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  1. Oh, it' on Curse (the one place I didn't check) for manual install? Sweet! Thanks Igor! ps. You enjoying the beautiful Silicon Valley weather this weekend?
  2. Me neither. I didn't think CKAN allowed you to install mods that didn't match the installed version of KSP. Is there a way to make it do so?
  3. First, let me just say thanks to all the folks who work on CKAN, it's a fantastic program that I have found to be indispensable. This is the kind of thing that (to me) should be part of the stock game. Now I'm not sure if this is the place to request a feature, but would it be possible for you to add a "favorite" marker for a particular mod? Here's what I'd like to be able to do: set up a list of all my favorite mods that I want to install so that they're all listed someplace. That way, when we have a KSP update and mod X isn't at the proper version yet, it can be uninstalled but the favorite marker would let me know when a compatible version is ready without having to search the list every time I run CKAN. It would also just be nice to keep track of interesting mods that one may not want to install just then. For example; my system is pretty dated, so I have to be careful when adding lots of mods right now. I'd like to be able to mark a bunch of mods that I don't want to install, but I also don't want to lose track of. Keep up the great work folks! -RM
  4. Have to say I'm disappointed to see a critique on Andrew's presentation here. I'm REALLY happy to see KSP getting exposure in schools. I feel much as he does in that I have learned more about astrophysics and orbital mechanics than in 4 years of college (granted, I went to a crummy college, but back to the point). I hope as KSP expands and progresses, collaborating with NASA, not to mention our AWESOME community here, we will see more of it popping up in schools as a fun teaching aid. Great job Andrew!
  5. You, sir, are a steely-eyed missile-man. That did the trick, thanks!
  6. Hey all, Rather than try to describe my problem, I have an image of it: (that sounded better in my head) The red oval shows where the radial attachment doesn't have a green attach point like it should. I've run into this before and I don't think any of my mods are causing the problem since it does the same thing in the base unmod version. I've tried saving the storage container part as a subassembly but it doesn't help. I've also tried this with other things such as tanks with the same result. Is this just a bug in the editor or is there a trick to making it stick?
  7. Awesome; a crane for KSP. I've been wanting one for SO long. Downloading now!
  8. I thought that might be the case. Thanks. I didn't know that, but then I don't have anything with external seats yet (like a rover). Good info. Not solar? I always assumed the Kerbals would prefer to be... wait for it... GREEN! See what I did there? You know, 'cuz they're green? Yeah... bet that kills the thread.
  9. Anyone know why our Kerbinauts can't transmit EVA reports from their suits? Is this something that just hasn't been implemented or is there a mod for it?
  10. Very true. CH makes some really nice stuff; I didn't think to mention them or the higher-end TM units due to Cortex's $75 preference. Overall, I'd say CH and TM are the best, with Logitech and Saitek in distant second (my opinion).
  11. I use the Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X. 12 programmable buttons, throttle, PoV switch, $30 on Amazon; I've been using TM for over a decade and always liked their quality.
  12. Ah! That helped quite a bit, thanks Kasuha. I also figured out you can rotate the entire craft while you're working on it with WASD, which helped a lot with the specific issue I was having. For those of you who replied, I'm building a probe ship to carry 5 probes to Minmus for some juicy science. I have them rigged so one the ship is in orbit, I can drop them off one at a time when I see someplace that looks interesting. I leave the "top" one attached for control and the other four are splayed around it perpendicularly. Once the last one leaves I start to de-orbit the remains of the "mothership" so it will crash at some point. Onward to Minmus!
  13. I've been fighting with the interface quite a bit lately. I want to build things, but nothing seems to attach properly. For example, I'd like to use some structural panels, but they won't connect to each other in any helpful way. I see that they have the green connect ball, but I can't attach them to each other by edges, and the ball itself doesn't seem to want to connect to anything other than a radial part (like a tank or engine). I've also noticed the "no no, I won't go" issue when using angle and symmetry modes. Sometimes turning off angle snap helps, but it seems to be mostly hit and miss. Any thoughts or suggestions?