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  1. This looks great! But i'm a little lost in trying to customize the layout. I've never seen this system that you're using. I cant seem to manipulate it and add the panels that i want where i want... they just end up side by side in a big line! I'm clearly missing something obvious!? Also on a related note it might be nice to have a way to revert back to the default layout. while pushing buttons to figure out what they do in the editor i deleted all the panels... now its permanently like that because of my above mentioned incompetence with making it do what i want!?
  2. That looks real sharp! I like the clean look with all the chamfers and angled cuts. Wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your construction/design techniques? Do you design in software first? What tools do you use to cutout your parts? I assume you use a router around all the panels for the nice chamfer? What do you use to fasten parts together (screws, bots, glue etc?) Cant wait to see it painted!