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  1. Did some one say Hype? not game pics just Hyped to make some replicas
  2. Seeing as Well has stated that LqdHydrogen wont be forthcoming, is there anyone working on a LH/balance patch to bring those engines inline with other stockalike mods?
  3. Thanks for the update! Despite other, better and/or more accurate shuttle mods that have been released since KSO went legacy, this is still the one that feels the most Kerbal.
  4. Congratz on TotM! Also I don't know if you know yet but you got Kottaboed.
  5. This is a possibly the best first post of any user on any forum ever.
  6. Should be in Science. Have you tried using the search bar at the top left? Searching for Skylab or Hokulani should bring up all the related par, including the labs.
  7. Yes and no when Cobalt was first playing around with the idea of ORVs I drew up some sketches for him for the Gemini based one. Here is the link. Note the section just aft of the docking mechanism on all three versions. That is supposed to be a parachute. Also note, I don't think we ever got an inline .9375 parachute. (mislabeled in the sketches as .9275) Later on TimothyC found an obscure document about trying to resupply MOL using Gemini. While I was pouring through it I found reference to a "Specific Design". It mentioned that it would be based on Gemini hardware and launch on Titan 2 but had no other details and I suspect was highly speculative. I don't have a link for the doc but TimothyC might. Edit: More info Edit2: typo
  8. While the wiki is on peoples minds I just want to point out something that they, and the ManualManuel before it, got wrong. The canonical way to build the "Augustus" Supply Vehicle includes a Leo parachute and heat shield. One of the big advantages "Augustus" offers over the Belle and and Rhea(MOS) ORVs is down mass. Also makes a nice escape pod for kerbals that get super board being stuck on a station too long!
  9. Is there a reason you are making you own wiki instead of adding to the official one? I really feel like the official wiki would be way better if you were contributing to it. Yours is awesome!
  10. Not an expert but that is not something that can really be done, however there is a mod that brings most stock parts up to the standard of this mod. It is from a different author though so the style is close but not exact.
  11. I wouldn't know for sure but from what I understand ReStock is purely a graphics mod. Nothing about the parts are modified apart from how they look.