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  1. Great, thanks for the quick update, found another "bug" or maybe it is a feature request. The plugin will properly calculate the dV and TWR for tweak-able fuel, but does in the VAB the HUD will not report the new TWR when you use the tweak-ables to limit thrust. Something like the in flight "current TWR/Max TWR" would be ideal I think.
  2. Just tested it again with a fresh download. Tweaking the thrust limiter has no effect on the reported torque.
  3. This might be obvious, but this mod does not take into account the new thrust limiter tweak-able. It does however account for tweak-able fuel tanks.
  4. Great Plugin! Two things, it seems quick saving/loading messes with the vehicle panel? I have had it go blank a few times, and loading a quick save seems to be the cause. Secondly, since your on the topic of the precision level buttons, could you make it so a right click loops through the precision level in the opposite direction?
  5. At some point, my install KER became corrupted. Adding the part in the VAB causes the title bar for the name of the ship I'm building to vanish, and the KER gui does not show up. Upon moving to the launch pad with the KER module attached the game locks up solid. I went and took a look at the plugin configs, is my build_engineer.cfg supposed to look like this? Edit: After deleting both the .cfg files, KER began working again. Also, as mentioned before in this thread, KER (And VOID) really don't like multiple docking ports. There seems to be some sort of loop that ends up eating all the memory u
  6. I'm having some trouble with this mod, I am able to set the centre of mass. After launch, the marker shows that the CoM has moved, but the error is always reported as 0, and the fuel is not moved around when its told to balance. I have tried this on two saves, here is a persistent save that has a ship with the issue. (Only ship in the save) Mods I am also using: Editor Extensions, Engineer Redux, KAS, Kethane, Protractor, RCS Build Aid, & Kerbal Alarm Clock. I checked the log, there were no noticeable errors. Edit: After further testing I think I have solved the mystery. It seems the balan
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