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  1. Yes, I apologize I didn't make it more clear. On the telescope UI the Galaxies is empty and only pre-photoed bodies show under bodies adding as a new unlisted one is photographed and transmitted. From what you described it does sound like this is by design, so likely not an issue but including everything be certain that you have everything you might need in case I misunderstood and there is an issue. On a new save, all show in both. I'm including the same at issue and I am also happy to test anything you need. Link to persistent.sfs file:
  2. I have had the same issue PaulNewson1968 reported but never made the correlation with KRASH, I just thought it was a KSP bug in 1.8.x. When I get time I'll get it to happen and put the log in case that might help track down the issue. UPDATE: Had a moment to do a run through to reproduce the problem. Loaded, went into SPH, checked action groups with no problems, did a simulation using KRASH, terminated simulation back to SPH, checked action groups and parts just do a quick flash for actions making them uneditable. Log:
  3. Does the fix for the missing bodies and galaxies only work with a new save? continued over a save from 1.7.3 into 1.8.1 with the new mod version and still no galaxies and only shows bodies I've taken a picture of before. Wondering if that is a limitation due to the new Unity version. UPDATE: I had a chance this morning to try with a new save and on that Bodies and Galaxies all show, yet does not in the save carrying over. In case this is a bug and not a limitation due to the new Unity version here is the log from trying both saves this morning.
  4. Love how you've done this. Do think it would fit more as a very late tech tree item though instead of unlocking as early as it presently does.
  5. Found a ton of errors hitting with this installed in 1.8.1 when a part is placed in building a vessel. Pulled this mod back out and the problem is completely gone. I think it's a DLL issue with the new version of Unity that 1.8.x uses now. Log:
  6. Most (editing of action groups in flight), however stock does not have the labeled clickable buttons to trigger action groups which is a key function that is still sadly missing from stock.
  7. Have found same problem as above. Seems likely to be the same issue as with RCS Landing Aid that was already address. Log:
  8. Bit of a followup, apart from the DLL is there any way to fix the problem with missing bodies in career with the telescope UI, or is 1.7.3 stuck with the broken telescope UI?
  9. Labeled buttons for using action groups was the biggest draw I had for this mod. While editing is now stock in 1.8, I have not found any way to put labeled buttons on the screen. With this being discontinued, a very greatly hope someone picks up or creates one to provided this fantastic feature that has still been skipped over in stock.
  10. Does 7.9 only work under KSP 1.8.x or is it backward compatible with 1.7.3 as well? Many important mods are still not up to 1.8 so still using prior version until then.
  11. Your work and efforts are very much appreciated allista! Love your mods and just knowing it is being worked on, regardless of time, makes my day!
  12. I politely pointed out his extremely poor attitude as wall as acknowledged a potential reason for it. It is his election to take on that (much appreciated) work, and all he had to do was NOT write a single line, which would have saved him even more time. It is something to keep in mind and learn from, which is exactly what I presented it as.
  13. I had asked if I was missing something, as in not understanding how to use them. My initial messages was not asking for help. Your message only addressed about KIS and all subsequent message have been before having time to go into KSP today, there is other things I need to do during the day. Maybe it didn't occur to you that in finally finding out there was an actual problem I had planned to go into KSP once I had the chance for the purpose of providing a log. While your responses are appreciated, this particular snippiness is unwarranted and does nobody any good. You may have been having a bad day and was unintended, but something to keep in mind. The missing dependency does fully fix all issues.