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  1. Well, in some alternate universe, carbon-based non-green lifeforms want to send missions to their central solar body: Solar Probe Plus, Solar Orbiter and possibly more...
  2. The Colonial Transporter pack contains the Dragon Dock from the Launch Pack as well. I filter them out during the installation via CKAN, but it would be really helpful if the archives are strictly seperated. Sooooo, could you maybe removing the Dragon Dock from the Transporter and ask people to install the Launch Pack as well?
  3. Could you open up an API for this? I have a list of certain waypoints that my addon might want to push (when they are discovered, that is )
  4. @Poodmund, yes, if you could find a good place to find the metadata... One way could be to enhance kerbalstuff to have categories, then all would benefit from the richer metadata.
  5. I am working my way slowly through the packs, with LaunchPack and ExplorationExpansion finished as of now... I hope that all twelve packs will be available this time tomorrow.
  6. Remove the directory from GameData, and run "ckan scan" from the command line. Hacky, but works
  7. Yes, the delay can vary from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on luck and when the change was made to the main repo.
  8. I am pretty sure that I activated that checkbox on the ascent autopilot And from the part source: ... MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel ... should be enough to make them a MDSP, right?
  9. MechJeb build #395 from jenkins.mumech.com does not automatically open up the "Steam Solar Panels" from the Vertical Propulsion Emporium. Craft is at http://kerbalx.com/hakan/Rescue%20Vessel%20III , the Streampunk addon is at https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/275/Professor%20Phineas%20Kerbenstein%27s%20wonderous%20vertical%20propulsion%20emporium. Do the panels have to be marked in a certain way to be recognized by MechJeb? My pilot is a Level-0-Jebediah (has just been to the Mun as of yet) and I have unlocked the basic action groups. Link to the save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3665320/MechJeb-SteamSolarPanels/persistent.sfs Link to the craft: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3665320/MechJeb-SteamSolarPanels/Rescue%20Vessel%20III.craft Link to the log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3665320/MechJeb-SteamSolarPanels/KSP.log
  10. It's just no-one got around to accept the pull request... But your addon was o.k., so I accepted it just now. You should see your addon in CKAN within the hour, when the daemon gets around to re-build stuff. There is a huge list of stuff from LazTek, though, which I really need to have a closer look into. They don't work well with the default netkan created by kerbalstuff and therefore need (lots of) manual rework.
  11. I'll take this question, please Actually, yes, it *does* make sense. For one, as CKAN supports multiple repositories, you can install the dev SCANsat archives from my aptly named CKAN-meta-dev repository (note to self: document this better...) On the other hand, it makes sense to prepare your addon so it is ready whenever your requirements become ready too. At that time, the package would magically become available for installation
  12. I want to use the SCANUtil.getData() in the current pre-release. That method wants a CelestialBody as an argument, just to read the name from it. How to I get a list of known CelestialBody objects? CelestialBody body = new CelestialBody (); body.bodyName = "Kerbin"; always gives me a null object. Interestingly, the second line does not fail, even if I would have expected a NRE... Full source is at https://github.com/entchen/SCANsat-Notebook/blob/master/source/SCANsat-Notebook/NotebookController.cs , starting from line 33 onwards...
  13. Could you open an issue over at https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/issues please?
  14. Isn't there an option in SCANsat to delete scanning data for a given body? Maybe that would help to be offered the "skipped" contract offers...
  15. But it should be possible to calculate close-to-optimum combinations of FOV, height, inclination and orbital height, right? /me goes trawling some wiki pages on mathematics of orbital mechanics. /me gives up and goes to ask Scott Manley
  16. git user "puetzk" performed a change on December 21th that causes things to be installed directly into GameData... I'll fix that on our side. Fixed, the bot should generate correct files from now on: Showing 104 installed files: - GameData/medsouz - GameData/medsouz/KerbalKonstructs - GameData/medsouz/KerbalKonstructs/Assets - GameData/medsouz/KerbalKonstructs/Assets/ANYMapIcon.png - GameData/medsouz/KerbalKonstructs/Assets/DefaultSiteLogo.png - GameData/medsouz/KerbalKonstructs/Assets/KSCLaunchpad.png ... ... ...
  17. I will look into what happened to the API generator... Seems like another one of our daemons breaks things left and right...
  18. CKAN holds your "Deprecated" versions now. I hope this will solve our common problem
  19. One tiny nitpick: Make sure to send your output with an HTTP type of "application/json" instead of "text/html". Make life much easier for parser clients
  20. try "ckan scan" on the command line. Newer clients run the "scan" parts automatically on each update.
  21. EVE needed reconfiguring its metadata inside CKAN, also the same with Active Texture Management. your best bet is to remove EVE (via CKAN) from your KSP installation and have it re-installed. Afterwards, updates should work flawlessly (o.k. make that "less flawed" )
  22. ckan install ContractConfigurator-ContractPack-SCANsat is your friend now
  23. Also, make sure that your version information is three separate numbers instead of one string. We have an enhancement request running to read the shortened version too, but no one picked it up yet. "VERSION":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":6, "PATCH":0 }, instead of "VERSION": "1.6.0",
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