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    [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4.1

    seems to be having a bug in 1.4.5 where Real Batteries are switching to discharge or charge after using time warp. The percentage reads correctly but when power drops past the threshold nothing happens and the same for charging. F5 then F9 resets the issue and Real Battery works as expected until time warp is used again.
  2. AMD 1700X is hardly a quantum computer, but you're stuck with what you had sadly. Just tested again no performance problem nor sound problem in 1.4.5. Did notice a prior problem with engine lighting mod not playing well for some odd reason before though, so decided to keep this one instead of that as a trade off.
  3. Not having any problems in 1.4.5...
  4. JeffreyCor

    [1.3] Kerbal Krash System (0.4.2) 2017-07-20

    I don't really even care much about the graphics for damaged parts other then the "leak" visual effect. It's the mechanic that really has me hooked for the value of this
  5. if you don't want to try a suggestion from someone that is not having the problem that you are having that is your choice. Good-day.
  6. Try using the dev version at Construction Time/. Not having any problems on scene changes giving an error with that. There is a minor issue with KK changing the KSC to whatever location is last used for a launch site on build but seems to be graphical only and resets on a subsequent build at a KSC location. If the problem persists it is likely a conflict with something else.
  7. are you using the general release or the development build? I'm using dev build on 1.4.5 without scene change error.
  8. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.5] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.2.2

    Trying to download but unable to do so. Domain is not found. Is this a known issue with the site/server?
  9. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    To each his own. I and others have had the exact opposite experience with CKAN having it not only not update mods properly but messed up mods that were working perfectly. I'd far prefer playing than fixing the mess CKAN created and a large number of the several mods I use do not and never have shown properly on CKAN. As many times you you'll want to say it again in support of CKAN being so great there are others that it has been horrible and will have to say it again against using it, particularity when the very problem the post is for is because of CKAN not properly updating a mod.
  10. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    NEVER count on CKAN to give accurate information about compatibility. Manual install is an simply as copy and paste. You just copy the folder from the download, and past under GameData. Shouldn't have a problem with it.
  11. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    Strange, I have had neither of these problems at all. So as for how well it works consider it YMMV.
  12. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    Using it in 1.4.3, working even with a ton of other mods.
  13. JeffreyCor

    Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    All your work is appreciated. Good luck on your final exams!
  14. New version no longer seems to work. Launch all the way into space and sound of rocket never diminished. If note only external view used, I never use IVA at all.
  15. I sure hope someone picks this up. Very useful!
  16. I suspect that is a mod interaction issue. Make a quick plane with stock parts and try a quick flight/recovery/edit with that. If it is an issue interacting with PT, it should behave normally instead of making you do a full rebuild time with a recovered vessel.
  17. Will tanks work as normal tanks without B9PS or do the cfg files all need to be edited to remove reference to B9PS as well?
  18. Using with KSP 1.3.1, 32GB RAM with conventional HDD. Before 435.0556, after 416.5103. Second loading was not cached, took the before reading from existing log file and hadn't loaded KSP in a couple days.
  19. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    I remove the entire patches folder from TS. This way TS does not apply to any part other than in mods that use their own TS cfgs like IR or Interstellar. In a perfect world I wouldn't use TS at all, but given the time to edit all parts in IR it got to the point of diminishing value in relation to time that could be spent actually playing instead
  20. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    That is great for keeping it simple. For me TS Limited was not limited enough
  21. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    You can't do upgrades to TS or IFS used parts, so as long as you only have them apply to parts they must you can upgrade anything else. The key is what those mods apply to, not if you do changes using them. To try to explain with examples, if TS is applied to your engines (you have the size option) it will not work, but if you removed the cfg files from TS so TS does not touch your engines (ie no size options) then it will work with them just fine. No, it doesn't give any name difference. It just makes that part better from that point forward. Parts already in use flying around will not be changed though, only anything built from that point forward. In flight there is a listing of upgrade version, but the name of the part isn't changed.
  22. Not YET, sitting for the Bar in July and IP was an elective when obtaining my JD and also maintain a blog explaining general legal concepts. There is no set time for abandonment, it is taking as a totality of circumstances as one is not permitted to horde IP. Given the length of time, no action in any way on the part of the holder, stating looking for a maintainer and requesting those interested to contact but not checking back since 1 month after such statement, and specific statement of abandoning another. Anyone that is interested I strongly recommend TO consult an active attorney, which would most likely be free especially from all that I know, as the license does not allow for work to be retained without activity to maintain or defend such property.
  23. Intellectual property law, abandonment of the property terminates the rights of the license holder.
  24. Given the totality of circumstances there is a strong case for abandonment to apply.
  25. JeffreyCor

    [1.4.2] Kerbal Research & Development

    This was discussed before. -MM- does not want to apply changes to specific mods such as RT but said he would consider the new stock antennas. He has has a lot on his plate so doubt he's had time to look into that even.