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  1. Or was he sarcasticly talking about how he was indeed sarcastic but trying to confuse you by saying he's not being sarcastic in a sarcastic manner?
  2. I want to do this with mine... EDIT: There's a slight gap in size at one point. I'll give any one of you a small loan of 1 million dollars if you can show me where it is.
  3. Ey this has started again. Yay. Now that this is active I'm going to be more active in ksp too.
  4. Buggy when it doesn't work and beautiful when it does. Your choice. I'd give it a go but if it doesn't work uninstall.
  5. The go-to place for all things KSP. From massive interplanetary spaceships to small fighters Accipiter has it all. This is the craft repository of Burnoutforzai, a well known KSP-er since before 0.20. Enjoy what you see here! Military Craft: Dreadnought - Dragon Lore - v4.9.1 Meet the Dragon Lore. This thing is a beast, my flagship of my entire navy. It has 12 stackable tire-torps 2778m/s of d/v when fully loaded and 3211m/s when empty. When loaded it has 0.21 twr. The Dragon Lore has been laboured on for ages and 3 have come before it, 2 of them had a corrupt game file and couldn't be saved. A days work lost in the dark and dank abyss of the Kraken. But I continued to fight on with the V3. That was the first complete Dragon Lore. It had a lot of floors like a terrible twr, d/v, and weapons. It had a great armour system though with 2 layers of plates and a wing layer covering the rest of this. Surprisingly that didn't help much and I thought that the weaponry would be far more important than a slight improvement on armour. I ditched the 'Dragon Scale' armour and went with a more conventional 1 layer of plates and 1 layer of wing. This didn't compromise much on the structure of the craft but where it did help was in the weight side of things (and part count). I could now fit the Dragon Lore with my stackable tire-torps. All that was left was the manoeuvring rcs system and lighting and we have this. Light Fighter - Fang - v2 Named after it's characteristic fangs on the cockpit design and the stubby landing gear the 'Fang' is an all purpose Light Fighter designed to deal with enemy fighters and take some pot shots at a frigate. It's usually seen accompanied by a carrier of some sorts as it has a limiting d/v of 1951m/s when loaded and has a standard size docking port and small docking RCS system for that reason. It is great for use on moons with a low gravity (1/4th that of kerbin for optimal results) and can land to provide small recovery missions using it's vtol engines and search & landing lights. Enjoy using it! Micro fighter - Recon - V2.2 Another laborious craft was this, not because it was hard to build, not because it was annoying to balance the engines (there's 6 in that photo and now there's only 2, I'll talk about that later) it was because the aesthetics where very hard to do on such a small and simple ship. I spent hours on stream with a few friends just going through the various attempts to build a good looking ship. I finally came up with this cross type hull that looked great. Origionally there were two versions, the base model and this one, the recon craft. I figured that I didn't need 2 load outs when I made the 'Fang' which replaced the need for the base model. This has 8888m/s of d/v (which I think is a bug, last time I saw it it was at 6km/s d/v idk) and a measly 0.07twr. It works though and does it's job of scouting very well with the stackable torpedo on top of it. The wings are meant to act as small landing legs but what you're going to land on with this is beyond me.
  6. I'll give it a go! Edit: What 'tier' of parts are we looking at here. 1-6ish? or less?
  7. Hyperedit needs to be less buggy. It's so broken right now >.>
  8. Anyone up for a battle. I have my dlore (753 parts, 260 ton, 12 torps) and/or a half full carrier with 4 light fighters (940 parts total and weighs a lot xD).
  9. I'm dumb, don't worry about this xD