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  1. have you died? i wish down under aerospace would come back.

  2. I've repaired the first post, so links should be working again (let me know if anything is broken). I've also added a parts list for version 0.6. Sorry this update is taking so long!
  3. Work has started on the new engines: The first public release will include fuel tanks, decouplers/shrouds and engines (about half the planned parts).
  4. I've been having problems with normal maps so I made a post: Any help is appreciated.
  5. Here's how my normal map looks in Unity: Here's how my normal map (doesn't) look in KSP: Here's the texture, normal and obj files: As far as I can tell, the red channel on the normal map is being ignored, so the vertical ridges in the normal map aren't showing up. I checked the other parts I've done recently (fuel tanks), and the same problem occurs with them, though it isn't as noticeable. I've tried everything I can think of and everything I've seen suggested here in the forums (such as inverting the green channel). I'm all out of ideas.
  6. All the fuel tanks are done and I've started work on the interstage/fairings. When those are done, I'll be moving on to the engines.
  7. Not at this stage. Let me know what issues you have and I'll try to address them in the remaster. The Ausplane, like the Space Shuttle, isn't designed for powered flight in an atmosphere. In fact, it's not even aerodynamically stable unless the fuel tank is empty.
  8. They're on my list. Yeah, but I'm going to finish all the other parts first. That's the plan!
  9. This is how they appear in Unity: I'll take some more (in-game) pictures later. I have to go to bed now.
  10. Alright, all the standard sized fuel tanks are now done! That includes the X-4, the GH-14, the GH-Super and the brand new X-8 (which you've already seen). Kreuzung's speculation was pretty much spot on: the X-8 is a Down Under equivalent of the stock FL-T400. Down Under Remastered will replicate the functionality of some stock parts in order to create a consistent visual style. This is a change from the previous versions. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  11. Good news, everybody! The first part for Down Under Remastered* is now functional in KSP. Here's what it looks like: *Down Under: Next Generation if you like
  12. Alright, everybody. I'm back. The success of the MSL landing has given me a new dose of enthusiasm. Here's the word: Down Under is getting remastered. Details soon.
  13. Well this last week was exciting! I released an iPhone game.
  14. You can make a capsule look like it has built-in parachutes, but it still has to be a separate part. A part that opens 3 parachutes is pretty easy, and it\'s been done before (someone else can probably find a link). I was going to do a parachute part for 0.5, except mine was going to be a bunch of balloons. --- By the way, I know it\'s been a long time since the last Down Under update. Don\'t worry, I haven\'t forgotten KSP! I\'ve just been busy on another project on iPhone.