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  1. This craft can easily exceed 12K km range and has an over 11km ceiling old same craft ("painted") but newer far update...flys abit better, but report is just "wrong" now Althought report seems "worse"... its behaviors in flight (speed, climb ceiling) are in fact "a bit better" But the readout is totally borked now...only flight tests show "truth"
  2. forgive me darkening the door of the great and powerful FAR..... current update, in my ksp 1.10 RO/RS/RP1 install shoulds "oddity" ZU forward vol seems to report "wrong value" in that a "+" is shown, not a "-"...atleast from flight testing this seems wrong, as the craft flys like before, but with slightly less rotor/prop drag (I think) I was using a craft over the period of pre/post update. After update, ceiling, climb rate and top speed al say rough 12.5% increases....most noticeable on max ceiling reachable in flight tests and predicted (and factual) "max range remaining" .
  3. seems to support more cockpits, esp windows being "not hard black", seems to be the "one to use" I tried both, I'm on KSP 10.1 in RSS/RO/RP1
  4. small pop in to say: This mod still works as of current in 2021 on may the 5th, using ksp 1.11
  5. Hi guys! I'm Back from working on another project. Took alot longer than I thought, check out the game guide on steam if you like. Its currently the "de-facto" English language info source I will look into visors fixes Sooooo many updates... but my other project cleaned this 1 up alot STAY TUNED!
  6. BOUNTY OFFER! Help "Fix" = Reward > "Gift KSP" As A Steam Key Reward = "Gift" key for KSP (or game of equal value on Steam if you dont need/want a gift copy of KSP) HOW: Help Fix Gene Kerman's Head Texture (and by extension also Scientists/Flight Crews in VAB/SPH), so its the correct "Human Skin tone" not "blank" or "Bada55" green I have tried for almost a year, no luck.. I am opening a "community bounty" on this fix... I find it very "immersion breaking", personally
  7. yes, "in my tests"... if your version of texture replacer works with your KSP version this also works (suit/etc generation of "old type" vs "new updated type" dds files that match your KSP version ofcourse)
  8. I have a few more faces for pack. But I feel faces are pretty "done" now I need to get the "next era" of suits finished/added now....AKA "Soon" ...... I also have a few 1950's replica Planes & Rockets "ready" for RP1 use ALL Starting tech (ALL Tooled Costs): Speeds listed are at min/max of 0.01m/1m "climbing" horizontal/level flight (AKA: max sustainable flight speed, Mach 1 = aprox 343m/s @ sea-level & at about 12000m above sea-level its only 295m/s, see HERE if interested in why that is) Altitudes listed = Safe Ceiling, Max Ceiling OR AP/Downrange if noted as
  9. Hi guys, Back from working on an Indie game project (Low Magic Age) with its dev (community art packs/full game guide). Took alot longer than I thought, check out the game guide on steam if you like. Its currently the "de-facto" English language info source I will look into visors fixes 1: fine in my tests, will need a "2nd game load" to be fully good. If you want the loading screens you need to move them manually (see notes in DL) 2: It should work with ANYTHING that is OK with "TextureReplacer", the loading screens are just fine also if you want them. 3: Not at all, its defau
  10. see how simple the process is? Its the "art" thats hard lol ...... impress me, lol find the "parachute canopy" item in files. match scheme to suit/flag
  11. Well done! Yea the flag, I did that the 1st few times. Here is my 1st suit...see that O2 port on the tummy?,,, try playing with "raised/sunken" areas . Boots/gloves are often "under done" as is rear of helmet try: Kerbin/minmus/mun other bodies: 8k - 8192x8192 pack (stock or RSS which ever you play) Head 2k - 2048x2048 DDS DXT1 BC1 no alpha (kerbal green is hes "bada55") Suit 4k - 4096x4096 DDS DXT5 BC3 skybox 8k - 8192x8192 DDS DXT5 BC3 (BC7 works but requires the nvidia tool)
  12. NP that and 4 to 6 tools, combined under 4mb, should do you Fotograpfix - Raster image editor, projects in fgx format, final saved to png MW GFX ConvimgX - Image converter with up to DDS BC5 output, use to convert your png to dds nJob - Normal Maps Generation, Works on/with png files easily MeshMagic - 3D Editor, rarely needed Win32Pad - Suitable Plain Text Editor, editing cfg files if needed As a "fast image viewer, EVView by Naughtier, supports dds
  13. I can supply you custom made text labeled "maps", bonus they can be directly used as templates, I have them up to 16384x16384, but for most people a 4k or 8k are MORE than ideal. I have "custom mades" of them for EVERY SUIT RELATED PART (IVA/EVA, PACKS, CHUTES, HELMETS, even ground crew/scientists and their gear). Any one is welcome to them, I can supply ad-hoc or you can use my "EasyBuilderWorkshop" mod, which includes them, as optional downloads, mind you. Link to 8k, webp & png versions (I would use 8K as a "editing master", for in game 4K as dds, DXT5 BC3) ht
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