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  1. Greetings.... I'm new to using TOT, but it looks cool, so I figured I'd try it out. As I mentioned before, I'm very new to TOT, so I'm wondering about the results I'm getting while trying to setup a Kerbin-Moho trip. I'm using new sandbox game, so I'm starting at year 1, day one. Here's the initial porkchop plot for Kerbin-Moho. It shows a 97 day trip starting day 32, using 6.42k dV Curious, and as a comparison to another tool I've used before, I fired up the Alexmoon page and put in Kerbin-Moho, and got this. Hmm, it's showing a trip that's gonna save about 1.4k dV, with a 136 day trip starting day 269. Since I'm not sure why TOT didn't find this trip, I reran TOT, manually setting the earliest departure date to 250 (and setting earliest arrival to 300). That got me this... So it found roughly the same transfer, leaving a day earlier (268 vs 269), and arriving the same day (405), but still showing over 1k more dV. I went ahead and computed the burn... From what I can tell, the dV of the ejection burns between the 2 tools are roughly the same (1.5k dV vs 1.49k dV), so I'm assuming the difference is in the insertion dV (alexmoon shows 3.5k dV, but not sure where to find that in TOT). So 1st, why did my 1st porkchop plot not find the same trip as alexmoon's site? 2nd, once I forced it to look at a similar departure date, why did it seem to find a similar trajectory, timewise, but showing so much more dV requirement?
  2. Hey Sarbian. I don't see any post by you in the Smart Parts thread (and I usually take notice when I see you post!), but if that's the mod you are referring to, that's great news. I'm still trying to figure out if Smart Parts will do what I want. I've got it working perfectly, but only if the craft I made to detect sunrise/sunset is the active vessel. If it isn't active, it's not firing off a radio signal to the light towers to turn on or off the lights.
  3. I'm testing it right now. I'm just worried about how well it will continue to work in the future (ie KSP 1.1 and future) if the mod devs are gone for good. I'm also having an issue with it doing what I want and not being the active vessel.
  4. Greetings. I just started using this mod, and was able to figure out how to create a system to turn on lights at sundown, and then turn them off at sunrise, using a combination of a drainx, a radio controller, and a few timers. The only problem I'm having is it only seems to work if the craft that's transmitting the command to turn on and off the lights to the other crafts is the active craft. If I"m focused on another craft, then it doesn't work. So do smart parts only work if the craft is the active craft, or is it possible I'm doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks Stone Blue. I'm a little leery of using a mod that hasn't been updated to 1.05 and it's devs are MIA. But I don't see to many other options to do what I want. I'm experimenting with it now. If anyone else knows of a mod, that is actively being supported, that will do what I want, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Hello all.. I'm looking for a mod that will turn on and off lights on a timer, or at least turns on lights at night, and turns them off during the daytime. I have a base set up that has light towers scattered about, but manually turning them off at sunrise, and on again at sunset is becoming a hassle. If there's a mod that can automate this for me, it would be great. I've taken a glance at the mod list on the add on release page, and I didn't notice right off the bat one which would do something like this. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  7. On Uverse, NasaTV is channel 264. If your provider is different, check your guide or providers website.
  8. watching on my tv, the stream online keeps falling behind
  9. at least they did turn FAR off, weather looks good at the moment
  10. they need to turn off FAR and just use default atmosphere.
  11. In general, going past 4gigs won't help KSP much in windows since Windows KSP uses a 32bit Unity engine, so it won't be able to use more than 4 gigs for itself. But I'm guessing with 8 gigs, that's letting KSP use 4gig all for itself, with the OS and other programs are working in the 4gigs KSP can't see. Once Win KSP transitions to a 64bit Unity, then the benefits will really shine however.