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  1. As requested I updated the license and also made it open source, so anyone thinking about updating it for further use go ahead!
  2. Nothke is not responding to my PMs so I'll just dump it here. I started working on a Carrier/Mobile launch ship for the city. Since it won't need any plot can I just simply model it and send it in, without dealing the different phases thing? Anyway early WIP pictures. What do you guys think? What should be added/improved/removed?
  3. Sure, I have some motivation at the moment, but no time , we'll see about it when I'm finished with my finals. Also I'm taking a class about computer graphics next semester so I hope I can combine work with fun, while improving the pack. I'll look into the animation, I messed around in Unity so I better understand the system now, I could create an own plugin for centrifuges that do more than just spin, when I have time.
  4. Sure, as long as you keep pressing Q or E . Nope, they don't work yet, to be honest I'm not really an expert in animation and that part of KSP moding isn't very well documented either. I could make it work by the usal try and error approach but I don't really feel up to the task right now. Maybe when 0.20 comes out and I'll be inspired about the game again .
  5. Updated the first post again after the forum died . Could a mod please remove/disable the poll again?
  6. Yep, sadly that problem is plugin related, but I'm sure Kreuzung is already working on it.
  7. It's nice to see that EEP is finally becoming a standard. Hopefully in the future all electric parts will work together from different mods, the current fragmentation was causing massive amounts of confusion.
  8. Here's a working, small interplanetary craft with launch vehicle: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12210338/DSM%20IPC%201.craft
  9. Oooops, thank you for figuring that out, I uploaded a fixed version.
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