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  1. not sure if it is a new problem but one of the retro rockets on the S-II/S-IVb adapter is (At least graphically) miss aligned with the rest. Also the S-Ic retros still induce roll...
  2. The BDB Non-Replica Repository

    I had been meaning to set one up for awhile. Glad to see some one besides me felt it was a good Idea!!!
  3. And definitely not the mod as a whole. If for no other reason than to preempt all the random political hate people will inevitably post. What about... not guna lie, I just came up with a bunch of names but they all abbreviate to BDB...
  4. At the risk of playing down the hype, Titan-Barbarian and LDC-Titan are a ways off yet.
  5. I only just now realized you cheated and used tweekscale... still a cool rocket...
  6. Time Two Hype With An Axe in Each Hand!!! Titan 3L2 and 3L4 Titan 3 LDC Titan Barbarian I give up on making the non meme images work just click the links... (Super topical Meme here... cuz he's making Titan Barbarian... Get it??? plz no ban me...)
  7. What was Once Hyped Shall be Hyped Again! Later... In other news, I have recently built a new early tech rocket family and I just can't wait to show it off! I call it the Æsir Rocket family! Æsir I uses a heavily modified Long Tank Fenris core (Re-designated Khor) with two Fenris ICBM boosters (Re-designated Kódi/Kagni) lifting a Khrúd (no jokes plz ) 2nd stage and a Kjölnir 3rd stage. Though a bit expensive all versions boast improved performance over their historical counterparts, some times considerably improved. Only BDB required, you don't even need stock. T3 Techs required in career (General Rocketry etc.). Download Link. (Note: All versions come equipped with small satellite I used as a bench mark called 'Meridiem'. It is actually quite a useful satellite all by itself, good for 50-500 Science all by its self depending on where you send it.)
  8. The Once and Future Hype! Just a gentle reminder that these exist.
  9. The previous 6 comments on this thread talk about this mod being added to CKAN without the mod authors permission. He has stated that he prefers it not be on CKAN. Until the mod author's wishes change it will not be on CKAN, and adding it without his permission is a big no no.
  10. First off, congratz @Beale on your first plugin! I would like to make some suggestions to help it grow. First I am with @Capt. Hunt on the reverts shouldn't count issue. I would also argue that a GUI would be awesome. It would potentially let you decide on a per project basis what numbering convention to use. Depending on how much work you want to put into this mod you might also be able to add a 'Re-designate' feature, say you launch Rus-Com-Sat 23 but you forget to deploy your solar panels or things break due to dangit or something, just click the Re-designate button and poof, Rus-Com-Sat 23 becomes Cosmos 98. Or your secret spy program gets discovered (cough cough), click the Re-designate button and poof, Discoverer 20 becomes Corona 20. A GUI could also let players manage their projects in ways other than launching craft like setting up projects that have no craft launches yet so you can plan out you project names ahead of time.
  11. This should be in the OP, perhaps in some kind of separate section dedicated to answering questions that are asked frequently...
  12. Sure you could make ETS Spacelab... I'm guna make Skylab B so there!
  13. Sigma Dimensions... basic settings... advanced settings... hummm... Looking @Jso Intensifies...
  14. Skylab B Intensifies!!! *Doffs the Hype Hat* I've been meaning to ask this for a while. It's been stated again and again that BDB works best with a 3-3.4x solar system, is there such a mod that is endorsed by the BDB balance team? *looking at you @Jso*