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  1. Hi there! Thank you @Papa_Joe for all the work you did on the mod. Now I updated it by myself again. https://github.com/DaMichel/KerbalFlightIndicators/releases/tag/R19 I merged the patch by @linuxgurugamer. Thank you, too. Otherwise, was just checking it still builds. Also bumped the KSP version. @Papa_Joe are you still around? Do you want to keep maintaining it? Please let me know. Otherwise I will make a PR for ckan in the next days to have it point to my repo.
  2. Hey Papa_Joe! I approve of this. I don't feel like playing a whole lot at the moment. So, thank you for you initiative. I'm cool with compatibility updates. Anything else, depends. I'll let you know when/if I'm ready for pull requests.
  3. It incompletely implements some standard model of gusty wind. Magnitude of turbulence can be set via the gui. But there are no large scale global variations of the wind like the Kerbal weather simulation mod does it. Second question: Probably. I don't recall making any specific references to Kerbin.
  4. I was going to do that after having downgraded my KSP to 1.2.2. However, I found that my lasted build also works fine in 1.2.2 (and regular FAR release). Let me know if it does not work for you or anyone else.
  5. Updated for KSP 1.3. (Just recompiled). Should be listed on CKAN under 1.3 soon.
  6. Hi. I compiled the mod for 1.3 and fixed a null reference bug along the way. There is just a little caveat. FAR does not appear to officially support 1.3 yet. You can either attempt to run FAR with 1.3, or run my 1.3 binary with KSP 1.2. Personally, I tried the ksp_update branch of FAR but that seems to be quite bugged at the time. The CKAN version update has to wait until FAR is listed for 1.3.
  7. Few days ago I watched a documentary on the Pak-FA fighter. And soon I felt like building planes in KSP again ... As a side effect I recompiled my mods for KSP 1.3. Although the old binary probably also works. I did not try. Regarding CKAN, I updated the mod specs for KFD and KFI. As soon as they are merged into the main repository the mods should appear under the proper version again.
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I don't play KSP these days. But I still get forum notifications :-) That being said - I'll take a look.
  9. I used the dev version of FAR for some time and KerbalFlightData seemed to work fine with it. So go ahead and try it.
  10. Now you can use my dll from the repository at your own risk https://github.com/DaMichel/KerbalWind/tree/master/GameData/KerbalWind/Plugins
  11. I'm so sorry for letting you wait. Because it just needed recompiling. If you are wondering now ... there is no update for FAR at this point in time. However the orbital info is useful indeed.
  12. Thunderf00t made a video about it, too ... A brutal debunking video.
  13. Well, apparently, the 1.2 update broke my mods for real this time. Will attempt to fix them some day soon.
  14. Did you try it? I have no issues with KSP 1.1.3 64 bit windows. What is left to do is update the thread title, I guess ... Both toolbars are supported. In order to show or hide the respective button, you have to edit settings.cfg. It is located in GameData\KerbalFlightIndicators\Plugins\PluginData\KerbalFlightIndicators Simply setting useToolbar = true useAppLauncher = True to either true or false should do the trick. Please report back if it does not work.
  15. Regarding the refresh rate, one second seems pretty slow. I could swear that former versions could show updates faster. Perhaps they limited the rate at which gui elements can be changed due to performance reasons?! The mod runs without FAR. There are just some data missing and there is less incentive to actually use the mod.
  16. Hey. For some reason the forum did not send notifications of new posts ... Needless to say that I don't play that much at the moment. Will update my stuff some day soon though. @N_Molson So I have a serious fork now, eh? I suppose, I could add a link to your fork on the front page. You would be responsible for your version. I can see trouble coming because of this ... but still. However I won't incorporate your display because that would go against the principle of this mod to only include things for my own selfish needs :-)
  17. Just released another update. It fixes a critical bug where the gusts magnitude could become NAN for splashed vessels. This invoked the Kraken and most often crashed the game to desktop.
  18. Oh well, I confirm the texture issue. I didn't expect this. I will think of a solution for the next update. Regarding the aeroeffects: Yes I noticed a while ago but was too lazy to do anything about it. Most likely I will switch back to using GUI classes and have the indicators always drawn in front of the IVA cockpit. That would fix both issues. @N1njawarrior " I discovered your settings menu for Blizzy's toolbar isn't working" what do you mean by this? I should add that some ID of the button changed. Therefore the button will likely be hidden in the toolbar at first. However, It should show up in the configuration section so you can put it back into the toolbar.
  19. VS should come on in map mode. Otherwise not, I think. The reason for this is simply because the stock GUI already has a VS indicator. No (simple) way to change it. It is all hardcoded.
  20. Another update. This plugin got the same toolbar code refactoring treatment as the others. As a byproduct it now also supports the stock toolbar.
  21. Updated. This is mostly because of the introduction of common toolbar code for my plugins. However, I also moved the text up a little bit, and the toolbar button configuration should work now (@InfiniteShock). @Svm420 The text should stick to the top. I still need to investigate. An output log would be great to have, or a list of mods.
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