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  1. Rd101/102 boosters with aA9/ rd103 core start to make it possible to send an aerobee variant (xasr1 or aj type) to orbit with with enough DV and a small avionics unit and RCS tank/thrusters to aim it at the moon for flyby/impact. So far that's my limit nothing past fairly basic orbits until RD-101/A9 and XASR1 upgrades. And I doubt that could pull off a mars/Venus flyby. Heck that limited of parts makes perametered orbits nearly impossible unless your good at killing throttle at the right time
  2. I find rd-100 series my early work horse, when the rd-101 and A9 unlock the A9 has limited use as sustainer until rd-103 comes along. Getting to orbit/polar orbit is doable with rd-100 and aerobees but that's best I can manage with them. I might be able to get 1 full WAC into orbit but it's not enough to flyby or impact moon (for me)
  3. So has anyone ever found a rocket engine or solid rocket in the 2 starting carrer nodes other than A4 RD-100, Aerobee, Tiny Tim or the separator solid rocket in any supported mods? I am referring to the 2 nodes that "start" unlocked, including very first node and the one seems to need a visit to VAB/SPH to unlock. There are only so many combinations of aerobee and RD-100 or A4 that i can "theory build" with lol.
  4. Are you using newest module manager for 1.3.1? As a secondary note did your CKAN installed procedural fairings come with a procedural payload fairing (any) because i had to download the correct 1.3.1 version from GitHub to get them on my install. I believe there was also a missing "name = ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit" tag on my starting airplane cockpits in the tree-parts file of rp-0 (rp-1) folder i had to fix. I hope you get the play speed of the "slides" to your liking
  5. I have had this issue on some installs and not others (my previous 1.3.1 install was super fast, my current 1.3.1 install plays at "normal" speed) . I had chalked it up to a bad mod install as my install was flawed in other ways. I deleted everything (but sub assemblies that i copied and saved) including all mods i manually downloaded and used ckan as the wiki described, downloading all suggested/supported mods listed for RP-0/RP-1 support in OP, and added the manual mod installs plus other non-part mods I use (being super careful to check version numbers for 1.3.1 support). After that everything was fine. SO TLDR: either a weird bug, bad install, or it "just happens" sometimes, what do i know i'm not a unity coder. I'd suggest a wipe and reinstall of KSP and hope that fixes it.
  6. I second the back port of ktc and scrap yard to 1.3.1 for RO/RP-1 users, this mod is just too needed for balance and racing
  7. Omg someone add scrapyard to the required/suggested mod list plz
  8. Honestly, I'm just seeing if anyone else has designed a rocket with greater reliableity. I'm not trying to make any point with the design other than faster completion of the contracts for faster early career progression.
  9. Still working on tier 0 orbital capable rocket designs, it's wreking my mind! I remade boosters and core with exact avionics via procedural avionics and was able to reduce RD-100 run times to exactly 70.2 seconds, but I still need 4 stages of WAC rockets @ 50.1 seconds run time (6x to 2x to 1x to 1x) for a total of 10 WAC's. These fail like 75% of the time. I need suggestions.... Bad lol
  10. Anyone else notice tank weights change slightly in RP-1? Now a tier 0 orbital (RD-100/A4/WAC based) rockets are now VERY tricky to design. My current design had to resort to 2x RD-100 75 second boosters with 10 ton procedural avionics units each, an air lit 75 second RD-100 core with a 3rd 10 ton procedural avionics unit and 4 WAC stages (50.1 secondd each, 6x to 2x to 1x to 1x with sounding rocket avionics unit plus thermometer/barometer) to just get over 9525 DV. The sucker has 30 tons of total avionics control on the pad with a mass of 40 tons and a core with 10 tons of avionics control with a mass of 15 tons. TLDR tier 0 orbital rockets are almost a no go in RP-1 unless my design is some how flawed. Seeing 10 WAC rockets bundled just looks wrong and tempts test flight too much. Any suggestions to reduce the wrath of the test flights gods??
  11. Not to pester but are we still looking at a 1.3.1 release or going right to 1.4.x
  12. @Bornholio want to weigh in on boil-off mitigation?
  13. anyone else miss this: I guess we will be skipping a 1.3.1 release then?
  14. Well honestly we are talking about a 1950 alternate reality, your basically developing new rocket engines then "test fireing" on rockets you expect to complete a meaningful mission. I suggest you treat the 1st few launches of any new component as "experiential", so strap that sucker to a "cheap" sounding tank with something useful like a basic recoverable science package and get the test flight data maxed out. As too "roll out" cost I treat it as the costs of assembly, QA, pumping, paying boats not to sail down range, launch crew wages, preparing the pad/crawler... All stuff you would need to pay again if launch got scrubbed. Space craft history is filled with failures, mission goals not completed, stages failing to ignite or separate, heck even crew members burning to death in "simple systems tests". So R&D your stuff and put it through a proving process before putting crew or payloads ontop of your newest possible failure. You'll still fail but less spectacularly. And waiting for polish in RO/RP1 most likely means waiting for the end of major main game patches
  15. Seeing as early game is mostly about "rushing" the "free" upgrade points. In the VAB its normally "1st launch" craft to a Tiny Tim boosted WAC corporal for karmin line, to a Camera/bio sample carrying V2/A4 for sub-orbital, then repeat recoverable V2/A4 & RD-100 based altitude/payload sounding rockets with Cameras until you eat up flying/atmo/low space of the 4 local reachable biomes and can drop the camera (by that time you will most likley have the ion mass spectrometer to replace camera with then its after flying/atmo/low space of the 4 local reachable biomes with it) and manned sub-orbital rocket flights in the X-1 cockpit (dont for get proficiency and mission training for all your astronauts in that cockpit) until you have the upgrades to pad to build your 1st orbital rocket to launch the "1st artificial satellite". In the SPH you might as well start building a jet to do the break the sound barrier and x-plane contracts you can manage with the starting jet engine & buzzard cockpit, it should finish within the 1st month (dont for get proficiency and mission training for all your astronauts in that cockpit) then forget about it until you can get a better jet engine (and/or maybe do some fancy hybrid x-1/jet builds) to get a plane that can do x-planes high contracts built (imho thats low priority) For your upgrade points maybe 15 to 20 into the VAB then just use all the rest on the R&D center plus buy more when you can. Upgrade the launch pad ASAP, then the tracking station, then the mission control For R&D unlocks to max your science out i would go 1st plane node first for the X-1 cockpit (for suborbital manned flights) then science and probe parts (explorer 1 and early controllable core are a must) and your first few rocket nodes. But remember even with an air lit V2/A4 core, boosted by 2x RD-100 that are ground lit and a few spin stabilized WAC rocket engines stages (like a 4x WAC tage to a 3x WAC stage to a 2x WAC stage to a 1x WAC final stage) and a upgraded pad you can make orbit. So its really all about rushing the funds for that pad upgrade and getting your free VAB/R&D upgrade points ASAP that ended up being super spammy but thats done now lol