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  1. One thing this game has always lacked is bigger/larger command modules. I have used the SpaceX mod (and was fun while it was kept updated) but why don't we have more? I wish I knew how to mod. I would like the option of having modules that can hold up to 6 kerbals....
  2. Thanks. Funny thing is I was going to download the near future capsules last night but didn't get to it. This morning I see it was updated but the capsules look different and quite frankly their just "souped up" versions of what we have now. You can deny cxg2827 that you're not working on some capsules but I don't believe you! Bring it on already
  3. The one major thing that has always bugged me about this game since it's inception is the lack of updating the crew capsules. Why is there not a larger command pod (capsule) like some of the older mods I've seen that can hold 5-6 kerbals and look better as well? I remember using the Apollo capsul and I even used the SSL Orion type capsule but why not just have it part of the original game? Anyway I would just like to have a larger capsule without other parts. I have zero idea on how to mod so I'm reaching out to see if anyone else can come up with one. (If I knew how or could learn how to make
  4. Thanks I emailed support however I tried using Edge browser (was using Chrome) and it seems to be working. Thanks UPDATE: I was wrong. It failed to completely download now no matter what browser I use it comes up with server migrations issue
  5. Sorry if I'm placing this on the wrong board but I would like to download version 1.1.2 and every time I try I get a Server Migration page. This has been happening for a few days now. Anyone know how long this is going to last?
  6. OK thanks for the replies. To much work to do it myself. Got it lol. I'll get KW Rocketry and Procedural Fairings.
  7. I've seen a lot of videos where people make side panels that will separate from the craft (like around the mid portion of Orion) once it gets into space. How do you do that? I haven't looked at it closely since .90 came out but I am very curious as to how this is done.
  8. Odd I haven't seen that issue. Do you turn RCS on before launch? I've taken care of a bunch of issues with all kinds of craft by turning that on. As for being to heavy I've not see that issue but here again try using RCS and see if that helps. I always use the launch towers on anything I use because nothing is stable enough for me .
  9. I haven't tried building and flying to many planes so I have questions...... I have been able to fly and land on the small island landing strip (some how) but how in the world do you figure out (a) where KSP is at from orbit and ( what's the best way to learn how to land to begin with. I know it takes practice but man it's hard to me. From what I can tell mechjeb doesn't know how to land either as it always puts me in the ocean any time I try. Is there a good video or tutorial on any of this?
  10. Thanks for the answers. I wish there was a way to make it auto decouple when it hits a certain altitude. That would be sweet.
  11. I'm sure this is a noob question but how do I decouple the escape system that I attach to my capsule? Will it come off at a certain altitude? I've just been adding a decoupler but I know that can't be correct. Sorry if this has been asked in the past but doing a search did me no good.
  12. OK thanks. That's what happened. I'll test the mod later but I'll take it out.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked but what is the deal with the life support system? I just want to fly without having to worry about enough food, oxygen, CO2 issues, etc. Is there a way to turn it off? I'm thinking I haven't really seen this until I downloaded a mod and now it's on anything I launch.
  14. Ummm question: This is the most unstable rocket (due to it's height) I've seen. It tips over while sitting on the launch pad lol. I put struts on it but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice?
  15. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I see the issue I was running into was I had the CSM and LEM facing each other. I knew that wasn't how it was suppose to be but the instructions are very unclear. {hand slaps the forehead}
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