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  1. Funny story, clamps are applied after all calculations. i.e. if you invert them, the output is clamped to be less than -2 and greater than +2 (I have no idea which one it'll end up at but, either way, not 0) (no I'm not back, just passing through >.>)
  2. More accurate history of the two seperate mods Procedural wings created by DYJ, later maintained by NK and then myself when NK became a dev (I was already maintaining B9 at the time and submitting some patches across) B9 procedural wings created by Bac9 to overcome some of the issues noted with the original version. During late development I started submitting patches (liked the mod, not the stability...), and maintained a fork when Bac9 went quiet Obviously they are now both looking for a maintainer since I've moved on (unless someones picked it up and I've not seen / forgotte
  3. I believe if you check the thread, there is a 1.3.1 version in the latest posts
  4. There is actually some localisation support (completely untested) in FE. If I got it right, all it would take would be replacing the category and subcategory names with the localisation lookup key in the cfg (e.g. https://github.com/Crzyrndm/FilterExtension/blob/master/GameData/000_FilterExtensions Configs/FilterByFunction.cfg#L3). That will be messy for subcategories because you'll probably have to replace the entries in the SUBCATEGORIES list since it uses the name as the link (Benefits of a side feature that never got tested ) Just ping me if you have any questions. I still read the
  5. It appears filter extension is one of the few mods that is  not compatible with  KSP 1.3.1 , causing it to crash at startup. From my understand they changed something in the filtering

  6. Actually, that looks like the needs worked just fine, just the '-' to remove the node was incorrectly selected (if the correct syntax was used, the node would've been nuked as intended) Explanation on why it was done the way it is ferramgraph: is not the GameData folder name, and so doesn't trigger when uninstalled by a package manager but the folder remains because of other files (which then leads to "my wings don't lift...") adding then removing the node: Config works even if Module Manager isn't installed. With a NEEDS on the node, it doesn't work if MM is not installed (al
  7. And here I was thinking FE was the simplest (outside plugin workshop) . It's certainly the cleanest (minimal interactions with KSP makes structure much easier to manage). I started modding around 0.90 release with PA and FE, so basically two years of on/off development... It does have a few warts though (it was really "fun" working out how to replace stock categories before other mods started adding theres to the mix )
  8. KSP (and the mods I created/maintain) has been on the fringes of my attention for a while now. Looking back, I've only been doing work for compatibility and no actual development (the interesting part ;)). As such, the code for following mods are no longer maintained and can be considered public domain (ie. no licensing restrictions) Pilot Assistant (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/90252-13-pilot-assistant-atmospheric-piloting-aids-1132-may-28/) Filter Extensions (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/93955-130-filter-extensions-304-jul-11/)
  9. Er, I think you've mixed up some things You should use some of the distributed configs as examples (eg. Aero Category, Aero subcategories) CATEGORY { name = A icon = A SUBCATEGORIES { list = B } } SUBCATEGORY { name = B icon = B FILTER { CHECK { type = partName value = partA, partB, ... } } }
  10. Sounds like you're getting an "all parts in {A}" subcategory and no {B}. Post your .cfg file(s) (or an example of) and we'll get to the root of the issue
  11. Lambda is just a function (albeit an unnamed/anonymous one). FE uses the same method to express its callback (I do wonder why you're using string.Contains instead of Equals? But that's a nitpick...) I would suggest printing each of the parameters to the log (check they're not null, etc.). What error is being reported in the log file? What does the stack trace point at? Does it work if you change the function to a coroutine and delay 10 frames before initialising? FE call path for completeness: EditorInit() called by callback registered in awake calls initialise on categories Cate
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