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  1. You can do this with KAS. Just mount a winch close enough to your hatch that your Kerbal can grab it. I will attach to his back so when you are ready you could switch back to the ship and reel him in.
  2. This is a shot in the dark here Tubal. I had a similar issue with my IR install of parts not showing up that should. I found through trial and error that for some reason Filter Extentions was causing my problem. I don't know why it did just that when i got rid of it all of the IR parts showed back up. My suggestion is to try removing your copy of Editor Extentions and see if that fixes it. My thought here is that maybe there is a change being made to the Ship editor itself that is causing the issue. As I said this is just a "Shot in the Dark".
  3. The first thing I have to ask is, Did you install the core infernal robotics mod? This mod is a parts Only mod that works with Infernal Robtics (IR). IR is the mod that allows all of these parts to move and function, it also adds the icon you can't find. get IR here: Edit: Sorry about that Ziw. I was trying to point them at the forum pages for IR as well as the mod itself. Updated Link per Ziw:
  4. This is to do with how KSP itself works. Parts DO NOT have collision with each other when they are part of the same vessel, only with other vessels. When you dock 2 vessels together, to you and me, we see 2 vessels connected together. But to KSP, the game sees 1 vessel in total. The game combines both vessels into 1 until you undock them. This is why the wheels fall through the floor. Your rover is a heavy part that is now only supported by the docking port connection. 1 way you could work around this is to use the winch from KAS to lift the rover back in, then attach struts either with kerbals or use either robo-struts or quantum struts (different mod). Personally I like to use multiple winches in my cargo bay on all sides of my rover as tie-down points and just leave out the docking port. This method allows me to have a load that is not perfectly aligned and can shift a little if I'm not careful how I "strap it down". For me it's more fun but in the end it comes down to what you want for yourself in terms of design and how you load up your cargo. Edit: Almost forgot, If you use the winch as I do make sure to connect it Undocked. It's listed as an option in the right-click menu when you have a kerbal close to it. This makes the game keep them as 2 vessels. the only problem with this is that you need to disconnect all of your winches before you switch vessels or else when you come back the winches will be broken and unusable. This also applies to leaving the game completely. I think it has something to do with how the game saves things but I'm not 100% on that.
  5. Hamster Tubes!!! Love it!!! Can't wait to see the new parts you add, keep it up.
  6. I have had my parts disappear on me as well under the same conditions. Never did find out why. Now I just deal with it by either launching again then reverting or leaving out to the space center itself then going back in. It's annoying but can be worked around. Never had it happen twice in a row so this work around works for me.
  7. Loving the look of these. Can't wait to try them out. I currently use the Stork system for ALL of my rover delivery needs. Combined with IR this makes for the complete delivery package.
  8. i actually lol'd when you spun the chair. Great start to a new mod that I don't think has been done and could be of great use to some of us. I look forward to what you are going to do with this in the future should you wish to continue with it. So far you have given us some great pieces for an office or a den. I can't wait to see what else you give us.
  9. Stage Recovery is a good mod to have to get all your parts back. It adds a small amount of complexity to your build phase as you will need to add parachutes to anything that will come off your rocket the you wish to save. You will need enough chutes to safely land the debris. Your part count, and cost will of course go up accordingly. On the the up side The mod is a very small plugin and function automatically. You can find the mod here: It says it is for 1.0.2 but I think it still works in 1.0.4
  10. LMFAO This got me rolling man, good work!
  11. I don't know lo-fi, I kinda like the delay you have. Makes me think of bits and pieces being stuck to the tracks (or wheels) falling off after you made the transition from one surface to another.
  12. Wingnut, one way around this small issue if you want the "look" is to build it the way you have, launch the craft to find out which part does not connect, revert, then use the offset tool to move the parts out away from each other, place a strut directly between the 2 parts, then move them back together. This would give you the "look" and hide your struts. This is the same technique that I and a lot of others use to "stitch" together large wings on planes.
  13. You could try the near future line of mods. Nerta has a heat control mod in his lineup that includes a heat pipe that will move heat from one part to another and it is the size of a fuel line.