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  1. Apart from not choosing a custom file name, I think you're describing the exact same steps as I described : - Put the entire file "MK1-2_ASETinternal-patch.cfg" (and the entire mod, actually) from the mod into folder GameData/ASET/MK1-2_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET - Creating an additional config file that you also put into GameData/ASET/MK1-2_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET, and copy all the lines from the "hidden" section of the comment on page 10 into that file. (I've tried naming the file "mk1-3IVA.cfg" instead of giving it a custom name but it didn't help. ) - In GameData\Squad\Parts\Command\mk1pod_v2\mk1Pod_v2.cfg , change the one line about "INTERNAL" (as I described in my previous post) as recommended in this forum I still see the stock IVA when I build a rocket that only contains the Mk1-3 or the Mk1- Are there any implicit steps that I'm overlooking? Something that looks obvious to you brainiacs but not to a regular human being? Examples : - I'm trying it in sandbox -- "Duh, it only works in career!" - In the VAB, the part is named like in the mod's config file: "Mk1-3 Command Pod (M)" -- "Duh, it proves that the mod is properly loaded but the issue is with something else!" - I'm using that part on my rocket -- "Duh! You should use the other new part, not that stock part! Didn't you notice there was a new command pod in the list somewhere else?" - I don't know how to troubleshoot further -- "Duh! Don't you know that there's a log file somewhere that will tell you if the mod didn't get fully loaded?"
  2. Can you guys be more descriptive about what you did? What I did : - I have KSP 1.7.2 - Download and Install the mod's files into GameData - Go to GameData\ASET\MK1-2_IVA_Replacement_by_ASET - Create a new .cfg file with a name of my own choice (alongside MK1-2_ASETinternal-patch.cfg), and paste the entirety of the file suggested on page 10 of this thread. Save the file. - Go to GameData\Squad\Parts\Command\mk1pod_v2 and edit mk1Pod_v2.cfg to replace the line name = mk1pod_IVA with the line // name = mk1pod_IVA name = MK1-2_ASETInternals - Start the game Despite this, I still see the stock cockpit...
  3. Has anyone tried this in combination with KerbalVR? ( )
  4. I'm planning on doing that when my planes are powerful enough. For now they aren't. Far from it. They barely go above 15km. But trust me. as soon as I unlock the proper engines....
  5. Thanks a lot. That first mod suits me much better. If anyone remembers the name... Also what's the best mod to fly my plane while I'm away? Does Mechjeb have an altitude autopilot for planes?
  6. I have this special plane with a rocket attached onto it. When the plane is high enough, I detach the rocket and it flies straight up while the plane is in stable flight. My issue: the plane soon disappears from the map. I'm almost sure that it doesn't crash. I believe that it's because here's a distance limit to two probes flying in real time simultaneously. I've never done that before. Therefore, two questions: 1) Is my statement about some maximum distance correct? 2) How do you proceed? (would Mechjeb fix the issue?)
  7. Thanks, that might come handy. I would love to send pics but I don't have an account in any online image hosting. I think I'll manage though, thanks to your help guys.
  8. My issue is that the main weight to counterbalance is the rear engines' weight, which is huge (this is for heavy payload). there is no dry mass to put in front to balance that mass. That's why I was hoping that the fuel tank could be of some help.
  9. I'm not using a jet engine I'm using a rocket engine :-( That's for the later phase of the SSTO liftoff
  10. So I have this space plane where the fuel is stored in several tanks (some closer to the front, some closer to the back) As the plane flies, its center of mass changes as the fuel gets consumed (and disappears from the tanks). Therefore I have this commn issue that after some time flying, the plane gets totally unbalanced. I can fix that manually mid-flight by using the Alt+click trick on the tanks and transferring the fuel to the front of the plane. But I was hoping to achieve that automatically by putting a duct fuel line from the back tanks to the front tanks. It doesn't work. No matter what I try, the front tanks are drained first. I tried separating the tanks using some dummy part inbetween (separator, RCS tank, structural girder), and keeping them connected with the said duct fuel line pointing from the rear tank to the front tank, but no matter what, the frontmost tank gets emptied first and the lower (back) tank doesn't start draining fuel until the upper (front) tank is empty. How do I fix that?
  11. > How did you install IR and what download / downloads did you use? I used the download from this thread's first post (KSP 1.1.2, IR 2.0.2 from ). I installed it using "KSP Mod Admin AnyOS". EDIT: OK so now I realize I should have installed it EXACTLY the way it's explained in the first post. I just thought it was the manual way, as opposed to using a mod manager. Sorry. EDIT2 : Even after copying GameData, the parts are still not there even though the tab is. EDIT3 : They WERE actually in the tech tree, I just couldn't locate them ("actuator" upgrade). Now I've found them. And unlocked them. And the parts are here. PROBLEM SOLVED.
  12. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum. I was reading an old thread and didn't notice I was still in this specific subforum. Thanks a lot for all the help. I never imagined there were so many different possible solutions. I'll try asap.
  13. the title says it all : I have a stuffy spaceship and the right-click on the docking port is obstructed by some other parts, especially structural girders. How could I right-click on it? My goal is to undock it. I've searched the forums but my search was inefficient because the results are masked by a bug in the VAB from 2014 preventing people from right-clicking on stuff, and by topics explaining how to use docking ports.
  14. Someone already asked but I didn't see an answer anywhere: Why do I see the Infernal Robotics button in the VAB but there aren't any parts inside the tab? At first I thought it might be because you integrated it into the tech tree but I didn't see the parts there either.