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  1. The update has caused some kind of conflict with some other mod resulting in KSP not loading at all when installed together. Will take some time to figure out just what it is that is no longer playing nice together.
  2. Sounds great and I'd be totally willing to resume testing like in the good old days if wanted
  3. This seems to be incompatible with 1.12. This is a very useful mod.
  4. Just an FYI this is not working with 1.12.
  5. Considering I have been using them for quite some with without B9, it is not 'disinformation'. The only mod I had to even do anything special with CyroEngines for which I had to make takes for not having to switch hydrogen tanks to be dual function. Overall it has amounted to recommended rather than required. Evan an appearance you might consider "shockingly bad " is still vastly preferable. It is very likely to have been missed as there are a great many pages, and very understandable, but I have never complained of a problem at all. So no, I am most certainly not "one of those guys."
  6. Any and all "part switchers" I find in every way not desirable. I have no interest at all in art switching what so ever, and different function should be different parts. As a side note, almost all your other mods work VERY well without B9
  7. <moderator snip> All others work just fine without it.
  8. " B9PartSwitch is now bundled and required" Hopefully not as required as it says. Always liked it but if B9 truly is need for it to work now it will have to go.
  9. No, 1.8.1 didn't have much of an issue. But as Vardicd pointed 1.9 has killed RC and a couple others it seems, but noticed this one for sure when having a mission return and noticed I had no parachutes to arm
  10. Is that something you're actually considering? That sounds like a LOT of work! I'm sure would be appreciated by many, and incredibly impressive if even possible.
  11. Very happy to hear this will be continued in such skillful and talented hands.
  12. Yes, I apologize I didn't make it more clear. On the telescope UI the Galaxies is empty and only pre-photoed bodies show under bodies adding as a new unlisted one is photographed and transmitted. From what you described it does sound like this is by design, so likely not an issue but including everything be certain that you have everything you might need in case I misunderstood and there is an issue. On a new save, all show in both. I'm including the same at issue and I am also happy to test anything you need. Link to persistent.sfs file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejl93fz6gkvly2o/persistent.sfs?dl=0
  13. I have had the same issue PaulNewson1968 reported but never made the correlation with KRASH, I just thought it was a KSP bug in 1.8.x. When I get time I'll get it to happen and put the log in case that might help track down the issue. UPDATE: Had a moment to do a run through to reproduce the problem. Loaded, went into SPH, checked action groups with no problems, did a simulation using KRASH, terminated simulation back to SPH, checked action groups and parts just do a quick flash for actions making them uneditable. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j47g9se4f0nekfv/Player.log?dl=0
  14. Does the fix for the missing bodies and galaxies only work with a new save? continued over a save from 1.7.3 into 1.8.1 with the new mod version and still no galaxies and only shows bodies I've taken a picture of before. Wondering if that is a limitation due to the new Unity version. UPDATE: I had a chance this morning to try with a new save and on that Bodies and Galaxies all show, yet does not in the save carrying over. In case this is a bug and not a limitation due to the new Unity version here is the log from trying both saves this morning. https://www.dropbox.com/s/27o29i4tpgqmpoy/Player.log?dl=0
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