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  1. I should have mentioned that I did. I tried a different download for MagiCore, though, and was able to get it to work. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello. I have played literally thousands of hours of KSP, mostly with KCT. I haven't played in a versin or two but do want to with 1.7. I'm having issue using KCT as seen in the screenshot below. Please let me know if there's something I can fix or anything more that you need. Thank you so much. EDIT: I also want to mention that the log and screenshot were both with only KCT as as the sole installed mod.
  3. It's been a while since I've played KSP (I think 1.2.0 was my last go). Before my break, I put in hundreds of hours into this game. There are a few mods to which I can no longer remember the names and was hoping that someone could help me out. One mod contains multiple science parts: Time experiment, sound experiment, and others. Another mod was a soviet space station mod that had massive solar arrays. Much appreciated to anyone that can help me out.
  4. Is there a mod that would allow me to instantly transmit data? I'm using a heavily modded save with remotetech and some mod MPL that provide higher data/science capacity. I have so much science (19.3k) that I want to transmit, but it takes soo long and will get partially to 100% and then it ceases without ever completing unless I were to retry and manage to send successfully. I see no reason to maintain the transmit science data over time based on quantity of science and would prefer to do so instantly. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  5. Here's another screenshot from the same career. My first science rover to Richell finally arrived and landed safely. As you can see from the rings, I am near the equator. I am probably going to go on a trip southeast to take a dip in the ocean.
  6. I have a large assortment of mods. If I followed correctly (definitely suspect) the option for Kerbals to 'Disassemble' and recycle items leads back to MKS, correct? Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct thread. If I send a Kerbal on EVA and click the disassemble option, the part explodes and gives me text about the quantity of MaterialKits that I could have saved, but could not because I did not have storage. This is probably an easy answer, but how do I retain these MaterialKits? Thank you anyone for your help.
  7. It has been for me in 1.2.1 (I haven't upgraded to 1.2.2 yet so can't say that far.)
  8. I haven't landed on anything (yet) but I adore this system. This is my probe establishing orbit around Iber for the first time in my heavily modded career.
  9. Meh, much expected. I'm not sure why people think that something substantial will be announced in this day and age of KSP with this dev group. There are good guys in there, definitely, but the product is basically finished and pretty well polished and a good backbone for anyone willing to mod it.
  10. Is there any cfg change that I can make to ensure that landing legs turn out like #2 instead of #1? Also, is there any functional detriment (less friction or something) to #1 vs #2?
  11. Hello, all. When you max out the tree (modded or non-modded) what do you do with extra science? I always assumed that patent licensing would be a great way to convert any science gain into $$$ (I recently learned that it's not all science that gets converted). Is there a mod that either converts all science or something niftier that I have yet to discover?
  12. Where is this? What body?
  13. Slightly off-topic, how does KJR compare to the Auto-strut and Rigid setting in regards to strength?
  14. This looks great. I'm interested as to what the KJR problems are. Assuming those get figured out, I'll definitely be checking this out.
  15. Guys, this ISN'T Devnotes any longer. I'm definitely not defending squad, but please don't expect it to be dev notes. They quite strategically renamed it KSP Weekly where they can spew the same non-committal information. There's absolutely no hint at content update for this game and the kerbal tea leaves are suggesting that things are on their way out with all of the departing developers. But for what it's worth, there's still the modding community to supplement the absolute best version of the game they've ever produced (PC strictly speaking).
  16. Hello. I searched through several pages trying to find the answer to my question but may have missed it. Regardless, I want to say that @Nertea I love your engines, the models and textures are 2nd to none. While I totally respect the change in style of engine to include reactor (I am using most of your NF addons), I would prefer not to use them with stock or even your engines at this time in my current save. I have multiple active vessels with your engines and the NERV and would prefer not to break my save with any change. I am just looking to go from the reactor/heatgen/ecgen to just LF consumption. Thanks to anyone that helps and sorry if I missed a (probably obvious) answer somewhere else.
  17. Some points I would like to make: 1. This is NOT DevNotes and hasn't been for a while now. Don't expect it or call it that. 2. KSP is in the best state it's ever been in and it's not even close. 3. There is no strong argument against localization. 4. Localization could present new problems but so could adding a new feature. 5. I have been fairly critical of squad for as long as I've played (0.18), but right now the knock against them is of not being vocal about development when in the past it was about completely game breaking bugs (memory leak when switching scenes) 6. The developer/community that you knew for a while was special and most likely a thing of the past.
  18. I was just mentioning another molten planet. Piggie is probably my favorite available planet and I'm big into planet packs.
  19. This pack by @Elowiny adds a molten planet called Piggies that is closer to kerbol than moho.
  20. I love this mod and understand the potential incapatabilities and such but thought that I would give a heads up. I was using this with a dev build of kerbal construction time and while attempting to upgrade the observatory, the timer would go to 0:00 and not complete, corrupting the save. This may be an issue with kct more than research bodies but figured mention it anyways here. Unfortunately I didn't retain a log from that save as I quickly started over.
  21. Lots of text, very little info as is the trend with the new team during 'KSP Weekly' but I do want say that the current iteration of the game is the most stable that I've ever played and I've played thousands of hours since 0.18.
  22. I do that too and it's not as cumbersome since KSP loads faster now, although I can't leave it running overnight like I used to. I just thought we were past all of that 'how to deal with a memory leak' issue.