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  1. This is an amazing mod, thanks for all your work
  2. if this is noob behaviour...what does that make me... : (
  3. the most annoying, but minor, glitch is the heatshield fairings disappearing if i unload and then unload a vessel. i hate having my ships magically linked together with a big space where the fairing is supposed to be. very minor, now that i type it out
  4. I had the same issue with this version. Love the mod. I can provide a log but I'm heavily modded so I don't want to waste your time or presume anything
  5. ive got the same thing, also on linux with the latest version of KJR. love that mod but im about to delete this save and start a new one and never touch it again did this to me before it even says in the changelog he fixed it.. im being a bit of a whiner right now
  6. This is the best thing ever. Better than sliced bread or Hitler being dead. Very good, I'm saying. Thanks guys.
  7. Yes I do...i just installed it recently though and i had this problem before.
  8. yeah but thats a strut from KAS, it should stack right? also the lights, batteries, clearly stack in other photos ive seen but not my game. it's not a huge deal but having every slot filled with struts instead of just one is annoying.
  9. so i tried to search the thread for this problem without any luck, but nothing stacks for me. whats the deal?
  10. 1) Start a game in science mode 2) open the debug menu and give yourself a bunch of science 3) ???????? 4) science sandbox game
  11. im going to donate $10 to you when it is compatible with stock aero. not to rush you, just this has drastically changed the way i play the game and i need it. I NEED IT MORE THAN I NEED $10 MAN COME ON
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