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  1. Can confirm this happens as well. The vessel doesn't even get undocked, and the option to undock disappears.
  2. While this would be awesome, especially if we could walk around in buildings in colonies later as well, I can live without it if it would impact performance a lot.
  3. I second this a lot. Even this weaker variant is far more powerful than the realistic counterpart. If they don't stay the way they are, at least add it as a difficulty option.
  4. Might just be wishful thinking, but I'm participating in the Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access, and though they had slower update periods of 4 months early on, they've ramped up to 2 in their couple of latest ones. Here's hoping a similar ramp up in speed can be expected. Though KSP 2 is a game of a much bigger scope and development requirements, so here is hoping it at least doesn't cross the 4-month threshold.
  5. I can see a good portion of people is losing their minds, as expected. I'm by no stretch of imagination happy about at least tech tree and science being included, but I do get it. I'd really like for the science and career progression system to be better than the rudimentary one in KSP 1, and though I hate waiting for it I understand why they'd want to hold off until the first impressions feedback. The price is steep sure, but not a deal breaker. Maybe wait for the actual Early Access product to judge whether or not you want to pitch in or wait. Crying without knowing the actual product firsthand or from reviews is meaningless. As for hopes, I only hope the Early Access updates will at least be every couple of months, and not closer to half a year.
  6. Awesome mod, can't believe I played career without it before! I have a feature request if you would consider it, currently it's super annoying that I can't see which experiments I did in the Mobile Lab, and this mod looks like a function like that would fit it perfectly. Like an orange dot next to experiments that have been put in the mobile lab would go a super long way. Thanks for the awesome work.
  7. Can someone help me out a bit with using this? Not the basics, but I don't truly understand all the info it provides so I think I'm not fully utilizing it. What are Phase angle, Ejection Angle, Ejection Inclination, Insertion inclination? I know what some of them mean, but I have no idea how to utilize these in game. I tried searching, but found nothing. A link to an explanation would also help.
  8. Can I have a bit of help here, I can't find any pointers on how to use any of the ore scanners, like the BG-OMD2 for example. What are the differences between all of them, is there any documentation on it?
  9. Could someone help me out, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug. I built a station with an orbital shipyard around Kerbin, and stocked it with Rocketparts, Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, and a workshop with 3 non stupid Engineers (I have productivity of 11). And everything goes okay, I select a small test build which costs 90 parts and is built in 5 minutes, I click finalize build and it appears, but then before I click release, regardless of where I move the fuel slider, the craft won't get any fuel. It stays empty. However the fuel from the storage is spent, it's no longer there. I could go around this by docking the craft manually and fueling, but it's a bit of a bother. Any help? Edit: If anyone has a similar problem, I've currently circumvented it by disabling fuel crossfeed rules in the options and setting the sliders to 0, so I just refuel the craft manually while it's still attached to the shipyard.
  10. I'm having problems finding this, the 0.13.2 is the latest version from the links in the official thread. Where should I look? Edit: Never mind, found it on github
  11. Got the EC depleted bug as well. My ships count down as if losing electric charge when above 50 warp when the ship is in focus, and lose it always when it isn't in focus. I'm using 0.13.2 Need logs, or do you have plenty already on this bug?
  12. This did occur to me, but I still wanted to have a concrete example. It occurred to me during coming up with the ideas that it would be a suitable tool for modders, a framework for a skill system that everyone who mods can use it however he wants. That would actually make the job easier, I'd just have to come up with a better number system. If it was to be done in a manner of a tool for other mods, I think it would be best to actually keep both options. To choose how many classes you have and how skills are given, or no classes at all.
  13. I find it jolly enough to excuse it. If otherwise, it will get rightfully removed.
  14. Thought this video would amuse you guys. Enjoy.
  15. Does this mod note which experiments you processed into data for the mobile space lab? That would be really useful.
  16. Ahh, but to your surprise I completely agree. And I've tried to somehow avoid this, but as it turns out it's not easy to come up with 30 different skills when most of the mechanics in the game are hard coded physics. So I improvised to fill in all the skills. BUT, they really don't have to remain if better alternatives are thought of. Don't look at the suggestion by the suggested stuff that breaks physics, but rather the level up system it's based upon. If all else fails, I'll try to reduce the number of skills and the size of the skill tree itself, but the concept would remain the same/similar. This could be a problem, true. I guess one solution would be an entire skill tree dialogue where you can toggle passives on and off.
  17. Before we get started, this is all just a general concept of things, and a good part of the ideas is probably not balanced, or perhaps even good. I don't have any modding knowledge to implement this, so this is just a discussion. And if someone gets a few ideas from this to implement in a mod of his, then all the sweeter. So do suggest how to generally improve this. And I know many mods already use the classes in different ways, but this is more about their EXP system and skill system. Let's get started. So, I've basically reconstructed the entire kerbal EXP system into a skill tree that would look something like this (Behold my MS paint power): So this is the skill table. Every skill except skill 0 and skill 10 have 3 levels. Kerbals start from level 0 and have the skill 0 by default. On every level up, a Kerbal receives a skill point which he can put into one skill of the same row. So for example you can end up having level 1 of skills 1, 2 and 3, you can have skill 1 at level 2 and skill 3 at level 1, or you can have one of them maxed out on level 3. All this would of course require a change of EXP gain numbers, naturally, and each class would receive EXP based on what they do. Pilots would receive EXP from flying crafts and spaceplanes, scientists from performing experiments (not yet sure about engineers, drilling?). All 3 classes would still get EXP from general things such as orbit around the Mun, but a lot less. Below are some crude ideas about how this could all look like. Important note though, these skill suggestions also take these mods into account since I can no longer imagine playing stock without them: RemoteTech, TAC life support (for the most part these two at least). Also, some of the skills are active and not passive, and would be activated by right clicking the kerbal, or a part needed. Using these actives will also grant some EXP. Pilot: Scientist: Engineer:
  18. I play with remote tech, so sending a couple of probes to the Joolian system isn't as easy as it sounds. Grinding Mun for science is too easy though, that's the part that I have trouble with. - - - Updated - - - This would reduce the science game overall, not rebalance the Mun sceince and the tech tree as I see it needed. Not everything can be customized, and even if it can, you'd need an entire playthrough (Like me) to understand what went the way you didn't want, and how to change it and customize it. This is lazy developing, customizing your experience should be changing up details to suit your style, not figuring out the entire game balance and applying it for the next time you play. - - - Updated - - - And then people argue against warp drive because of realism. What you just said IS realistic, you don't just wait around until you have the perfect technology and travel, you do your missions with what you have, and do your next ones better with better tech.
  19. Yet another playthrough, even with the revised tech tree, I still almost maxed out the entire tech tree with only going to Duna once, and I didn't even get the science from it returned yet. The main reason this happens I believe is because Mun and Minmus give way too much science, particularly Mun because of his crap load of biomes. A good haul from the Mun should boost your early career significantly, but constant collection of science from the Mun to max out the entire tech tree is just absurd. That, and the addition of the new science lab makes it even easier to max it out, I believe the lab definitely warrants a nerf on several functions. I find this uninteresting as you quickly exhaust the use of science. To have a complete tech tree, you should be required to visit at least 3/4 of the Kerbol system. There are several ways to remedy this, besides the obvious reduction of science gain from Mun and Minmus, the tech tree could branch out more, and have a steeper science cost curve. Instead of 5/15/45/90/160/300/550/1000 (approximately), it can be 5/15/30/100/250/600/1000/1500. This is just an example of what I have in mind, it can be solved by adding more tech tiers as well. Additionally, a way to broaden science use could also be by doing just that, adding more uses for science points instead of just tech unlocking and exchanging it for cash. Parts that cost science along with cash to buy (every time you use them, like a price) first come to mind. Thoughts?
  20. I discovered KW a few weeks ago, and I can no longer imagine KSP without it. There are indeed a lot of lacking parts to complete the experience. Especially 5 Meter parts. Can anyone recommend a good Station parts mod? Not anything drastic and flashy, just like KW, something to complete the Kerbal experience.
  21. This also. I've docked with and without RCS of any kind, and it just takes longer and can be annoying if you miss a window because you will have to redo a lot of it, but with RCS, and with the docking precision mod, it's ridiculously easy and fun to dock. I see no reason to simplify it.
  22. Not a bad idea at all. There are already mods that practically play the game for you like MechJeb, it shouldn't be hard to make.
  23. Safely landing a needlessly oversized lander which was spinning out of control on a 5000m mountain top on Duna. Best piloting moment ever.
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