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  1. Hello. After scouring my archives, I have found a relic from times past, the Co-23A. I have deconstructed this relic and the knowledge gained from it has helped me further my frigate designs. I present the TR-1 and TR-2 Light Frigates. TR-1: Weighing in at just under 80 tons (79.9 to be exact), this ship carries 9 LM-1 missiles and enough fuel to go wherever you need to in the system. Also, it can accommodate a crew of five as deep space adventures can get lonely. TR-2: This slightly heavier frigate carries more armor and weapons, up to 14 LM-1 missiles and is slightly heavier at 82.6 tons. However, the extra armor and weapons have reduced the total delta-v of the ship.
  2. Ayy I'm back! Just made this new destroyer. It's a bit blocky, but whatever. Holy crap, my old Falcon class Command ship from 0.25 is compatible Time to refit this baby as the missiles got busted and NERVAs no longer use oxidizer.
  3. Moon mission. This is only the lander and the transfer vehicle.
  4. Launch of my probe to Europa to search for signs of life and other sciency things like that
  5. Found a picture that may be of some help to you guys. Also I'm thinking about doing a landing on one of Jupiter's moons.
  6. Granted, but there is only one pixel. I wish for tuna.
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