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  1. very good news. just one thing: nobody forced you to work through christmas. a few days off wouldn't hurt at all, and since we don't know your release date, we don't know either, if you had to delay it for a bit.
  2. okay, interesting. because I upgraded everything to tier 3 but the mission control (left it on lvl 1, since I want to play with a few elements of career mode and grinding missions isn't one of them). and I was under the impression that the tracking station is responsible for maneuver nodes, nothing else. now I've upgraded it and it works as intended. thanks.
  3. so, since I don't want to use your solution, how do I create maneuver nodes? I'm stuck with the same problem. since I'm using quite a fair chunk of mods, the only solution I found so far was: order mechjeb to do anything, and it will create a maneuver node for you. one of the next things I'll try: start a new career and copy the craft-parts from the old cfg to the new cfg, and transfer the kerbals aswell. but I don't really like messing around in save-files too much. EDIT: created a new game, and gave myself enough money and science points to upgrade the tracking station and to build a small suborbital rocket. and again, no maneuver nodes available. would anyone mind to explain, how to avoid this? I also have a sandbox-game to test everything. and maneuver nodes work just fine there. so how do I get a working game? EDIT: if affects newly generated career-mode games in 1.0.4 and 1.0.2 aswell, an older 1.0.2 career game is unaffected. (unmodded). seriously, what have you done? EDIT3: my solution so far, since I wasn't deep in that career (2 planes in the air): took a 1.0.2 savegame (early test) and added money and science points. then I hyperedited the crafts in the air. funny side effect: it's much quicker now. something was causing troubles with newly generated career-savegames (version and mods irrelevant).
  4. dynamic loading/unloading sounds great. no more active texture management with compressing all the textures (which works quite fine, but reduces the quality of textures). together with 64 bit support, this is going to be fascinating. and with 1.1 in the not so far future, let's see how it will be going :)
  5. what does a module manager file need to look like in order to make a hitchhiker-container be able to store food and other supply-goods. I like the hitchhiker, and my recent crafts are usually equipped with hitchhikers for long duration travel, and hitchhikers are not meant to reenter kerbins atmosphere.
  6. I built a space plane, sent it into a very narrow orbit (80km x 35km), and then reentered atmosphere. at 63km height and close to 2300 m/s speed, I tried to do an EVA. bill kerman immediately had a red bar above his head and exploded seconds later. apparently the skin temperature was beyond 800K or so, and bill didn't like touching that surface. KSP 1.0.5 win 7 64 bit unmodded ;-)
  7. open your persistent.sfs with the text-editor search for "sci " (with the space) you will find that: (the value is my current amount of science points in one test game). edit it to a value which pleases you. the same can be done with "funds " (again, with a space). of course, copy your savegame, and keep in mind, that the quicksave-file is not altered, but it will be altered when saving a new quicksave.
  8. as far as I know: it can be as large as the physics bubble. 2.5 km in every direction. you can look into ubiozur part welding, and weld parts till they are insanely large. and there was once a mod that allowed to expand the physics bubble to 100km radius.
  9. my plan for 1.0.5, maybe it's something for you too: mods: KIS/KAS Extraplanetary launchpads OSI Workshop MKS-lite, USI-LS, Karbonite, a few of the other usi-mods, not MKS/OKS. deadly reentry procedural fairings Outer planets (I need to look into it, no adjusted solar curve, solar energy should be useless beyond jool or sarnus, same goes for the remotetech-antennas). Remotetech enhanced navball, navhud near future tech mods and maybe a few other mods, which help with a few things. start a carreer game, edit it to have a fully upgraded ksc, 10 million cash, 0 science. contracts are forbidden, and only 2 types of rockets are allowed, similar to spaceX falcon 9 and heavy with roughly 15-20t and 50-60t LKO-capacity. mining on kerbin is forbidden too. you can only get kerbals by hiring them (which costs money). you can only earn money by bringing harvested resources and products (with EPL) home. your kerbals can only level by coming home. science points are trophies. you can only go to far away destinations by having some kerbals on your ship, so it can act as command center (remotetech). you can only bring back science by flying capsules with results back. you need nuclear reactors basically everywhere, since the near future engines consume large quantites of energy. mks lite limits you to food-production on surface-stations, however there are modules which allow food recycling.
  10. solid oxid fuel cells (SOFC) they can burn through virtually every hydrocarbon, as long as it is liquid or gaseous and contains virtually no sulfur (because sulfur poisons them). usually, they are used to burn natural gas, but they can also run on gasoline or diesel. and of course they need oxygen/air. they have a pretty decent efficiency and a very clean exhaust.
  11. how about adding a drill (or several drills) and a highly skilled engineer? this way you can suck ore out of the asteroid, making it lighter AND giving you extra fuel. I'm just not sure how much fuel a class E asteroid gives.
  12. one question regarding serran: when I first landed there, I immediately went down to -150m (because that's where the ground is). as far as I know, serran once had an ocean. any idea when this ocean will be back? the biggest problem is, that it's hard to use science experiments on serran, while the camera does not accept to rotate (it just allows to look at it from above). and besides: this planet deserves an ocean
  13. okay, then I hijack this thread and ask: how do I change a part in a vessel the persistent.cfg (I do know, how it works with single part ships as in the recover kerbal missions, where kerbals were stuck in probe cores)? situation: I play with the MKS mods and the planet mod new horizons (and a few other mods). I have space stations in various orbits equipped with the MKS-dockingports (kerbitrail), which don't work. I'd like to change them (all) into standard clamp-o-trons. otherwise I fly to them with a claw + dockingport-combination. (dock to the station, and when I leave, the claw + docking port remains at the station for further visiting ships).