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  1. I do. Nvidia GTX 750ti and 343.36 drivers, Manjaro linux. That minor glitch wouldn't bother me if I could get AA to work...
  2. Yes, but I'm an unlucky one who for whom the AA override settings do nothing. I haven't had the patience to figure out how to do an application profile yet to see if that makes any difference and I was wondering if anyone else in this situation had.
  3. If you managed to get this to work please tell us how!
  4. Has anyone had a problem with the toolbar button going black and unresponsive? The VAB gui is still funcitonal but the flight gui has completely disappeared and the toolbar button has gone black and doesn't do anything. This has happened on two different installs (with lots of mods) where everything works the first time I open the game - flight gui is there - but starting on the second time I open the game it breaks. Here's the log: [Log 10:24:34.2707200]: BuildToolbar->Awake [Log 10:24:35.1932770]: BuildToolbar->OnGuiAppLauncherReady [Log 10:27:42.0650450]: BuildToolbar->OnDestroy [Log 10:27:42.4277280]: BuildToolbar->Awake [Log 10:27:43.9185310]: BuildToolbar->OnGuiAppLauncherReady [Log 10:27:52.0940530]: BuildToolbar->OnDestroy [Log 10:27:53.6046120]: ActionMenu was created. [Log 10:27:53.6050530]: ActionMenu->Awake [Log 10:27:53.6062520]: FlightEngineerCore->Awake [Log 10:27:54.8640820]: ActionMenu->Start [Log 10:27:54.8893290]: FlightEngineerCore->Start [Log 10:27:55.3848170]: ActionMenuGui was created. [Exception 10:31:01.7846170]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object []: at KerbalEngineer.Flight.Readouts.Vessel.SuicideBurnProcessor.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at KerbalEngineer.Flight.FlightEngineerCore.UpdateModules () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Is there maybe a way of just disabling the suicide burn processor? Is that even the culprit? edit: Huh... I went to the settings and chose the partless option and now it works.
  5. Has anyone had this mod stop working for no apparent reason? I've tried deleting the real solar system folder and reinstalling but it doesn't seem to have any effect. When I first launch the game the RSS loader does come up and completes with no error messages, but then kerbin is still tiny when I start playing. If you need any logs just ask. And thanks for this mod, it is really great.
  6. Hi everyone I decided to jump in feet first with manjaro (xfce edition) and everything seems to work fine with a stock KSP install. But when I start installing mods I come upon this problem: That's the distant objects mod window there. If I install a bunch of mods, all mod windows look like that. I tried installing just FAR to see what would happen and that window displays just fine. So I installed distant object enhancement alongside FAR and now the DAE window doesnt work, while FAR still does. If I install more mods, all windows are broken. Strange. Has anyone seen this before? Edit: And what was voidi's script from that other thread supposed to do? I think it might be broken for .90 because the launcher it gives me with the pretty icon does nothing when I execute it. Edit2: if this is something as simple as a missing fonts issue that would be really frustrating because I'm banging my head against a wall trying to install the fonts suggested in the other linux thread. Isn't there some package I can just install and be done with it? I basically need my hand held to do everyday things in linux :S Edit3: Yes, it was the fonts...
  7. A maneuver node? Just plug in speed and heading and it should work right? (right?)
  8. Hm yes I hadn't really thought of that - quicksaves and trial and error would have to do on bodies with atmospheres. But being able to set the exit velocity would be of tremendous value no matter the planet.
  9. Forgive me for bumping this with annoying questions, but will it be possible to display/directly set the desired speed of the projectile and calculate the required megajoules instead of blindly setting the megajoules? It would be nice to have a little display that shows the mass of the payload with a text box for inputting an exit velocity, with a handy orbital parameter and required energy calculator thrown in. Squad's "tweakables" sliders are pretty damn clumsy to be using for precision stuff like targeting a precise orbit by adjusting the power going into a mass driver. If you are already working on something like that then carry on, and if not, then I hope you consider it!
  10. Congrats on the release! This looks even more impressive now. It sounds like you've put a ton of work into the finnickly UI stuff and that is much appreciated.
  11. Forgive me if this is a repeated question but has there been any recent news on exhaust effects that are affected by atmospheric pressure?
  12. Herein lies the problem: interstellar has a different definition than near future of how many joules are in an electric charge unit, the last I checked. Interstellar defines 1 EC as 1 kilojoule while near future defines 1 EC as... Something else. I can't find that information for some reason. Forgive me if I'm mistaken and blabbering on about nothing but I remember reading about this incompatibility somewhere. Yeah I was talking nonsense, disregard. On a happier note, this is what you guys want for the docking port size issue:!?highlight=universal+docking
  13. Haven't had a chance to try this out yet and I'm wondering how you control the speed of the projectile. Do you set the desired velocity an it adjusts the force based on mass of the payload, or do you set what force you want to impart on the payload? The ideal method I think is to set what speed you want to give the projectile and the mass driver will calculate if it has enough power, with the option of setting the amount of power you want to use directly. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing with this thing! Edit ^^^ There's a mod somewhere on the forums for a multi-size/universal docking port. It's a senior docking port that can connect to all 3 sizes. Just slap one of those one and you're good to go (assuming it works, haven't tried it.)