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  1. Hello. I currently have the Orbital Colony (linuxgurugamer updated version) installed and want to start using the real Civ Pop. Is there any good way to switch from one to the other without wrecking any of my ships/missions? Also, just want to say that you're a lifesaver for keeping all of these old mods supported. It's got to be a ton of work and just want to say that I greatly appreciate it. Cheers!
  2. Aside from purchasing points, is there any way to accrue points after researching the entire tech tree?
  3. I had checked out the cfgs with these formulas before but nothing appeared too obvious to me. I didn't know about RMB while in game, that was a pleasant surprise. Still, though, the only things I can see so far that generate budget points are tech tree unlocking (I think) and empty storage. Are both of those correct? Are there additional methods to generate BP? Thanks for the help so far.
  4. I have used this addon in 100s of played hours of KSP but have always wondered what the criteria is for accumulating upgrade points. Any hints?
  5. Hello, I seem to recall there's a way to set a limit to the amount of debris that persists and is tracked (?). If so, would someone remind me exactly how to set this? I have some junk lying around a Mun surface base that I want to disappear. The junk doesn't have a probe core or any command module and to me should disappear on its own but isn't.
  6. I appreciate the answers/suggestions. I've already dug into the cfgs a bit and upped the charge rate. It's not ideal for me, but it will do.
  7. Hello. I was wondering if there was a way to turn off or modify how solar panels become less effective the further a craft is from Kerbol. I'm willing to install a mod or write a cfg, just want to effectively turn it off if possible. Thank you!
  8. Figured it out exhaustively removing addons. Thanks. Initially wasn't sure if there wasn't a more direct approach to problem solve it.
  9. Yea, I know how to install mods. I just keep the zipped ones in there after extracting the folders because they often have version numbers on just the zipped files.
  10. Hello. I'm having trouble getting B9partSwitch to work in 1.9.1. I believe I have all of the dependencies. Here is a link to my log. Thank you for anyone that can help. (I really want to switch stock and modded tanks from L/O to Liquid for some big delta-v!)
  11. Hello. I have a number of mods installed. Something, somewhere is applying Liquid Hydrogen & Liquid Methane to my KW parts. How can I best figure out which is the culprit? Thank you so much.
  12. Hello I recently installed this as well as many other mods in a fresh 1.9.1 install. I'm having trouble getting the fuel switching feature to work. In the VAB when I right click on a tank (random tank from either stock or other mods) I don't get the option to switch fuels. I want to be able to debug this and get it working in my career play. What suggestions do you have? What dependencies does this mod have? I noticed outside the VAB that IFS has an option to load and add various setups. But adding/applying and reloading does not seem to do much. I very well might have another conflict
  13. This helped with KCT as well as other addons I was having trouble with. Thanks a lot!
  14. Hello. I'm having an issue with this mod and am hoping someone could help me out. I have put hundreds of hours into this game (all heavily modded) and consider KCT to be a crucial mod to peak game-play. On a fresh KSP 1.9.1 install with no other mods installed, I have KCT installed as well ass MagiCore 1.8.0- When I start a new game, I don't see the KCT gui. I am only able to click on the research facility. Other facilities highlight when I hover over but do nothing when I click. When inside the research facility, I am unable to leave it. I have linked my KSP.log file
  15. Hello. It's been a long time since I've posted here, haven't played since 1.4 at least. I used to be HUGE into KSP, put in hundreds and hundreds of hours into heavily modded career saves, going to most places in the KSP system. I recently got the itch to play after being suggested some KSP videos on YouTube... I only play this game modded and did a review of when the last patch was with respect to where my "bare minimum" mods are currently. I decided that 1.9 was not ready as a few mods were not yet updated and decided to backdate to 1.8.1. I meticulously downloaded 1.8 mods very specifi
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