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  1. Also works correctly for me as well showing up next to the button
  2. Since version 0.9.0 the in flight settings option menu doesn't show up after clicking the antenna helper icon any more. Rings show up fine but can't change what is being displayed. Everything else seems to work great.
  3. [1.3.x] Real Battery v1.3.2

    Found big problem as I also do not use VenStockRevamp and installing the current version caused all RealBatteries to disapear. Removing ":AFTER[VenStockRevamp]" resolves the issue.
  4. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I noticed this too. Version files show 1.16 is Wildblue and 1.17 under Gamedata.
  5. I love the mod! Best lighting mod there is I think. The power should be looked at though. Some are on the too bright side. As in I can illuminate Kerbin from orbit
  6. Will make note and test that today (as long as time allows) UPDATE: Checked and either it does work or my math sucks The amount actually received was more than the total amount listed on the SR windows for the parts recovered during launch.
  7. Good question, I have no idea really. It depends on how the value is obtained and if it is before or after strategy's are applied. As for if it can, the world waits to hear the answer from the mod master
  8. [1.3] Davon Throttle Control systems mod [v084]

    Have the same with K.R.X. Kerbal Rotor Expansion. While "outdated" it's a parts only mod that uses stock plugin. Everything works fine with them until activating DTC at which point the engines from this lock at whatever output previously generated. Deactivating does not restore function though reverting to before DTC was activated the engines work normal.
  9. I use ResearchBodies myself and never had this problem. Including a link for a full log is always better than a segment as portions that may not be identified as important can actually hold the key to what it really happening. A lesson I have learned long ago
  10. I can't recall the exact name but something like Barnard or something with Barn in the name of the mod. It had a way of adjusting building levels that didn't play wall with KCT if set to anything other than the stock 3 levels.
  11. Problems mysteriously disappearing for no apparent reason is old hat around here.
  12. That sounds like a very bad thing. Something seems to be goofing somewhere in the scrap function for you. If you could include what build you are using and possibly a log that can help. I'll try and see if I can duplicate it when the build I'm using to help narrow down when the problem crept in.
  13. Looks like the hosting server is down.
  14. [1.3] Kerbal Research & Development

    Under TweakScale\patches remove ones you don't want TS to apply itself to. My default TS sticks its nose into everything. removing some or all of these patch files will have TS only be applied to parts for a mod with dependency or that you selectively leave in. No, it is not possible to make the addons compatible due to the way TS (for b9/ IFS, etc) works.
  15. I have no stability problems at all with on 1.3 dev build.