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  1. @nightingale Is this pack still supported in 1.7? Getting back into ksp for the first time in a while, and these contracts really helped get a RT constellation off the ground.
  2. Require a coolant flush? Would add difficulty, but would be worth it, right?
  3. So update on clouds: I have only EVE, GEP, GPP (and clouds), GPP_Secondary, Kopernicus, MFI, scatterer, Squad, ZeroMiniAVC, and MM in my gamedata and yet the clouds on Eve, Duna and Jool do not function at all. Eclipses and scattering functions but that's it. https://imgur.com/a/7Y738DX
  4. Oh, welp, I'm a dumb. Really appreciate the rapid response though!
  5. With GPP_Secondary installed SVE refuses to work for stock and OPM bodies. How to I get the clouds to work exactly?
  6. I can't seem discern why, but with SVE image files installed (no configs) and OMP-VO installed the clouds on Eve glitch out completely (ignore brightness, in this image I forgot to delete stock scatterer settings for SVE however I know it's not that as when I tested earlier without it was still messed up.) Was curious if you could help me figure out why this behavior would occur
  7. I don't think I'll use this mod myself, but I'm glad it exists. I feel like it's one of those mods you didn't *think* you need available until you actually do I'd love to see the engineering challenges or Jool and early-game Tylo.
  8. Since I don't have the skill to nor currently the time to learn to code, I'm turning this over to the community. Could we have a more in-depth and by extension difficult airship mod? Make it so in order to gain buoyancy you have to expend compressed hydrogen or safer-but-less-effective helium or use E/C or fuel to heat up the gas (as well as dropping ballast). And to lose buoyancy you would have to re-compress (if that's even possible), vent, or allow the gases to cool. Make players budget their use of these resources. In addition, in oxygenated atmospheres give hydrogen a small chance to comb
  9. Having trouble finding a compatibility list for this, are Kerbalism's magnetic fields and solar radiation supported or no? I would assume not, but still. Also, is there a way to get legacy Duna, Eve, and Minmus but still have the rest?
  10. I'm sure this has already been asked but is there any plan to add an orbital construction method? Is it even possible to do so in the mod's current state?
  11. Could someone explain to me how space construction would work with the new adoption of GC as the primary building mechanic?
  12. Was curious if the spectra team has considered creating a pack for OPM? Tekto without clouds is as bad as Eve without clouds, I just can't live that way.
  13. Do we have any idea on when a fix will come? My Jool He3 mining platform is getting lonely. On account of the kerbals being left to starve and having died and all... relied on shipments from Laythe to stay alive.
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