaceFlight please?
  5. Ariane 5 will launch today from Kourou to put galileo satellites into orbit. If the launch is successfull, it will be the 75th success in a row! watch live : http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Navigation/Galileo/Launching_Galileo/Watch_the_launch_of_Galileos_15_18
  6. That would be great! French layout can be re-mapped without downside, but why make life difficult for the user? Use physical key please.
  7. Follow the livestream of the Vega launch from Kourou, French Guiana : http://www.arianespace.com/mission/vega-flight-vv07/
  8. So here comes the fixed version for 1.13. Enjoy 3.01 version 119 parts instead of 120 automatic gravity turn works once again fairing tweaked for clamsell effect https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0tsouvltmmb44a8/2iyqt5_5a4
  9. Finally I have some free time. Expect a update (a very minor one though) in the coming days.
  10. AeroAviation, I don't know if you still have that problem but the explication is the following : On small ship, the sas is buggy when you use the "follow marker" mode. Simply use the "hold attitude mode" and make manual correction for trajectory. You will not use as much electricity.
  11. Yes it would be updated. But I have no time for me those days (lots of work). Don't except any updates before Bastille Day. Besides it would be quite a major update, I want to use the inflatable shield .
  12. I would like to point out that my Kassandra (link in the signature) perform gravity turn by herself in a stock install. Launch it once to give you a ballpark idea of what a good turn looks like.
  13. Hello reking! Thank you ! Indeed, to build the Kassandra I did use the NoOffsetLimit mod. But I want to point out that all but one of the "crazy ways things are connected together" are doable in a stock editor. However, it was such a pain to do and to modify that I went with this mod. The only one that is not doable is actualy useless : it is the link between the 2nd stage and the spaceship. Here a regular link and two struts would have worked just as good. But I didn't want to wait another day for release. Those "crazy connection" help with the wobble, and with physic time warp. PS : go and install the NoOffsetLimit, such a pleasure to build with it.
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