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  1. So, in order to get the remaining bits of science I need to finish Sleipnir for the grand voyage, I'm piddling about doing exploration and science missions. I needed to go for a stroll on Mun, plant a flag, and come back home. easy peasy... at least I think I remember how to do it.... I had a science lander and orbital insertion drone already docked to Sleipnir, so I just had to send up some kerbs, do some docking rejiggery because Sleipnir had gotten a bit... messy In the above pic, the lander I'll be using is docked at the bottom, the orbital drone is mid-left, and the taxi that brought everyone up (and will be taking them back down again) is far left. So after some nice gentle orbital ballet, Val & Bob set off for Mun, and rapidly established a 50Km parking orbit, separated the lander, and went off for a jaunt on the surface. All good. Coming back however, after checking fuel levels, I was starting to get a bit worried, about 860 dv on the surface of Mun is cutting it a bit fine for me.... and by the time I'd got the lander back up to rendevous with the orbital drone.... yeah.. slightly close. 6dv and about 1.5 units of fuel left O_O fortunately for me, MechJeb's quite good at orbital maneuvering & docking
  2. Like many here, I've done the early game to death, I know I can do it, I just want to do more, more quickly, so I start a career with half the tech tree open, all the facilities upgraded, and just go from there. This time, I'm doing a semi grand voyage as my first expedition beyond LKO
  3. I've been away from KSP for a good couple of years probably, dabbled a bit here and there, but as I was using my Bro's copy via steam sharing, it was a bit painful. So I finally went and spent the cash. For the time I've spent, and all the time in the future, it's just got to be done. So I figured I'll just leap in to the mid stages of a career, throw a few hundred bills at the complex, give meself a boost into the mid stages of the tech tree, and viola, bob's yer aunty, here goes a grand voyage.... I think.... maybe not the strict definition, but a voyage nonetheless This is where I stand after two* launches, the lander and it's service module sit behind the hub, still with it's attached launch boosters. There's just too much fuel left in there to throw them away, so they'll probably end up being used as fuel storage until I've got the main drive module up and docked. We'll see where this one goes * well, more than two, but only two that counted
  4. If they disappeared, it's likely that they didn't have either a probe core of some kind, or batteries with electric charge or some kind of power generation. without these two things, KSP classes them as debris, and removes them.
  5. Yeah, I do actually like using the mouse wheel to tweak nodes, but I just wish it was more consistent, not going from one notch of the wheel changing it by 0.01m/s, and the next notch changing it by 100m/s (I'm exagerating, but the numbers are not totally ridiculous, it really does do that) On the other topic, Trolls only have three numbers, one, two, and many, it doesn't stop them counting to massive numbers* *read more Pratchett if you don't know this.
  6. CKAN has just updated Editor Extensions Redux for me, just checked it and it works, so do all the parts packs I use, however KAC, Blizzy's toolbar and chatterer do not.
  7. I have a save with a similar situation, my station doesn't explode however, the parts just simply seem to fly off at a massive velocity, and the CoM of the station is then re-calculated, meaning the station then recedes from view, as the CoM is no longer anywhere near any physical part of it. I've tried all the ALT+F12 options, tried removing as many mods as possible without breaking it, but still the damn thing disassembles. I'd have shared it long ago if I thought it wasn't just a random Kraken attack, now I'm not so sure. I can put it up somewhere for people to look at, thought the list of required mods is.... quite long
  8. I'll take a ticket - let's raise some steam.
  9. I love it when people independantly find how to do things, it shows what a free thinking bunch of nutters we all are this was mine, I forget what version, but probably 0.9 or something.
  10. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm of the age where Blake's 7, Space 1999 and other programs of the same era were highly influential in my love of space flight and sci-fi. So hearing this today made me really sad. I think I need to go and build the Liberator now. RIP.
  11. Mechjeb for me definitely. Most of the fun for me playing is in the design. Can I design a ship to fulfill the role I have planned? can I make it efficient fuel and cost-wise? Doing the gravity turn for the 50th time by hand is *FOR ME* not fun.
  12. I rescued my account just to say.... That's really really nice. does it make it too long / unwieldy if you add in a service bay and tuck the small science parts inside? although that might leave the nose area looking a little bland. I might try playing with a similar design myself tonight.
  13. I built mine in two halves, but still launched them both at the same time, along with a tug to attach them to the station core, which I'd launched previously. Here's my launch and assembly slideshow. You'll get there, it just takes a TON of tweaking and practice flights.
  14. This. So much this. I usually end up trying to gently hammer the 'S' key with varying amounts of rapidity until I find a stable rate, then modify as appropriate I should probably take on-board the comment about more, less powerful control surfaces though.
  15. It's a nice idea, but aren't you going to get some serious drag for that 0.5-1 second period? I'm not sure how much dv that would cost, but it's probably not insignificant, depending on the size/cost of your launcher.
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