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  1. 0x2F Next year I get to be 0x30! Again.
  2. Denver, Colorado area KSP fans, the Wings Over the Rockies air and space museum is hosting the surviving Apollo XIII astronauts plus Gene Kerman wait I mean Gene Kranz!!! November 14, dinner and shenanigans. http://wingsmuseum.org/gala/
  3. I was once in Bucharest, in the 1980's. I was visiting relatives in Timisoara, and we flew into Bucharest. From New York. Very beautiful country!
  4. Best thing I have seen all week! Everything is better when Kerballed.
  5. I have absolutely no business submitting a challenge, since I have yet to land on Mun or Minmus and return safely back to Kerbin, but I think it would be fun to see who can emulate NASA mission design specialist Robert Farquhar's crazy trajectories for the ISEE-3 spacecraft. Is there an add-on which tracks the entire path taken by a craft? http://www.npr.org/2014/03/18/289628696/space-thief-or-hero-one-mans-quest-to-reawaken-an-old-friend XXOO MissKerbin
  6. For console games, it was always Super Mario Kart. Two speeds, FAST and WAY TOO FAST!! For PC games, Pharaoh (city builder).
  7. Toshiba "QOSMIO" x505 (my first laptop) Intel quad core i7 2.00 GHz NVidia GeForce GTS 250M with 1.0 GB 320 GB hard drive plus 64 GB SSD 6.0 GB RAM Open window 2 years old, maybe? I forget. Wireless mouse (but I just Googled "Razer Death Adder" that I saw on someone's post and now I need that) I think around $2,000 It weighs 12 pounds, so why did I bother getting a laptop?? Plus I have a weird problem with audio/video stuttering and applications "Not Responding" which is annoying and I cannot hunt it down and kill it. I am seriously considering a new laptop and pretending that this one never existed.
  8. I like to make encouraging playlists for myself. Today's feature is Angry 90's and currently playing is Buckcherry's "Crazy B*tch" which is entirely valid.
  9. I'm no Golgafrincham B Ark captain! All this is good advice and I guess practice makes perfect.
  10. I have littered space with the bodies of my poor kerbonauts, because I cannot seem to get the hang of EVA. I start off okay, and get a bit off target, and end up frantically banging on my keyboard as I watch the jet-pack fuel dwindle. Does anybody have any advice or improved keyboard settings?
  11. http://www.space.com/23785-space-shuttle-replica-vandalized-with-graffiti-in-houston.html Very sad. And by sad I mean angry.
  12. I was thinking that same thing! And Kerbonaut ice cream. Maybe.
  13. I created a playlist specifically for KSP. Here are a few of them: Also Sprach Zarathustra (so cliche!) Carmina Burana (again, cliche!) Star Wars Theme - John Williams All Fired Up - Pat Benetar Rocket Queen - Guns n' Roses Good Vibrations - Beach Boys Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin Allison - Elvis Costello (my aim is true!!! i hope!!) Arc of the Sun - Assembly of Dust
  14. I splurged on a Toshiba QOSMIO for the large display, so I do think it is a great gaming machine (with upgraded graphics). However, it is not all that portable since it weighs about 8 pounds with the adapter. Plus I had to have a custom made bag from Water Field (bag is awesome).
  15. Noob here! I bought KSP recently and have been having fun blowing things up and losing Kerbonauts in orbit. I may try career mode next. I have to say though the biggest laughs I get are from watching the YouTube videos of people's amazing booster-riddled creations. 99 boosters, all in stage 1!