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  1. I edit the original Pwings and use them structurally. Just edit everything in the cfg file and you are good to go.
  2. @linuxgurugamer I'm interested in getting background tracking and payload capabilities into RMM so I'll try and figure out why KSTS spawns things so oddly. Thanks once again!
  3. @Stone Blue I'm well aware that Baris is discontinued. A question was asked what conflicts this mod has and I was giving an example. I'm not talking about this specific release, but of problems I've had with this mod in the past. I tested this mod last night with EVA repairs, procedural parts, USI-LS and it still has the conflict is has always had. No one else is bringing up these problems and people seem to be happily using this mod so it's not a problem. If people have conflicts they can use Routine Mission Manager, which does a lot of the same stuff.
  4. Is there any mods that offer a small single seat pod? I've been using the one in DeepFreeze, but the Kerbal has to enter in the side which makes design difficult. Thanks!
  5. @linuxgurugamer I understand that. You just wanted to know why it was incompatible with certain mods and I was giving an example. I'm pretty sure the problem with Baris is the same problem with other mods. When I have time maybe I'll try LS with the mod.
  6. With this mod the game doesn't seem to recognize the ship as coming from the VAB(I'm not sure this is the exact reason, just an example). With RMM the spawned ship works exactly like one would if you launched it from the VAB . I've never tried USI-LS because of the warning on the OP, but this is what happens with you use KSTS with Baris. Baris requires that parts have a certain reliability. If you launch the ship from the VAB, those parts work as the mod intended. If you launch those parts as a payload with KSTS, the ship explodes because the parts have no reliability. This mod doesn't treat the launched ship like a normal ship.
  7. Kerbal Space Transit System conflicts with a few mods because the ship doesn't seem to be classified as coming from the VAB (if that makes sense). RMM has less conflicts because the game treats the ship if it was launched from the VAB. Mods like Baris/USI-LS wouldn't work with KSTS.
  8. Nevermind, I miss understood the mod features!
  9. The two mods are fundamentally different. KSTS allows you to put a payload into orbit. RMM allows you to order logistical missions to different stations. I find RMM works much better with different mods, KSTS seems to have some conflicts because of the way vessels spawn. KSTS is good if it works with your mod set. It allows you to launch a rocket once and it cuts down having to constantly relaunch. RMM is best if you want complicated logistics and don't mind running everything from a station. I send everything up to my Kerbin station and then use transfer vehicles to send it out. You can also add missions to any planet and it has the ability for re-usable rockets. I'm thankful linuxgurugamer maintains this mod even if its not popular.
  10. You could try Ground Construction. Last time I checked Baris worked with it.
  11. That's not good. Maybe Blue Origin could work on a pod design because I don't see how SL is ever going to go to the moon at this rate.
  12. Does this version have the ability to go to the moon and then re-enter? Or is this Starliner just a test of the overall design? I was searching for the information but couldn't find a good answer.
  13. The search function works well on this forum as well, clicking "this topic" on options and typing "RO" gives you the information.
  14. Try using this, I think it was added as a dependency but never got updated. https://spacedock.info/mod/2210/SpaceTux Library
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