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  1. Sorry, could I quickly bump this? CKAN doesn't think the two play nice together, whereas the first post says they do. Is it ok to do a manual install of the two, or will that cause problems? thanks
  2. The first post mentions that there is RealFuels integration- but CKAN doesn't allow you to install both this and RealFuels, as the "Interstellar Fuel Switch" dependency conflicts with RealFuels. How should I get around this?
  3. I'm having an issue with DRE + FAR. Here is my return vessel: Just a Mk1 command pod, with a universal storage core and bays right below it, with a stock 1.25m heat shield below that. During re-entry, the command pod seems to take the brunt of the heating, and not the heat shield; the ablator disappears very quickly. Initially, I had put the ablator resource to 0 for the pod to save weight, as I head the shield underneath it, but I needed to alter the save file to add it back to be able to re-enter safely, otherwise the command pod (not the rest of the ship) would overheat and explode. The Universal storage bays and the batteries/parts within them don't seem to be heating abnormally, it's just the Mk1 command pod. Does this sound like a bug, or am I misunderstanding how the shielding works?
  4. I'm getting a CTD when I go to launch a vessel, and can't figure out from the error logs what's causing it. I don't think it's out of memory, I don't have any visual overhauls or large part packs installed. ModList: Deadly Reentry 7.0.2 DMagic Orbital Science 1.0.3 FAR 0.15.1 KAS 0.5.1 KIS 1.1.4 Module Manager 2.6.3 Protractor Continued 2.5.1 RemoteTech 1.6.4 Science Alert 1.8.7 StageRecovery 1.5.5 TAC Life Support 11.1.2 TextureReplacer 2.4.3 Ambient Light Chatterer 0.9.1 RPM 0.19.3 Docking Port Alignment 6.2 Final Frontier 0.82 Kerbal Engineer Persistent Rotation 0.5.2 ScanSat 12.0 VesselView for RPM Atmospheric Sound Enhancement 2.2 Collision FX 3.2 Dangit 0.6.1 Community Resource Pack 0.4.2 Distant Object Enhancement 1.5.5 Infernal Robotic 0.21.2 SelectRoot2 Ship Manifest Universal Storage ActionGroupsExtended 132a Better Buoyancy v1.2 Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Construction Time 1.1.6 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 3.1.3 PreciseNode 1.1.3 Procedural Fairings 3.14 RealChute Toolbar 1.7.9 Transfer Window Planner USI Exploration 4.1 USI Freight Transport 0.4.1 USI MKS 0.30.2 AVC KSP Interstellar Extended 1.1.4 Procedural Parts 1.1.1 Stock Bugfix Modules 1.0.2d.2 TweakScale 2.1 Vens Stock Revamp 1.8.1 Waypoint Manager 2.3.2 Contract Configurator 1.0.4 Community Tech Tree 2.1 SETI Contracts SETI Tree 0.8.4 B9 Procedural Wings MechJeb CrossFeedEnabler v3.3 Contract Science Modifier 0.4 ContractPack RemoteTech 1.1.3 ContractPack SCANSat 0.5.0 ContractPack Tourism 1.1.3 ContractPact Anomaly Surveyor 1.1.2 SETI Greenhouse 0.9.1 Error logs are here. thanks
  5. I just tried that. I got the latest aggresive ATM from here, and am using no other parts or textures outside of "highly recommended" list and I get 3.2 gb at startup, OOM crash after a few missions. Are you using half-size texture quality in the settings or something like that?
  6. I'm finding that I can't run all of the "highly recommended" mods without running out of memory, even with the aggressive active texture manager. Any suggestions on which of the part packs would be best to leave out?
  7. The "leak" is actually volatile fuels boiling off. So any mode of propulusion that relies on fuels that need to be cooled (liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen) is a bad idea for any long-duration mission. Insulated tanks will help a bit, and will reduce the boil-off to an extent, but unless you're going to be using the fuel within a few days of launch, use non-volatile hypergolic fuels instead. They're less efficient, but don't boil/leak away.
  8. I'm still having a big problem with using this with real fuels; the volatiles keep disappearing when I bring the vessel out of storage, even when I attach launch clamps. Looking in the persistent, the tanks show they are full, but real fuels drains them once I hit fly.
  9. On second thought, maybe it's a good idea if volatiles don't replenish without a launch tower. Several RL rockets (mainly military and ex-military) use less efficient but involatile hypergolic fuels so that you don't need to constantly pump chilled fuels into them before launch, such as the Russian Proton rocket. Leaving it as is gives a good reason to use these hypergolic fuels in launch stages until the player unlocks the launch towers.
  10. I just tried it again, and this time it worked perfectly. Strange, because last time I definitely ended up with only kerosene in the tanks, and the volatiles were gone. I'll keep an eye out to see if it happens again.
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up before, I tried a quick search and couldn't find anything. I'm having an issue with using this mod together with real fuels- during the time after I hit "launch" to the time it takes for the vessel to build, I get boil-off of things like liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen, because real-fuels thinks the vessel has been sitting on the launchpad during the entire construction time. Is there any way to get KCT to restore resource amounts to VAB settings when pulling the vessel out of VAB storage? thanks
  12. Sure, that makes sense, I had my space flight blinkers on, atmospheric flight makes sense to preceed any type of space flight. That would probably involve moving wings, bodies, landing gear, and such earlier in the tech tree. Sure, it doesn't have to be at the start. The most important thing is that SAS remains a niche technology, useful for certain applications such as station keeping and holding attitude, but not very useful for frequent maneuvering.
  13. This looks very interesting- I would be really excited if somebody made a tree rebalance/rearrangement to make it a bit more realistic/challenging/logical that supports mods (unlike Better than Starting Manned, which is otherwise great). If you don't mind, here is me brainstorming about what the ideal kerbal-scale tech tree would look like, in what I see would be doable without slipping into maintainable insantity (which is what seems to happen with rebalancing packs that incorporate lots of different always-changing mods). 1. Probes should come before manned flight. This this this this this. As it stands now, there's no glorious moment of triumph in the early game when you finally manage to get your tiny, pathetic, little beeping box of a satellite that will run out out of power 30 minutes into orbit. Instead, it's just a mark one command pod, couple of fuel tanks and an engine, and you can get manned orbit on your 2nd-3rd mission no problem. 2. Make SAS less powerful and move RCS to first stage of tech tree. SAS and torque wheels have some big limitations IRL, and RCS doesn't get used nearly enough early in the tech tree (partly because you can't get them early on in the first place) 3. Solar panels less overpowered, inverse square law, which I see you are already doing. 4. Smaller engines should unlock before the bigger engines. As it is with the default tree, you get the big LV-engines, and it's only when you get to the miniaturization node that you get engines that don't massively overpower the orbital stage of a one-pod space craft. Unlike building transistors and processors, miniaturization is not the difficult part about building rocket engines, so they really shouldn't be a few tiers down in the tree. 5. Remote-tech integration, with a few configs that put antenna stations scattered around Kerbin so you can launch those early satellites before you manage to get your heavy manned missions in orbit. Those are the big-5, that start to bother me when playing career mode with the stock tree. There are probably other bits of illogical silliness that could be fixed (aircraft coming after rockets, no launch clamps at the beginning, etc), but I would think it important to keep things sane at first.
  14. I just got through setting up a RSS KSP build from the beginning. I'm using procedural parts and real fuels. The procedural fuel tanks and service modules appear in the career research screen, in the "Tech Level 0 Engines" section, but don't appear in the VAB screen. In the VAB propulsion parts list, I have "Procedural Real Fuels SRB," "Procedural Kethane," both of which are there available without unlocking anything in the "Start" node. However, none of the 5 procedural fuel tanks in the "Tech Level 0 Engines" section appear in the VAB list. The other parts and engines in there do appear correctly. In sandbox mode, the "Procedural Real Fuels tank" is available (which is not present in this Tech Level 0 Engines" section. What should I do to fix this? thanks