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  1. I just wanted say a big thank you to you guys for taking up RT2. It is literally a mod I can't play without anymore and I would have pained me to desinstall it. So, love you guys (obviously that includes you Cilph ).
  2. It works for other people then. I'll have to tinker with my install.
  3. Hey guys, Anyone else has problems to get two dishes to connect while not in the same SOI? It's been a while since I played KSP and hadn't done an unmanned interplanetary mission since 23.5 This mod is really one of my favorite mods. It would really be a shame for it to fall into oblivion. Too bad my coding skills are practically nonexistent or I would gladly contribute...
  4. Well, thanks for the heads up guys! I guess I'll have to tinker with it a bit EDIT: Well, it works like a charm indeed! Thank you guys!
  5. Well, that looks interesting. I never got myself to try KMP, I might try this though . Now, that's too bad I can't host this on my linux-based NAS... I think it's time I restart my old gaming machine and turn it into a server!
  6. That looks nice! Can't wait to try this out.
  7. To be fair, it's actually difficult to compare real life scientific research and research in KSP. I don't think the moon rocks the Apollo guys brought back from the Moon (hard not to type Mun here) helped developed new rocket engines... Most of the science done in KSP would have absolutely no bearing on rocket development (sure, a launch success/failure brings very helpful data about rockets, but EVA reports in deep space? Not so much). To get it in line with real life science we would need to simulate science on Kerbin, in which actual science experiments would have little impact, at least not in the domains that would interest rocket engineers. Actual research would then just be time based, with boosts with each launch. I would personally love science like that, but that's more the scope of a mod IMO.
  8. I really should check my staging...