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  1. Instead of being able to go out with any kerbal and right click a broken langer leg, broken wheel, or expended shoot, now you need an engineer specifically.
  2. cool that would be like the ansible network in the Ender series
  3. Both are fine, as it is still a proper noun. Mun is not the kerbal word for moon, otherwise ike would be referred to as the mun of Duna rather than the moon.
  4. i fixed it Tim. Sorry for being lazy and not hosting it to begin with
  5. Mission Control is one step closer <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/531a4dfb63059_IMG_20140307_174205.jpg" /> <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/531a4dfb62c3d_IMG_20140307_174145.jpg" /> <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/531a4dfb628fe_IMG_20140307_174109.jpg" /> <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/531a4dfb62877_IMG_20140307_174017.jpg" /> <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/531a4dfb623c9_IMG_20140307_173928.jpg" /> The Original <img src="http://imagr.eu/up/530a7613004e2_IMG_PC.jpg" />
  6. I recently ordered a Gene Kerman from shapeways, and I was blown away by it when it got here. So like a good kerbal fan I've decided to make a mission control in my computer case. What I'm getting at is this; Would it be possible to devise a way so I can export my VAB creations as a Shapeways compatible model? Adding my own shuttle to the mix would just put it over the top.
  7. Just to add to Dante, you can aerobrake on celestial bodies that have an atmosphere. Meaning, while you go through the atmosphere you'll see your apoapsis shrink due to change in velocity. Otherwise I think they got your answer for you
  8. Months ago a friend recommended this game and well you can assume what entailed. The thing I like best is that one of a kind feeling when you get to orbit your first time. Never has a video game made me feel so accomplished I finally took some time from my interplanetary conquest to register here. Love the game and the science based community it generates! Looking Forward To All The Updates, Delltron
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