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  1. Discovered that putting a docking port on the side of the rentry modules is a Bad Idea. Or a great simulation of being drunk (yes even with control from here on). Didn't help that I forgot SAS. No SAS + engineer driving + docking = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG.
  2. Hi, I made a .cfg to place this in the stock system just past the orbit of Dres (with a high but lower inclination- 50% of real) Replace the socttmanly/planets/scott.cfg 's text with this I also made a ResearchBodies.cfg. Just put this in the scottmanly folder as scott_ResearchBodies.cfg. Both the same license as the original mod (currently listed as GPL3 on github), feel free to add them to the download or not as your leisure. No github account here to do a request with. I'd make the first one a non-RSS MM patch but I'm not confident enough with MM's syntax to do that to other people's saves.
  3. Nah, not the helmet. Literally the inside of the kerbals eyes.
  4. Static fires are common during development. Just not the kind you get with liquid engines where they fire the actual engine they're using right before takeover. For obvious reasons I do think the stock settings of the mod are kind of pessimistic on SRB reliability though. Once they're finished designing they're often more reliable than liquids.
  5. Varying the KSPScalar in the part cfg doesn't appear to do anything at the moment. Hard-coded? I was thinking it would be interesting to have different models of engine with different shock absorption.
  6. Through the Eyes of a Kerbal, at least in 1.8.1, works better for me. The EVA view here has a tendency to let you see the inside of the kerbal's head. Floating eyeballs, anyone? (they are compatable, BTW. If Through the Eyes is installed, Hullcam turns off it's EVA cam option)
  7. So if I wanted to have wear-out failures only, would changing the base change to 0 work? Or would that end up being a 0*(weartime) = neverfail thing.
  8. Not the one I was thinking of, but it'll do the same job
  9. Not that I know of. Remotetech is the only comm mod that handles antenna pointing IIRC, and it uses dishes that have minimum angles..
  10. So I know I've played a version of KSP that had multiple models of seperatron. Right now, just the one. Am I remembering a mod part, or did the bigger one get removed at some point?
  11. Small problem in 1.8.1- the landertrons are arming on stating regardless of what stage they are in. Easy to work around via manually disarming them. Although they were almost a good JATO for that spaceplane launch...hmm. re throttleable SRBs:
  12. Lots and lots of hackery, or patience and a polite request. I have this running with AVP and Extrasolar, but I had to go in to the files and rip out a bunch of things. I imagine AK is similar.
  13. Nothing to apologize for. Overshoot happens, and what you got done is impressive! Also how modular you made it was a really good call. I still have Dawn and Eon on my 1.8.1 save, and despite being a "badly optimized mess" it still runs fine even with GEP and Extrasolar thrown in there too. EDIT: oh, and the thing you did to hide the star orbit line helps a LOT with tracking station mess. Very nice.
  14. Orion drive launch from KSC is probably the worst?
  15. Section of the log (clean 1.8.1 install, dependencies only)