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  1. That worked by moving fuel for 'free' via fuel transfer, as there was no energy expended or force in the opposite direction. You'd still need the mod that moved fuel automatically to get it working as well as Scott's, and the only 'new' feature would be stock motors moving the fuel tanks.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of new eyes on code will always find new bugs. Especially when two of those eyes are Danny's.
  3. SAS has some autopilot functions, all of them except Stability Assist are there to keep a craft oriented in a particular direction relative to the craft's orbit, and they fight against anything that changes that orientation, including the player's input. Check the little icons next to the Navball when SAS is enabled to check that it's 'Stability Assist' that's selected.
  4. You can use engine plates to do this. Put some structural parts on the extra attachment points, and then attach legs to them.
  5. OH! I just realised looking at the rover arms, they're named after the Mars rovers... And now... seems weird to be sad over a machine stopping working, but there you go
  6. I really hope that controller part can tie other parts to controls. For example a rotor to the throttle control or hinges to the gear control.
  7. This really is starting to look like they're doing this feature right! I'd have expected something like this to be summoning kraken.
  8. I bet with some big enough tweaks to offsets in a craft file I’ll be able to get a catapult to put something directly into orbit. Or summon a kraken. Or both.
  9. Design a narrow form low gravity lander that can fit inside a 2.5M fairing and deploys to a lander with a wide base. Landers that fall over are the absolute bane of my KSP hard-mode career saves.
  10. It's not quite hoses, but refuelling stations can be a LOT more universal now, using almost the exact system in this video. Rover deployment can be a lot less 'drop and hope'. Being able to put slightly more complex stuff inside smaller fairings will be nice. (Landers that can deploy to be wider and more stable!) Judging by the earlier screenshots, stock bearings that are still attached to the craft will be REALLY nice for planes on non-oxygen planets. I'm REALLY looking forward to this pack
  11. I finally did it... After more failed attempts than I can count over the years, I finally got a design that was robust enough, and summoned up enough patience, willpower and restraint to drive in one go from KSC to the North Pole.
  12. Not exactly sure, but it was before a search for "KSP" would bring up anything related to Kerbal Space Program.
  13. Today, for the very first time, I landed on Mun, at night, without lights, and didn't crash!
  14. Looks like it was about as close to perfect as it's possible to get!
  15. Inside of the LOX tank according to Scott Manley.