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  1. Question: I'm having difficulty using fuel-cells. I'm already using cryogenic tanks, but the boil-off remains too high to make this a viable solution. How do you store Hydrogen for the 10+ days a lunar landing mission takes without requiring 4+ tons just because of boil-off?
  2. The way I currently solve this is by applying KAS struts via EVA to strut-attachment points.
  3. I've tried Papa Joe's experimental DLL for about a week now and I've had 0 issues with CLS.
  4. Unfortunately this doesn't solve it either. Changed KerbinRepairFaultyModule.cfg Cancelled the Contract Accepted a new contract (of this type). The mission shows: Vessel: KSS 1: Kerbal must be an engineer and on board the KSS (checked). Complete ALL of the following: (not checked). Vessel type: EVA (checked). Crew (not checked). Trait: Engineer (checked) Count: At least 1 (checked). Waiting for an Engineer 02:00 (unchecked) This is with an Engineer flying around the KSS 1. I'll be online again probably late tomorrow evening or otherwise the evening after. Anyway, no rush
  5. Unfortunately this doesn't solve it. Backup up my save, replaced KerbinRepairFaultyModule.cfg, loaded the game, cancelled the contract, picked it up again. The mission shows: Vessel: KSS 1: Kerbal must be an engineer and on board the KSS (checked). Complete ALL of the following: (not checked). Vessel type: EVA (checked). Crew (not checked). Trait: Engineer (checked) Count: At least 1 (checked). This is with an Engineer flying around the KSS 1. Ready to give it another try?
  6. It is orbiting Kerbin (though I do have stations orbiting Mun and Minmus too). The contract specifies the station orbiting Kerbin though.
  7. Ah, then I might've stumbled on a bug, as I've been outside at least for 10 minutes moving from panel to panel. It did detect the Engineer and the EVA, but not the 2 minute timer. I'll do some more checking and report back here.
  8. Might I suggest using Notepad++ for plain test editing? It's light-weight and free (both as in beer and speech). http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  9. Question: I've got a 'Repair a faulty power module' mission for my KSS. How do I find out which Solar panel to fix? I've checked all of them (the station has over 60 of them), and none seem to offer a "Fix me" action of some kind.
  10. Not entirely sure whether I've found a bug in this mod or not. But I'm getting two 'recovered' messages for each recovered part and I'm also getting twice the funds. I've added up all the contracts, both archived and current, and I've got more funds than I could've possibly gained. I'm using DebRefund-1.0.12. Modlist MechJeb2 MechJebAllPods KerbalEngineerRedux EngineerAllPods RealChute DeadlyReentry EditorExtensions FerramAerospaceResearch Higher_Part_Cost KerbalJointReinforcement KerbalAlarmClock SelectRoot KW Rocketry PreciseNode NavBallDockingAlignmnet RemoteTech2 RLA_Stockalike TacLifeSupport Toolbar First thing I'll try is disabling some of them to see whether I can reproduce it with just DebRefund (or some other mod). [edit] Did a quick test by starting a new Campaign. First launch with multiple stages == immediate doubling of recovered parts. [edit2] Found the project on Github. Made an issue for it.
  11. That would indeed be a great addition. Suggestion for contract parameters. Not all combinations are logical. # of satellites Single, Two, Constellation Orbit: Low orbit (80-500km), Medium orbit (500-1500km), High orbit (>1500), Synchronous (2 863.33), Semi-synchronous, Mjolnir, Inclinations 0, 90, 180, 270, random number Number and type of antennae / dishes Body Kerbin, etc.
  12. Indeed, thanks for everything Stupid_Chris. This mod really adds to the game.
  13. Had this bug too. Shortest way to trigger it for me was: Build and launch a ship (can list parts if necessary). Orbit around Kerbin Plot escape trajectory Encounter Mun Go to Map Create Maneuver node Leave map screen ... bam ... Camera moves away. Ship experiences sudden acceleration and disintegrates. Used mods: Deadly Reentry DebRefund EditorExtensions EngineerRedux EnhancedNavBall FAR KJR KAC SelectRoot MJ2 DockingAlignment PreciseNode RealChute RemoteTech TacLifeSupport Toolbar Disabled mod for mod until the problem disappeared. Tested this for following mods: Deadly Reentry DebRefund FAR KJS KAC MechJeb2 PreciseNode RemoteTech So far only disabling RealChute made the problem go away. And re-enabling it made the problem reappear. Even though the craft in question does NOT contain a Real Chute part. (It does contain a modulemanager config for the normal chutes though). Below is the KSP.log for the time period in which the bug was triggered. The full log is at http://qequoia.nl/ksp/KSP.log And the full output log is at http://qequoia.nl/ksp/output.log [LOG 23:15:41.585] Game State Saved as quicksave[LOG 23:15:41.605] Game State Saved as persistent [LOG 23:16:14.630] Camera Mode: AUTO [LOG 23:16:21.061] Game Paused! [LOG 23:16:21.712] Game Unpaused! [WRN 23:16:21.713] Can not play a disabled audio source [LOG 23:16:22.451] Tac.TacLifeSupport[FFF69DB6][350.58]: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.452] Tac.LifeSupportController[FFF69DB4][350.58]: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.459] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: OnVesselDestroy(62e95aaf-5e19-4d2e-b99b-c9693568bbba, Kermini 4 Debris) [LOG 23:16:22.459] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: UnregisterProto(62e95aaf-5e19-4d2e-b99b-c9693568bbba) [LOG 23:16:22.460] DebRefund Vessel Destroyed [LOG 23:16:22.466] RemoteTech: ModuleRTAntenna: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.467] RemoteTech: ModuleSPUPassive: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.467] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: Unregister(ModuleSPUPassive(null, 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)) [LOG 23:16:22.469] RemoteTech: ModuleRTAntenna: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.469] RemoteTech: ModuleSPUPassive: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.469] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: Unregister(ModuleSPUPassive(null, 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)) [LOG 23:16:22.471] RemoteTech: ModuleRTAntenna: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.471] RemoteTech: ModuleSPUPassive: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.472] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: Unregister(ModuleSPUPassive(null, 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)) [LOG 23:16:22.472] RemoteTech: ModuleRTAntenna: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.473] RemoteTech: ModuleSPUPassive: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.473] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: Unregister(ModuleSPUPassive(null, 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)) [LOG 23:16:22.474] RemoteTech: ModuleRTAntenna: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.475] RemoteTech: ModuleSPUPassive: OnDestroy [LOG 23:16:22.475] RemoteTech: SatelliteManager: Unregister(ModuleSPUPassive(null, 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000))
  14. Could you describe the situation more fully? What I gather from your post: - An ?unmanned? ship to Eve containing three probes, two of which are to be satellites and the third one a lander. - The two satellites have two omni's and two dishes. Which ones? 2x 88-88 + DP-10 + Comm-16? - The lander has two omni's and one dish. Which ones? 88-88 + DP-10 + Comm-16? - How did you check whether the satellites are connected? - What is each dish targetting? - What satellites are orbiting Kerbin? - What dishes do they have? - What are those dishes targetting? - Is any of those targets "Active Vessel"?
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