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  1. Sadly, the little sniper was too slow.
  2. Only one gif can express my reaction.
  3. but and the failures and malfunctions? the ship is breaking down slowly and they're running out of spare parts, it would be so impossible to go there... and back!
  4. Well, it's actually a walrus wearing a tam o' shanter. xD You know, i was an artist in the forums of Don't Starve (it's a nice game), and they had one of these in the game, altough not as dapper as in the drawing. And Jamie Hyneman looks a LOT like a walrus xDDD
  5. I have some scattered around here... And yeah, those are the best. I think.
  6. Lol, i laughed so much when i saw this photo xD
  7. No... Jeb can't become a cold motherfraker. Just no. No no no no no no. NO! ):
  8. My first aerobraking The probe left Jool with lotsa science. First time going back home i didnt think of the aerobraking, so i went straight through Kerbin's SOI. This was the second try. It ended up kinda well, with a 510x80 orbit. Had almost no fuel left after the maneuver to put the periapsis in the right place Now i'll send a rescue ship to it (hopefully, i put a docking port on the probe). Now i'm
  9. This... Man, this... I have no words to describe the feeling i get when i read it. A mixture of excitement, joy, surprise... Every new word i read is another step to unravel the plot, your damn cliffhangers make me wait so anxiously to the next part... You deserve the respect of all beings in the Multiverse. Period.
  10. Granted. It's in advanced state of decomposition, though. I want a pet dolphin.
  11. You get the plasma. It becomes unstable, explodes and spills on your face, burning as if you put your head inside the Sun. I wish I had a HAL 9000.
  12. Does this car have more boosters? Btw, your art is amazing!
  13. Oh my gosh, these look amazing Do you make requests?