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  1. I am beginning to test these parts in Orbit. How does this mod work exactly? When I click Start Experiment nothing seems to happen. If I mouse over the part again the start experiment button comes back. This is the Mod in Question http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/220216-station-science-v-0-4 Thanks for any assistance.
  2. What is the use of this part? Is it some sort of an anchor point to attach things to sort of like a LAU unit on an aircraft for drop tanks and weapons?
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you for the support. The update worked correctly and all mods are working as advertised. Sumghai do you have a facebook page? Mine is Jeff Lovins. I'd be honored to friend you. I have to say your space station parts are a work of art. In fact any of you can add me. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Thank you all for the responses. To clarify this means I need to update my game to .23.5 right? I thought that the game automatically updated. I will try updating now. Thanks again guys. I'll post results shortly.
  5. I am reorganizing and updating my mods. In so doing I deleted all of KSP (I wanted to start over anyhow) and reinstalled to version 23.0.395. Following the directions I installed all the dependent mods that Fustekhttp://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/35043-0-23-5-FusTek-Station-Parts-%28X0-04-4-DEV-BUILD-5-June-2014%29 requires. I started with the Mod Manager and then went down the list. I start Kerbal after every mod is installed to make sure there are no issues and it is easier to remove the mod that seems to be the problem. I installed all the mods and also Mechjeb but I got a message saying that the two mods were incompatible with the version of KSP that I am using. I deleted the mods and KSP again, reinstalled and double checked that all my mods were the latest. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a known issue? Is there a way I can get these mods installed or will I have to wait for an update to KSP / Mods in time? Here are the list of Mods I intend to use (Yes it's a large list but I like a large versatile space program, please don't criticize my choice of game play as others have in the past.) Fustek Space Station (Including Firespitter, Connected Living Space, Modular Fuel Tanks, Ship Manifest) Mech Jeb Kerbal Alarm Clock Novapunch2 KW Rocketry ISA MapSat Roamfarer Lazor Systems LTech Science Parts Thank you for the help.
  6. Wow awesome ok thanks very much. I'll start practicing this.
  7. I have a GPS mod that requires several satellites to be visible in an area at one time. Currently I want my GPS network to be at a circular orbit of around 750km. To make things smooth I want to position these satellites in symmetrical orbit. My pattern is sort of like an 8 point star in one network. I want these 8 satellites to orbit a specific inclination while another 8 orbit at a different given inclination (lets say 90 degrees from the first set). Is there a mod, a tool or a way to time it so that I can have each satellite opposite of it's parent? For example At hour one I launch GPS-1A (Satellite 1, Orbital path A) to a circular orbit of 750km. I want to Launch GSP-2A to be positioned around 180 degrees from GPS-1A with the same velocity and altitude. How do I do this? I do have Mechjeb installed and I know some of you aren't into mods but I am. However I am open minded and will try any advice be that modded or unmodded techniques. Thank you very much.
  8. I installed the mod correctly as the components show in sandbox mode but I only play career mode. Is ISA Mapsat available in career? If so what tier?!
  9. Hello Kerbals! What mods do you recommend to install that give science rewards. This could include additional parts or some kind of mission. I am looking to generate science a little more efficiently. Thanks!
  10. Are there any tutorials on how to build a station in space or create a base on the surface of a celestial body? I prefer to play in career mode and know it is done with modules and EVA's but I can't figure out how.
  11. Now that I am able to dock, I am wanting to begin building an orbital refueling station. However I can't see how to transfer fuel from one ship to another.
  12. It was the "R" button. Thanks so much. I can't believe it was that simple.
  13. My RCS ports do not fire. I have plenty of Monopropelant and the thrusters are symetrically placed. My key bindings for translating thrust are my number pad keys and right shift / right ctrl. The mods I have are Mechjeb KAS KW Rocket Kerbal Alarm Kethane
  14. Are there any videos or tutorials on building refueling stations in space or on the Mun for career mode? Thanks!
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