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  1. Question. Why do diy kits made by an assembly line require less material kits to construct than diy kits made in the editor?
  2. Adding quantity doesnt work Edit : Ah, it doesnt work with all parts.
  3. An Enterprize like spacecraft i made Introducing the KSS Kerbalprize E, a vessel reassembling the Enterprise starships from Star Trek. Now , i know what you are wondering,"this doesn't look like the Enterprise E!".Well i wasn't aiming to make it look like the Enterprise E. Long story short , when i was trying to make an Enterprise like ship i use some bugged B9 intakes for aesthetic purposes but they bugged my ship save so i had to start all over again , giving a new letter to each iteration.By the time i realized B9 intakes were the culprits i had gone past 5 iterations. The front view of the ship looks intimidating. It has 6 plasma engines.4 on the engine module and an 2 on the crew module. It does fly in atmosphere using mono or liquid fuel. BTW, this KSS vessel uses some highly experimental hardware in order to work. (:translation:) I added some zeroes in a few KSPI .cfg files I should add some lights. Now , i know you are wondering:Can the two parts detach? The answer is yes .It uses the two engines to fly.It also has 4 parachutes for landing.The crew module can hold up to 54 kerbals (not counting the airlocks at the sides). "I am a powerful independent crew module that doesn't need no engine module" It can also go up to 0.50 parsecs warp speed. Now introducing KSS Kerbalprize E 1.3! (1.1 and 1.2 were taken by the kraken).It has fancy lights!!! Oh and one more thing. It's name on the front. I hope you liked this KSP vessel! Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4d2rs78h5yd0bs/Kerbalprize%20E%201_3.craft?dl=0 Reddit Link : http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/2ojmcq/kss_enterprize_e/ Mods used : MechJeb, B9 , LLL, KSPI,ATM,tweakscale and tweakable everything Aesthetic mods used: Texture replacer, KSP renaissance and everything that comes with it .
  4. When i try to set an instal directory it tells me it couldnt find it and aborts it. -Edit:Never mind , i just moved ckan.exe to ksp dir and fixed it
  5. Pls add a walkman or as they say it in kerbin walkerbal.
  6. I wish there was a version that behaved more like the old KSPI
  7. Can you make version of EL where the Ore resource is similar to karbonite instead of kethane?Pretty please?
  8. Does anyone have a guide and/or tips on turning ksp into 64bit on Mac?
  9. Is the mod maintained anymore?Will there be new versions?