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  1. [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4

    Yes absolutely! I love this mod!
  2. astonishing, at quick first check 1.4 does not seem to have blown up KCT Almost every other mod seem to have including RealChutes so once that is updated who knows what may happen with SR
  3. [1.3] Kerbal Research & Development

    You don't seem to understand what a different save it. You seem to be confusing them with quicksaves. Different saves are different "games" and upgrades in one DO NOT effect any other. Bottom line, no there is no way to roll back an upgrade because there is no need to roll back upgrades.
  4. [1.3] Kerbal Research & Development

    It gives only benefits without any penalty, thus there is no reason for reverting to a pre upgraded part the way the mod is implemented. This has been discussed at length in this forum previously. Upgrades part are applied only per save. It does NOT effect any other save you have. If you encountered such you have a problem with your game which is not part of the mod.
  5. [1.3] Kerbal Research & Development

    No, as there is no need to. There is no down side to an upgraded part.
  6. With ClickThroughBlocker now a requirement a link to that should probably be added to the OP.
  7. You were likely missing MagiCore. That is a requirement for KCT and SY, but SY is not a requirement for KCT. Important thing is you have it working.
  8. [1.3] Kerbal Research & Development

    Yes. Been using it for quite a while in 1.3.1 and working great
  9. Ditto, AmpYear looks like is being the problem. I can't even think of any inputs AmpYear uses so never would have guessed. UPDATE: AmpYear is not the only conflict. I removed AmpYear to test and redid the procedure. Now current input lock is AGExtControlLock. So there are at least 2 that are not playing well with AirlockPlus.
  10. The warnings are because of crybabies that freak out is something doesn't go right. Very few times have I ever encountered a save breaking bug over the years and usually only after a major update. I believe KCT is stable enough for a regular release and SR as bugs there seem to be minor. The only one that has issues is SY.
  11. What problem are you having with KCT? I have not found any problems, and if it's not broke don't "fix" it. If you have encountered a problem please do post what it is and the log.
  12. I see several we both have. I've been able to determine there is no conflict with Filter Extensions, Toolbar, EVA Enhancements Continues, KAS, KIS, Inferal Robotics (MagicSmoteIndustries), KerbalKonstructs, Kerbenside, KRnD, Nav Utilities. There are several others in common but those I thought might most likely cause the boarding issue. As those are ruled out it looks like it is something obscure.
  13. I tired with a clean install and boarding does work, so something is conflicting from the Ctrl-B / Shift-B input being captured. Behavior I'm having is identical to that eberkain described.
  14. With I believe, but I am double checking right now as I cannot remember with certainty. Just check, I remembered correctly CTI icons do show with stock window as well.
  15. Clarifying I can do right away. Alt-Click works every time, I only reconfirmed it once when getting all occurrences in a log. I did not bring anyone out on EVA just confirmed the window showed correctly. Click by itself brings stock window, Alt-Click brings Airlock window with all crew listed. CTI icons showed up fine as well without issue with Airlock window. When grabbing onto the outside of the airlock (F) the green text shows as would expect B to board, Ctrl-B to select where to board to, Shift-B to automatically board available area. While Bill was outside the airlock, pressed Ctrl-B and it boarded the ship, just as if B was pressed by itself without Airlock. When intentionally putting him outside the second airlock that was full, used Shift-B and got message it was full. Same as if pressing B on a fully pod without Airlock. Both time holding Ctrl / Shift first, and action took place immediately when B was pressed.