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  1. see how simple the process is? Its the "art" thats hard lol ...... impress me, lol find the "parachute canopy" item in files. match scheme to suit/flag
  2. Well done! Yea the flag, I did that the 1st few times. Here is my 1st suit...see that O2 port on the tummy?,,, try playing with "raised/sunken" areas . Boots/gloves are often "under done" as is rear of helmet try: Kerbin/minmus/mun other bodies: 8k - 8192x8192 pack (stock or RSS which ever you play) Head 2k - 2048x2048 DDS DXT1 BC1 no alpha (kerbal green is hes "bada55") Suit 4k - 4096x4096 DDS DXT5 BC3 skybox 8k - 8192x8192 DDS DXT5 BC3 (BC7 works but requires the nvidia tool)
  3. NP that and 4 to 6 tools, combined under 4mb, should do you Fotograpfix - Raster image editor, projects in fgx format, final saved to png MW GFX ConvimgX - Image converter with up to DDS BC5 output, use to convert your png to dds nJob - Normal Maps Generation, Works on/with png files easily MeshMagic - 3D Editor, rarely needed Win32Pad - Suitable Plain Text Editor, editing cfg files if needed As a "fast image viewer, EVView by Naughtier, supports dds
  4. I can supply you custom made text labeled "maps", bonus they can be directly used as templates, I have them up to 16384x16384, but for most people a 4k or 8k are MORE than ideal. I have "custom mades" of them for EVERY SUIT RELATED PART (IVA/EVA, PACKS, CHUTES, HELMETS, even ground crew/scientists and their gear). Any one is welcome to them, I can supply ad-hoc or you can use my "EasyBuilderWorkshop" mod, which includes them, as optional downloads, mind you. Link to 8k, webp & png versions (I would use 8K as a "editing master", for in game 4K as dds, DXT5 BC3) ht
  5. Thanks for the notice of what I'm doing...its just my runaway hobby. Spreading around freeware goodness is good karma, for everyone (wink wink). And I enjoy it as a passtime
  6. YAY! not dead, a bit less bacon...hopefuly atleats 1 onle EPIC HD AS CAN BE...maybe 1 skybox left before your final oink? oh poop! Do I require an update? or will TRR do this for me? So should I move files @shaw? or did TRR do it?
  7. has this TOTY...happened before?
  8. We have working menus...Thank Hank Van Loo (SSuite Software, WinAPI/PWA Specialist) and Horst Schaeffer (Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages, Mempad, Qsel etc,..Gifted Dev)! Qsel, Supports "Drag & Drop" Horst Schaeffer's through docs made it easy, showing Large or Small Icons, No Window Title Bar & With Window Title Bar: Suitable as main & portable package menus Lots of customization possible https://www.horstmuc.de/wqsel.htm Mac Doc (example used to modify, with Van Loo's help, linked app "calls" to build custom FOSS Office Suite inside 16mb, with pptx, docx
  9. HOLY POOP! https://github.com/kitao/pyxel PYxel, the Python based Fantasy console (aka retro 8-bit) GAME ENGINE, 5.5mb, Can Create a Stand-Alone Executables (aka your game as "your-game.exe" not "your-game.py", players dont need python) totally CUTE... look at that all 8px x 8px tile art (on top of ASCII games... 8x8 "tiles" are my fav, as is mono 32kbs/low-hz wav audio...for its size but added QOL, see Angband v4.x with classic "old tiles/audio" vs ASCII/PC beep and you'll see the wonder it was) NO/VERY low code skills needed... if you can type this you can do it: pip insta
  10. Bummer note: Jetalogo maker went "demo-ware" sometime in the last 2 or 3 years (starting on v2.x...I missed that)...no save/export free (dirty, greedy move) I'll drop v2.2 back to v1.3 (last freeware) in next update (its just an EASY directed logo maker, as an editor...its less featured than all other editors in pack, but it was simple...too bad, until then try lazpaint's clip art in its place) With version size difference its basically a 5mb of space gift...lets cherish that part, as we still get older (freeware) version of tool its a rarely used tool anyways (just for f
  11. A more fitting logo? for behind text (rough copy) Coffee-break concept rough copy, logo should advertise contents abit better/more ....not my branding main GFX/3D edit tools main specific DDS edit/export tools main Game engines suggested some rare tool logo's (to help spread word on them, 3 or 4, like: MWGFX TOOLS, LAZPAINT, TAS's PDF Edotor, etc) 2 or 3 FOSS games to learn on logo's (Alex 4, etc) art (gif/webp) of an ASCII "@" character becoming an 8x8 "Tile of player" THEN: these short cuts... long story short: with the sfx packaging I can n
  12. 1 Forgotten tool in Byte4Byte pack , < FIXED 2 No Install pack version of release added to Github download/release page I forgot Wings3D. this will push us to 217mb unzipped, pretty much filling byte4byte pack tool list out. (137mb Zipped) There are FEW tools in-between "MeshMagic" (sub 1mb, but a little basic) & "MeshLab/Blender/K-3D" (like 175mb to over 350mb+) for true 3d model design. There are 2 small apps "Neo Texture Edit" (1.58mb) & "Wings3D" (21mb < Making it the biggest tool/app in USB pack by at least 3x the size of next largest, and its the example
  13. I'm a componet repair tech/sys admin (consumer level 90%)... this was WAY out of my wheelhouse of skills. I'm not afraid to google/searx mind you...so it came together "along the way". yea the 2016 issue we dont mention (drove me off...for almost a year, quited me for 3...and me & quite dont get along)? That new crop seems to have "moved on"...it happens. I decided to branch into the "Games from Scratch" community so my project has a "decades" long life (hopefully). I like unity and unreal, but the skill level is over my head. I'm at a "PlaySCII / RPG Toolkit / Ear
  14. Tools Q/A: 1 Q: Why was OcenAudio & LMMS removed/replaced by Audacity, MP3DirectCut & Waveshop? A: In testing OcenAudio & LMMS offers ONLY a fancier UI, not an easier to navigate one. At 60mb+ vs 8mb (or 5mb or 1mb!) for same tools/results the choice was clear 2 Q: Why are AviTricks Classic, VirtualDub-Mod, Virtualdub2, MS Movie maker (last of "2012" version update) now our only "Movie editor/makers" A: KdenLive, Openshot & Shortcut (the user friendly movie editor/makers) off little more at big file sizes. AviTricks Classic can do a super job in un
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