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  1. You could try Ground Construction. Last time I checked Baris worked with it.
  2. That's not good. Maybe Blue Origin could work on a pod design because I don't see how SL is ever going to go to the moon at this rate.
  3. Does this version have the ability to go to the moon and then re-enter? Or is this Starliner just a test of the overall design? I was searching for the information but couldn't find a good answer.
  4. The search function works well on this forum as well, clicking "this topic" on options and typing "RO" gives you the information.
  5. @Dewar if you have that patch handy that would be amazing. Thanks!
  6. Try using this, I think it was added as a dependency but never got updated. https://spacedock.info/mod/2210/SpaceTux Library
  7. I was incorrect it was a different mod causing an issue that has been fixed. Yea playing with the save and load order might fix the problem. You can always do the problem, upload your log and see if it can be fixed.
  8. Did you turn off automatic recovery and recover it yourself? Also I don't think the mod supports missions like this, it works best for launching on Kerbin. I'm sure you could use it for other stuff but if you're using a complex mod like Kerbalism and trying to use this could cause problems. I've noticed some weird things happen when you use it on different planets.
  9. You tagged the wrong person. I've seen this claimed by multiple people who have overloaded their system. The game seems to work for a bit before it starts having problems.
  10. You have too many mods for your computer. It says you have 3918 ram, the game + DLC uses close to 4gbs of ram. I have 32gb of ram and I don't even use that many mods. You should at least get rid of Scansat and see if that helps.
  11. My ship has none of the mod parts when it crashes.
  12. After reinstalling this mod to test it, I occasionally get a CTD. I've played for 2 months straight without a single CTD or any issues with my game. It leaves no info in the log and it's a nasty crash that 100%s my system. No one else has this problem?
  13. One thing I can't wrap my head around with SH is if it blows up its absolutely going to destroy everything. Starship has no launch abort so how is it ever going to be rated for human travel? Full reusability would allow more launches per year at a cheaper cost and it seems much safer. The N1 was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history and it just part of the rocket that exploded. A SH makes N1 look like a childs toy.
  14. Are you using this on 1.12, because it might not work correctly? You could always post your log and hope someone takes a look at it. Its working well for me on 1.11.2 but I use KCT and not the default Baris system. Turn off integration in the menu and see if it fixes your problem. You should also read the "readme" that comes with the mod. For static fire tests you have to switch the stand to "test" mode.
  15. I love this mod and have always played with it. Its been working well on 1.11.2 and I don't really have any complaints. It has the ability to customize how you want it to work so it is flexible for the player. Being able to recover reusable stages is another feature I can't live without and I'm grateful it was added. A final version of this mod would be amazing!
  16. I'd love if the game had a procedural option for each part class. Something like a procedural pod would open up so much flexibility for design and reduce the number of parts needed to make a functional ship. It extends the life of the game and makes it more interesting for experienced players, it also reduces part counts while providing better designs options.
  17. N1-L3. It looked amazing and the development history is interesting. Who knew making a rocket with that many engines would be complicated?
  18. Theres an option to use 2 points to reset everything, so you could use the console to get science and money and then buy yourself points. This has only happened to me when I restarted a career but consoled a large part of the tech tree.
  19. You could use the mod Booster Guidance if you need that. Mechjeb really shines at landing 2nd stage reusables and I'm amazed how much better the mod is at handling that. If you want to use mechjeb for a boost back, do the burn yourself, then hit land anywhere once your rocket straightens out and you're over the top of the target. Mechjeb will do the hoverslam for you and set it down nicely on the ground. Or once the booster decouples, manually get the rocket to retrograde, turn on the KSP landing pad, wait for it to boost back, shut the autopilot off, go back to retrograde and then reactivate the mod once you're over the target.
  20. Its not that big of deal because you already recovered it. The mod doesn't delete the booster from the main save, for the purpose of this mod its not even really there. Just let it crash into the ocean and forget about it, you get the money back anyways.
  21. You have to fly your main mission so the first booster despawns and then it won't appear in the tracking station. Besides you still get your money back for recovery so if there's a random booster crashing into the ocean somewhere it really doesn't matter. Mods aren't prefect, you have to work with them sometimes.
  22. I went through the change log and the old thread, I don't think this mod ever had FMRS support. I was looking to see if Private Flip implemented background tracking on the mod and noticed the steps posted for doing the recovery, under the change log on space dock for 1.4.1. It'll be later until I can test it but maybe the mod works other than the issue with the UI window. Edit: I got it to work when I followed the instructions. It was a bit clunky to pull off but it deducted my booster from the total of the launch. It makes FMRS act weird, the box would follow my curser around when I used right click to move. Here is the log.
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