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  1. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    I really hope this gets picked up or development resumed. I like it a lot more than EPL
  2. A workaround for the screwdriver not equipping can be to use the power screwdriver that is part of KAS. Have to move further down the tech tree to be able to do this but can be a potentially acceptable trade off for now.
  3. JeffreyCor

    [1.6.x] ResearchBodies V1.9.9 (17th Feb 2019)

    Thank you greatly for your continued work. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  4. JeffreyCor

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Causes problems with KRnD and overall dislike the part switching function entirely. So, basically everything
  5. JeffreyCor

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    I really hope this would be picked up too. The B9 requirement for Tundra to work caused me to stop using that one.
  6. It seems explosions have returned to the service experiments with the new KAS. Haven't done extensive testing, but have had the first experiment site blow up in a lot time on the first site made after the update. Everything installed normally, but when returning to the site later, boom. UPDATE: It seems dropping the parts on the surface rather than attaching them to the surface of the planet/moon before connecting them together does not have this problem.
  7. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    for #1, because an engine can be redesigned from what it was originally configured for. So you can take what was a launch engine and make it into a vacuum engine if you so chose if you want to put the research into it. It allows choice by the user, which is very much a good thing as it allows different play styles without issue. on #2 I agree with you, that should be than option for users for the same reasoning at #1 #3, definitely a bug and an annoying one at that Hopefully that will be corrected when -MM- has some time for an update
  8. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4.1

    Stock batteries aren't really useless. They provide the EC buffer for things like transmitting research data. Especially for large data chunks where the battery discharge rate will not maintain more stored EC in the system than is required for each transmitted portion.
  9. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4.1

    seems to be having a bug in 1.4.5 where Real Batteries are switching to discharge or charge after using time warp. The percentage reads correctly but when power drops past the threshold nothing happens and the same for charging. F5 then F9 resets the issue and Real Battery works as expected until time warp is used again.
  10. AMD 1700X is hardly a quantum computer, but you're stuck with what you had sadly. Just tested again no performance problem nor sound problem in 1.4.5. Did notice a prior problem with engine lighting mod not playing well for some odd reason before though, so decided to keep this one instead of that as a trade off.
  11. Not having any problems in 1.4.5...
  12. JeffreyCor

    [1.6.1] Kerbal Krash System (0.4.6) 2018-03-15

    I don't really even care much about the graphics for damaged parts other then the "leak" visual effect. It's the mechanic that really has me hooked for the value of this
  13. if you don't want to try a suggestion from someone that is not having the problem that you are having that is your choice. Good-day.
  14. Try using the dev version at Construction Time/. Not having any problems on scene changes giving an error with that. There is a minor issue with KK changing the KSC to whatever location is last used for a launch site on build but seems to be graphical only and resets on a subsequent build at a KSC location. If the problem persists it is likely a conflict with something else.
  15. are you using the general release or the development build? I'm using dev build on 1.4.5 without scene change error.