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  1. Not a bug, there is no simulate in KCT for a very long time now. Simulations are presently handled using the mod KRASH. There is a stand alone simulation mod in works as an offshoot of that previously in KCT but it is not yet ready for testing.
  2. You've got something else in there conflicting. You're in the area of having to do the fun filled troubleshooting of removing everything and adding them back in one at a time to see when the problem hits. One time it was even a single cfg file in another mod causing a problem. Oh the joys of troubleshooting.
  3. Yes you have by your own list, B9PartSwitch IS a fuel switcher mod.:P Try removing that and see if the problem persists. Remember to remove the MM cache files also before reloading. There are sometimes ones that can cause weird things but that is the first place to start.
  4. Not a bug but a conflict. Probably with TweakScale or a fuel switcher mod. This mod isn't compatible so blocks out parts used by those mods, but installing TW applies itself to all parts unless you remove the patches from the TW install. If all parts have an incompatible mod being applied to them, all parts will be ignored.
  5. Correct, I don't have any planet mods or Kopernicus and install ResearchBodies in 1.3 until the 1.3 version was released. Install after release is on an existing game. I will try with a new save and get back to you if settings come up correctly or have the same issue. EDIT: New game settings menu comes up normally with all options as it should. Problem only seems to be in an existing save with ResearchBodies is installed after it is begun. (The existing save was new with 1.3 not a carryover). I thought I read this could be added to an existing game, was that incorrect?
  6. Having some kind of conflict or something. The mod is showing as enabled but settings appear to be missing and all bodies are showing up. Log: Screenshot:
  7. I was having a similar problem with not finding a part and searching on your link I could not find the node advConstruction referenced in tree. Is there a different file that changes all parts that use that node to go in another or did it get missed somehow, or am I missing something? EDIT: Nevermind, looks like anything not listed specifically is ignored in favor of the stock tree so isn't needed to be in there.
  8. All dev builds are linked on the first post, separated by which specific mod (KCT, SR, SY) All are working pretty well in 1.3, was just in it a moment ago before writing this and didn't experience any major issues with any of them.
  9. Very interested and very good news to hear
  10. If you're willing to put the time and effort into it, TweakScale requirement can be completely removed.:)
  11. Combination sounds really great, as well as being an option so people and use the method that best fits their play style. I'd be using time to unlock for both myself
  12. I agree about 1.2.2 KSP. Also might be good to have some notation about 1.2.2 and 1.3 for the build as I can see easy confusion since most are not backward compatible. This causes a presumption a 1.3 mod will not work on 1.2.2.
  13. Any part using TS would be reset and no KRnD upgrades would apply. as a result any part using TS is blocked out from having KRnD doing anything with. So unless you remove the cfg's so only required parts use it, that means pretty much everything.
  14. I think one of the biggest holdbacks to this being more popular is the problem between it and changeable parts such as with TS or IFS and the like. If that could be worked around somehow I think this would see much greater popularity in general.
  15. It's just you. If you wanted to use it now you can get off CKAN and install yourself, then give feedback to make it better. It's only a couple of clicks with the links on the first post.