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  1. Realism Overhaul is alive. It's NKs. I imagine a new thread or old thread will be activated soon. I'm simply removing myself from the community as a whole. There is a reason why the title to the thread is "RealismOverhaul w/RedAV8R"
  2. Jsimmons: Nathan Alpha Series? Use git and a pull request for the file. I can review it and if it's good I'll merge it, otherwise I can send it back/decline it and post whatever changes may be needed.
  3. Alright, with some cooler, less impulsive heads. Going to make everybody happy and compromise. I personally will be terminating my RO support and appearances here on this forum. There are some great people on here, but there are some real pieces of work that my personality can not ignore, and I have and would otherwise continue to respond in a less that appeasing manner. So it's best (for everyone involved) that I leave these forums behind. HOWEVER! I will still continue to work on RO as I have in the past, however it will be strictly though git. If you have a bug to report. There is a great function on git to report it. It also helps me sort things out myself. One also has the opportunity to make additions/changes with pull requests. I will be using the wiki pages to keep FAQ, Installation, and basically the OP information on it up to date. This allows me a single interface to work with, with less 'personal contact' which I think everybody will appreciate (especially me). So in essence I'm now simply an 'engineer' with RO. Rather than the point man and customer support representative. IF somebody wants to step up and take that role, let myself and NK know.
  4. I fully imagine RO will continue with NathanKell. He started it. I was just helping him.
  5. Another fix for a typo in the NearFuture configs. At the OP.
  6. New release - Hot fix for yesterdays. Missed a fuel fix that causes a crash on loading. Get it at the OP
  7. It'd be a bigger congrats if we got the gas fired I wanted, but due to the emergency nature of no hot water and a 39 week pregnant wife (those two DON'T mix, btw) had to just drop in another electric. I'm looking forward to the hard freeze tonight too, that will be a blessing for my (and my dogs) allergies.
  8. New water heater installed, sprinklers blown out, and new release time. Available, AFTER, you read the OP. Realism Overhaul v6.1.2 v6.1.2 -- \/ Added FASA Official Support Added LazTek Official Support Added NearFuture Official Support DRE New Decouplers for Mk1 and Mk1-2 Fixed RemoteTech part node sizes Changed Stock radial to LR-101 Update AVC-KSP
  9. It's late, I'm tired, and my water heater broke. I'm going to bed. I'll post the next release in the morning.
  10. @JT2227: Then you need to visit the RSS thread. RO does nothing with RSS other than they are complimentary. RO w/o RSS is really silly, and RSS w/o RO is kinda silly. What I can and will tell you is that you are not using ANY sort of texture modification program like ATM or TextureReplacer, which means that you will load every texture full res. Not good for 32-bit apps.
  11. @closer: Yep, every time KSP starts it has to load textures, models, sounds, etc from your HD to RAM. We are talking 2GB+ worth of stuff, it takes time, and this happens for every program you ever run. Even Windows itself. Now compare that 2GB to the whole of RO MM configs, which clocks in something like 1.5MB. Changing text files is easy, that is NOT what is taking time. To understand RSS and it's loading time, you have to go back to the way KSP works. It loads it's 'world', then RSS changes that world and applies new textures to that world. That's just the way KSP works. It's nobodies fault, there simply isn't another way to do it. If there was a way to load the RSS world first and not have to load the default stuff, then that'd be great, but it'd still take time. Especially depending on what size textures you are using with RSS. The big pack is over a 1GB by itself. So yeah, every time KSP loads, it loads it's own 2GB, then has to load another 1GB on top of that. Bottom line. It's not MM and/or RO patches that is taking time, mostly it's texture loading. As for your re-entry issue, 'glowing' is *maybe* a DRE issue, but could just be a stock issue. Don't know, not RO problem, that's for sure. Honestly, everything you see altitude wise, is the way it's supposed to be (for now) IF you have things installed correctly. So, if you want more help how about a log, just like the OP tells you to do in the first place. Why on earth do you have 2-3 heatshields on top of the included heatshield that's part of the Mk1 pod?? There is no reason, and if anything that added weight, while (cross section) drag is essentially the same = bad things. I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. We edit things to work, so far we haven't had issues. So either you don't having things installed, or you are doing things 'wrong' and bad result is expected.
  12. @coldblade2000: This to me seems like a very selfish questions, especially if you have to warn that an answer isn't necessary. I'll indulge you. #1. Well games evolve, mods evolve. MM has evolved, allowing us to do things we couldn't do before, or hadn't thought of. TAC has evolved allowing us to do more things with it. Ideas change, and new ideas form, causing us to have to go back and make those changes everywhere else for consistency. Bugs haven't been much of a thing, but they happen, and honestly there is SO much, that I can't test everything as thorough as I want, that's why I rely on the community to point things out. First and foremost, for the most part until Felger has started to chip in (THANKS AGAIN!!) This is basically a one man show. Nathan started things. I asked if he wanted help with FASA back in the day and he welcomed me aboard, he in the mean time has left most RO work to me, while he concentrates on all the plugins he has and so on. Then you add that both NK and myself have real jobs, real wifes, real lifes, and on top of that mine will be more complicated in about a week with the arrival of my wifes and I first child. So yeah, free time, I can only do so much. I'm trying to 'standardize' things more than what they ever have been, so that takes time. A lot of the things that worked with 0.24* work in 0.25, but I haven't tested them at all, and so therefore I'm not going to officially support them either. Thankfully, because 0.24* was the first time I really started to work on things, updating those that were good for 0.24* won't take much at all for 0.25. #2. I had gotten behind on FASA with all the updates Friz was doing, it hadn't seen the love in a very long time, never got to it with 0.24* before 0.25 came out. There is no specific order, because, well, I do what I feel like. I don't take orders. I felt like doing FASA, so I did. It's basically done, minus bugs/consistency issues, which eventually will get straightened out. My thoughts, Realism Overhaul is one of the most comprehensive mods out there. Right now, good supported configs touch over 600 parts. There are nearly 1000 more parts that configs have been written and just need touch ups before I declare 'official support'. There are thousands of more parts that will eventually see support added. We do what we can to ensure that we make things real, and I'm only one person. Thankfully Felger has pitched in recently, and that help is very much appreciated.
  13. I guess from my point of view. When playing with RSS, RO, etc. I want real. I don't care really what it's called, whatever it might be. Just as long as documentation tells a user, if they want "real", then such and such is the mode they want. If default/"normal" that's fine, just publicize it. As for what factor to make Easy/Hard. I have no idea:( Of course this will all be a moo point come RealHeat time (I think).