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  1. Bump. Why does reloading a saved game temper with the mesh/object/collider and how do I prevent that?
  2. Consider this pull request to the Kerbal-VR mod : https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR/pull/88 The changes to KerbalVR_Manipulator.cs adds a setting _overrideFingertipScale , as you can see here : https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR/pull/88/commits/19272b41219181e97dde7eb72f00f26daf92b415 This operates an on-the-fly modification to the fingertip's collider, to shrink it. fingertipCollider.transform.localScale = _overrideFingertipScale * fingertipCollider.transform.localScale; It works well. However an issue appears later: As soon as you reload a saved game, somehow the size is reset? The whole VR glove is somehow reloaded, but without the fingertip modification. I'm not familiar enough with Unity (that's not my mod) and I don't understand the lifecycle of objects, mehses and colliders so I don't know where to put the missing resizing. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  3. EDIT: wrong thread
  4. Thanks. I'm currently trying to tweak the VR mod to reduce the size of the collision box at the fingertip.
  5. EDIT : All the DLLs were actually provided separately - https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Setting_up_Visual_Studio
  6. I know that the development has stopped, but does anyone have an idea of the size of the collision boxes of the small rectangular buttons around the screens? In this mod I've noticed two sizes of screens : The larger ones (that most IVAs have only once or twice, for special stuff like landing mode), and the smaller ones (that most IVAs cram everywhere possible in the cockpit). I've noticed that in VR it's much harder to click on the rectangular buttons around the smaller model of screens, even though those buttons meshes have ore or less the same size as the buttons of the larger model of screen. With the smaller screens you always end up clicking three buttons simultaneously. I'm wondering why. I'm suspecting the size of some sort of collision box for each button. Would that make sense? Has anyone ever had a look into the buttons meshes used by this mod? Note: I'm working almost exclusively with the RasterPropMonitors that are in the ALCOR landing can, if that's of any use.
  7. I mean : does it add actual stock struts in important places automatically, or does it alter the parts' physical properties to make them less elastic?
  8. Side-tracking discussion (3 questions) : Nowadays, what's the use for autostruts on a reasonably small rocket (100 parts, most of them small thingies like lamps, etc.) ? It seems fairly rigid to me, so would autostruts really be of any benefit? if I were to want autostruts, what's the mod that lets me add them with the least installation hassle? How do autostruts work under the hood? I want to play with DMP multiplayer and I don't want autostruts to mess with the ship's integrity in multiplayer, or had a gazillion "hidden" parts that would make the whole system lag.
  9. Dumb me ! I didn't even know this was a native feature of the game. After years of playing it, it's the first time I need to "cheat" instead of manually de-orbiting an object. Lol!
  10. I'm looking for a quick way of deleting a vessel that's already in flight. I know I could go to the Vessels folder and delete the subfolders, but I'm looking for a more error-safe way (I want to avoid human mistakes with the many Vessels that have the same name, for example). Not to mention that there are asteroids there, annoyingly bloating the list of Vessels guids. I'd rather have a mod that lets me delete the flights in the in-game Tracking Station, for example, in a WYSIWYG kind of way. Is there such a mod or tool?
  11. Someone told me in the Spectra thread that yes. I don#t know if they can be believed.
  12. So here are my thoughts so far, with KSP 1.7.2 (and most likely 1.7.3) : VR : playing inside the cockpit (IVA) Works (with mod "Vivero") Minor issue : the pod's cameras and some other displays (displayed on the in-game RasterPropMonitor) don't work if you enable them in VR. You have to come out of VR, click the RasterPropMonitor's button in regular IVA with your mouse, and only then does it work. You can go back into VR and the monitor is still working. Other minor issue : the buttons around RasterPropMonitor are hard to click because the VR's virtual glove has a fat finger and is pushing three buttons simultaneously (the one you're aiming at and its two neighbours). It usually takes several attempts. I wonder if it's an issue with the smaller monitor's mesh rather than the VR because it doesn't happen with the other model of RasterPropMonitor (the larger one, with the Descent options, that's usually on the side of the cockpit). VR : Controlling the rocket in the cockpit with a joystick Works natively. The mod " Advanced Fly-By-Wire" (AFBW) helps a lot setting up the controls. First-person (not VR) : space-walk outside of rocket (EVA) Works (with mod "through the eyes") First-person (not VR) : Controlling the Kerbal in space walk (EVA) Still with "through the eyes" : With keyboard : works natively With joystick/joypad : natively, there's weird issue - the kerbal does not behave the same way as with the keyboard - it's almost impossible to make him stop spinning (no subtle stability assist that terminates the spinning, as with the keyboard) => I tried installing the mod " Advanced Fly-By-Wire" (AFBW) but it didn't help much. The issue seems to lie with the absence of stability assist rather than the controls. I ended up using external program "antimicro" to map the gamepad to the keyboard. That works well but it's not analogic control, it's keyboard control (key is on/off). There are probably programs equivalent to antimicro to do the same, but with a joystick instead of a joypad. Reminder : The "through the eyes", the keys are WASD + IJKL + HN VR: space walk outside of the rocket (EVA) Does not work for me : The camera is properly attached to the neck of the Kerbal and i can look around, but as soon as the kerbal starts moving there are issues (e.g. the rotation of the kerbal's body mesh does not induce a rotation of the VR camera's origin -- i.e. the Kerbal spins but you don't) This would probably work with a bit of fixing from the author of Vivero but he's not too active (see the issue I posted on Vivero's github)
  13. Either. There are other outdated dependencies: Astronomer Visual Pack, etc. Also the thread of PlanetShine does not make it clear that it works in 1.7.3. Until you told me, I wasn't sure. Spectra requires a lot of manual installation, it's silly. But if you're telling me that it's by design, then fine. I just wanted to be sure.
  14. Can someone explain how this mod is labelled "1.7.x compatible" when several of its dependencies are not (e.g. Planetshine) ?
  15. I've ended up doing the same, except with a joystick : Even with the VR headset on, you can sense the buttons and remember which button does what. What they should do is add a third button on the little grey alarm meshes everywhere in the cockpit, and make that button warp to the alarm time when Kerba Alarm is installed. About VR: I'll give tips n this thread when I have time : https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/177086-making-kerbal-space-program-into-a-vr-game/&tab=comments#comment-3422927
  16. I'm not asking about the "real solar system" mod, because that mod also changes the scales of the planets. I want to keep everything vanilla, except the texture of Kerbin (only the texture), so that Kerbin's continents have the shape of Earth's continents. There used to be an old mod to replace textures but everything had to be done manually,I was a real pain for a noob like me. I suspect that the mod I'm looking for already exists, I just don't know its name.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but this mod lets you only configure the controls for flying a rocket or a vehicle, right? It doesn't seem to be mapped to the Kerbal's controls at all (especially in EVA)
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