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  1. the tank kills you as the ghost of stalin pilots it. His hill
  2. hey, i posted -27 first.. so is this post null GM?
  3. true soviets cannot be locked in gulag. I crash through with a KV2 and derp a 152mm high explosive shell into you. my hill.
  4. I throw you into the gulag. my hill
  5. I bang you head repeatedly with a well polished shoe made in Soviet Russia. (the shoe may or may not belong to Khrushchev) You die under the supreme might of the Politburo. I claim the hill for interstellar communism. my (and the soviets') hill (and shoe)
  6. sv_cheats 1 mp_restart everything reverts to post 1
  7. 605: Goodle is pleased as his game is revived.
  8. I love eathing brussel sprouts (seriously, in real life i do like them a LOT). I eat them all and bury you. My hill with Brezhnev reference.
  9. I step onto your hill. my mere presence kills the kraken and tames the magic boulder. You get crushed by the magic boulder. My hill (and magic boulder, and a spaceplaneAddict squashed into strawberry jam.)