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  1. Is anyone else getting a problem when using this with RSS where clouds disappear when you look at the horizon?
  2. Well, I am stumped by a repeating graphical error I've been getting using this with Visual Enhancement. When I look straight down at Kerbin from orbit, I can see clouds, but then, when I look at the horizon, the clouds just disappear, like they are not being rendered, as if I was looking away from the planet. I'm not sure if I should post this here, or on Visual Enhancement, but, again, I am stumped as to why I've been getting this error, and I just wonder if anyone else here has been experiencing it...
  3. I am good at placing satellites into exact orbits, and constructing Space Stations and Communication Constellations. I am not so good at building long distance probes and extraplanetary landings.
  4. Okay, I worked a bit on a similar design, and instead of going stable at 30K, I stay pointing at around 30-33 degrees all the way up, with engines on full for as long as possible. At 40K I swap to Rocket Engines, and I start to pray to any god that will hear me, and I manage about 7000 m/s in the atmosphere, which would be good enough... if there wasn't an atmosphere that just eats up all my velocity as soon as I shut off the engine.
  5. Please, PLEASE release a craft file of that. I NEED it.
  6. The SLS-II Shuttle Derived Super Heavy Launch Vehicle: The Soyuz R-7 Derived Medium Launch Vehicle:
  7. Yeah, the configs are very, very different, and it looks like pretty much everything has to be redone... Oh a posititive note, what I saw in last version of VE looked pretty spectacular...
  8. I present to you, the Soyuz-TMA atop it's rocket, ready for it's launch to glorious MIR Station in the name of the Revolution. Powered by 4 KW Rocketry Griffon G8D's and a single Griffon XX at launch, the Soyuz has a TWR of 1.45. In this photo, Comrade Bob Kerman prepares for the launch by singing the People's Anthem. The Soyuz Rocket is propelled by only the finest RP-1 rocket fuel, unlike those Americans and their cryogenic hydrogen. The same hydrogen that continually yearns to escape from their tanks, like the loyalty from their hearts. Picture of the Soyuz Spacecraft without it's protective fairing and Launch Escape System. The foolish worker who forgot to add the fairing will be sent to a reeducation camp. Picture of the Soyuz from a 300Km orbit taken by Comrade Political Officer Jebediah Kerman. Payload to LKO: 25 tons. Stages: 2 Boosters: 4 Griffon G8D's with RP-1 Kerosene fuel: DeltaV- 1948 m/s Stage-01: 1 Griffon XX with RP-1 Kerosene fuel: DeltaV- 3094 m/s Stage-02: 1 Wildcat XR with RP-1 Kerosene fuel: DeltaV-6993 m/s Soyuz-TMA: 12 Linear RCS points with Monopropellant: DeltaV-1500 m/s Launch Profile: Turn 10 degrees at launch, and slowly turn until you are pointed at 45 degrees by 30Km. By 70Km the rocket should be pointed at 30 degrees, and by 200Km should be oriented at 0 degrees (if the ship has not yet reached orbit). Never let go of the throttle, while Kerosene may be a cheaper fuel for the communist on a budget, it does not have a high TWR, and every second counts. MODS: KW Rocketry, Real fuels "Stockalike", HGR for the Soyuz Module, Near Future Propulsion for the Solar Panels, Stretchy Tanks, Deadly Reentry, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Mechjeb, FASA, and Remotetech 2. Craft File:
  9. Well, I only got the clouds and planet textures, but I got only about 50 megabtyes more RAM usage, if that. It's nothing when compared to b9 aerospace or KW rocketry.
  10. From what I've seen, you guys are in for a treat. I have to hand it to Proot, he knows his stuff.
  11. I would offer to test, but I am running Real Solar System, and I have a feeling that might make all the testing invalid for vanilla...
  12. Oh boy, now I can do dry tests of my various rocket series in RSS. No longer do I have to build expensive payloads to test my rockets, now I can launch a brick with an antenna on it to test the rocket's tonnage to orbit. I mean, math is all fine and good, but it's nice to know the practical max tonnage instead of just the theoretical max tonnage, and then see your expensive and important payload plummet back to Kerbin in flames.
  13. I can sympathize there. I have been grappling with how to apply Coolrockets to Stretchy Tanks. It is not an easy task... KSP is not all that good at using particles.
  14. I launched 24 GPS satellites in 6 launches, tomorrow I will perform orbital maneuvers to spread them out equally around Kerbin. I also launched 3 LHX class Spy Satellites in a Polar Orbit, and when one of them failed, Kerbal Intelligence Agency liaison and special agent Kirrim Kerman had to perform a solo orbital rendezvous and EVA service on the telescope.